Video: Andrew Wiggins dunks all over Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off with the Minnesota Timberwolves Tuesday night. This game an interesting storylines as this was te first time Kevin Love faced his former team. Another storyline was rookie Andrew Wiggins who was drafted by the … [Read on]

Video: Boston College head coach slaps chain gang member

Last Saturday's Pinstripe Bowl between Boston College and Penn State was a better game than anyone expected. The atmosphere in the stadium was awesome as the crowd was loud throughout the game Penn State came out victorious in this one that had to be … [Read on]

Georgia's Mark Richt is rumored to step down as head coach

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt is the longest tenure coach in the SEC at this moment. Richt deserves the credit as the coach who brought Georgia back to the national spotlight. As the Bulldogs were running all over Louisville in the Belk … [Read on]

Video: Baylor kicker turns into The Undertaker after vicious hit

Michigan State and Baylor put on a great performance in the Cotton Bowl yesterday. Michigan State would end up getting the victory on a couple of miscues from Baylor. One of the biggest plays in the game was when late in the 4th quarter, the Spartans … [Read on]

Video: Oklahoma State's Le’Bryan Nash causes turnover while pouting

We see players all the time in the NBA show frustration when calling for the ball. We really don't see it that much in college basketball, until last night. Oklahoma State lost 63-61 to Iowa State Tuesday night but one play in that game stood out … [Read on]

Ohio State uses Throwback Thursday picture to reminds fans about 2010 Rose Bowl

Monday night, the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes will face-off for the national championship. The Buckeyes have won all eight meetings between the two teams. The most recent game was the 2010 Rose Bowl game that was won by Ohio State. … [Read on]

Video: Tom Brady says he won't be rooting for Ohio State Monday

Michigan and Ohio State rivalry extends way beyond college football. Even though Michigan fans are excited about their future with new head coach Jim Harbaugh, watching Ohio State play for the national title is not fun. Harbaugh raised a lot of … [Read on]

Video: Trevor Booker hits crazy shot to beat shot clock

I have seen a lot of crazy shot in my day, but I think I might have seen one of the best last night. Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz game won't be remembered because of the final score. The game will most likely be remembered for the shot … [Read on]

Video: Pittsburgh cheerleader takes bounce pass to the face

Anytime you court-side during a basketball game, you always have to be aware of everything going on around. During Saturday's game between Pittsburgh and Clemson, a Pitt cheerleader found out what happens when you don't pay attention.  … [Read on]

Maurice Clarett gives Ezekiel Elliott advice on leaving for the NFL

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott has gotten everyone attention after his dominate performances these past three games. Elliott ran for over 200 yards in all three games which helped his team win a national championship. Elliot, who is a true sophomore … [Read on]