Let’s Watch Jack Edwards Rant About This, That, and The Other

After the Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadiens in overtime, Jack Edwards took to his pulpit and dropped knowledge that no one knew could be dropped. But when a man is intent on going on and on about Montreal royalty and the tea party, you just move out of his way

And Here’s The Tale Of How A Few Ex-New York Rangers Struck Out With Kim Kardashian

For those of you that believe that Kim Kardashian is a jersey chaser, here’s a story where she actually turns down a few athletes. Well, former athletes. Former athletes that she probably has never heard of. Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez watched the Arizona vs. Connecticut NCAA game at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday […]

Brent Johnson Ends His Fight With Rick DiPietro Before It Begins

Last night’s fight between the Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro was unusual for a couple of reasons. For one, the fight was between two goalies. And that almost never happens. And two, the fight was not really a fight because it lasted all but one punch. Johnson took exception to DiPietro clotheslining Cooke, a move […]

To Darren Pang, Playing Hockey The ‘White Way’ Is The ‘Right Way’

Verbal slip up? Yes. Is there any other way to play hockey other than the white way? Probably not.

Rick Rypien Let’s One Lucky Fan Be Part Of The Action

Vancouver’s Rick Rypien is a man that cares about the fans. The following video is total evidence of that fact. You see, Rypien understands the undying wish of fans to get as close to the action. So on his way to the penalty box after being hit with a misconduct penalty, Rypien let’s one lucky […]

This Couple Used Their Wedding Reception As An Excuse To Simulate A Hockey Brawl

Gone are the days when a couple got married, had their first dance, cut the cake, and sent their guest home full and sometimes drunk. These days, it’s just not that simple. There has to be choreographed show. That fact was definitely not lost on Dan and Angie Adams. Instead of the usual song and […]

Pat Burns’ Sources Tell Him That Pat Burns Aint Dead

Don’t you just love the good ole journalists with all their “sources” and such? You know, those sources that told journalists around the country that former NHL coach, Pat Burns had died of cancer. But what they didn’t know was that Pat Burns had a more reliable source than them all. Himself! Let’s see what […]

Despite Winning The Stanley Cup, The Blackhawks Still Found A Way To Lose (Money)

I guess it was all too good to be true. I guess we should’ve known that the story book ending of the Chicago Blackhawks finally winning the Stanley Cup would eventually be diminished by something. The Chicago Tribune reports that that something is poorly managed finances. Or in layman’s terms, the Blackhawks lost money last […]

Apparently, It’s Not Ok To Sign A 17 Year Deal In The NHL

Remember when I pondered aloud whether the New Jersey Devils signing Ilya Kovalchuk to a 17 year deal was the norm in the NHL? And more importantly how I felt it was truly madness to sign someone to a contract of such an absurd length? Well, it turns out that the NHL agrees with me. […]

Apparently, It’s Ok To Sign A 17 Year Deal In The NHL

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not very up on the hockey scene. But I gotta say, I just can’t believe that signing a player to a 17 year contract is the norm in the NHL. If it is, well I’m just showing you just how much I don’t follow the NHL. And if it isn’t, […]