City officials in San Francisco reportedly not happy with the NFL over Super Bowl hosting costs

At this moment, there is no love lost between the National Football League and the city of San Francisco. City officials are still upset with the league after they left San Francisco to build a new stadium in Santa Clara, which will host the Super Bowl next month. Even though the game will take place […]

NFL could move Super Bowl XLIX due to potential Arizona law

Remember when there was talk that Super Bowl XLVIII might be move due to weather? We all know that it didn’t happen.  But now there is talk that next year’s Super Bowl could be moved. The state of Arizona is looking to pass Bill 1062,which would allow business owners to deny service to gay couples on […]

Joe Namath spent $3,000 on his coyote coat, PETA calls coat an embarrassment

Joe Namath got the Super Bowl off to a rousing start by walking out to midfield for the coin toss wearing a coyote fur coat. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Namath Googled “New York furs” and found Marc Kaufman whose shop he visited on the Wednesday before the Super Bowl.

Here’s Seahawks GM John Schneider shirtless, wearing a WWE championship belt

Earl Thomas deleted it, but this is the Seahawks GM shirtless, wearing a WWE belt — Brian Floyd (@BrianMFloyd) February 3, 2014

Man arrested for interrupting Super Bowl postgame press conference to give 9/11 conspiracy theory

Matthew Mills was arrested after the Super Bowl on trespassing charges stemming from his interruption of the Seahawks’ postgame press conference.

The mayor of East Rutherford finally has tickets to the Super Bowl

Meet James Cassella. He’s the mayor of East Rutherford, New Jersey. The same East Rutherford, New Jersey that Super Bowl will be played in on Sunday. One would think that being the mayor of the city the Super Bowl is being played would allow you some nice perks during the Super Bowl festivities, the biggest […]

Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan blasts ESPN's Rick Reilly for remarks about Regis Philbin

Apparently it looks like Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan has a problem with Rick Reilly. Nolan was upset about some comments that Reilly made about her co-worker, Regis Philbin. So on their show “Crowd Goes Wild”, Nolan decided to put Reilly on blast.

A New York Super Bowl was first proposed as a way to help the recovery after 9/11

On Sunday we may witness the last time that a Super Bowl will be played in an open air stadium in cold weather. Mainly because the NFL made an exception to their Super Bowl hosting rules to allow the game to be held in New York. For a city to be considered for hosting a […]

Surprise! Ines Sainz is at Super Bowl media day

Yes, Ines Sainz is here. #ndsb48 — Neil Best (@sportswatch) January 28, 2014 We haven’t heard much from Ines Sainz lately. But if you thought the low profile she’s been keeping lately would keep away from Super Bowl media day, you were wrong.

Denver and Seattle Police Departments kick off Super Bowl week with a little trash talk

It’s finally Super Bowl week. And as usual it’s going to be a spectacle. It’s inevitable that everyone will flock to Richard Sherman, some “reporter” will ask a player an outrageous question, and someone will show up dressed for something more than a media session.