Norway’s biathlon team is under investigation for flashing female opponents

Here’s an interesting sentence: Norway’s biathlon team is apparently under investigation for flashing female opponents in an attempt to distract them.

Ole Miss streaker moons crowd, gets tackled for his trouble

Ole Miss gave up 676 total yards in their 61-36 loss to Texas on Saturday. But while the Ole Miss defense seemingly couldn’t tackle anyone, a police officer at the game could. When a streaker took the field, the officer working the game patiently waited while the streaker mooned the crowd while standing on the […]

Streaker with ‘Free Tibet’ written on his back invades Olympic torch relay (NSFW)

A streaker briefly interrupted the Olympic torch relay today in Henley. The man ran out in front of the torch bearing holding a fake torch and nothing but shoe, socks, and the words “Free Tibet” on his back. The man was quickly covered and apprehended, but not before onlookers, including children who were given “prime […]

Police made this man pay for making his way onto the pitch during USA-Brazil match

The man pictured above is in the middle of celebrating successfully making it onto the pitch during yesterday’s USA-Brazil friendly. And as you can see, two policemen are on their way out to remove the man from the pitch. The man obviously sees the policeman at the bottom of the picture, but he can’t see […]

There was a naked streaker at Busch Stadium last night

During the seventh inning of last night’s Phillies-Cardinals game, the gentleman above made his way onto the field. And as you can see, he doesn’t have any clothes on. But that didn’t stop Busch Stadium security from gang tackling the naked man.

Let’s Start The Day With A Man In A Wedding Dress Running Onto The Field At A Braves Game

If you hadn’t noticed, we took last week off. But today starts a new week, thus ending our little vacation from this great center of excellence. And I can’t think of a better way to kick off the week than watching a dude dressed in a wedding dress run onto the field at the Braves-Nationals […]

Dick Enberg Recalls The Wimbledon When He Got A Glimpse Of A ‘Very Healthy’ Female Streaker

Dick Enberg is in the middle of calling his 28th Wimbledon. A Wimbledon that will also be his last. And with all swan songs, there’s always the “most memorable experience” question. Dick Enberg got that question in an interview with USA Today and his answer had nothing to do with any players on the court. […]

And Here’s The Streaker That Took Safeco Field By Storm Saturday Night

While you were doing whatever you were doing on Saturday night, security at Safeco Field had their hands full with fans running onto the field. And yes, I did say fans. In total, four fans made the mad dash onto Safeco Field and each time Safeco security had to run them down. This was really […]

In Hong Kong, Streakers Climb Goalposts And Wear Furry Costumes

This is a first for us when it comes to streakin’. One, because this bit of streakin’ takes place at a rugby match. And two, the guy streakin’ decides to do his thang in a furry costume. Not sure what that is all about, but he is able to move quite well in it. Points […]

Streaker Descends Upon Crufts 2010

Streakers have been a part of sporting events for years. But like everything, it has become stale. How many different times can one run naked onto a soccer field? Or a baseball diamond? Or a football field? Catching my drift yet? Streaking is just over done. Well a man known as “The Captain” (fitting) has […]