Flyers fan catches NHL cameraman’s eye, cameraman zooms in for a better look


Let us set the scene. During a break in play, a NHL camera scans the crowd for looking for something. Once he finds that something, he takes a double take and then zooms in on that something. Which just so happens to be this young lady in a Flyers tank top.

Washington Capitals fans plan to greet Tim Thomas with President Obama masks


Boston Bruins goalie/White House trip skipper Tim Thomas will lead the Bruins into Washington D.C. tonight to face the Capitals for game 3 of their playoff series. And since this trip to D.C. is one that Thomas won’t be able to skip, Capitals blog Russian Machine Never Breaks invites Capitals fans to greet Thomas with […]

Last night’s Rangers, Devils game kicked off with three brawls


If you missed the opening face-off in last night’s New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils game, boy did you miss a lot. Not only did you miss the excitement of the opening face-off, you missed not one, not two, but three brawls simultaneously breaking out seconds into the game. sets the scene.

Let’s Start The Day With Aaron Rome Laying Out Nathan Horton

nathan horton

Things got pretty chippy in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. Well, until the Bruins went ahead and demolished the Canucks 8-1. And one could argue that Aaron Rome’s vicious hit on Nathan Norton was the catalyst for the demolishment. So Canucks fans, you now have your whipping boy.

Deal To Move The Atlanta Thrashers To Winnipeg Completed


[text-box]In deal that has been rumored for weeks, the Atlanta Thrashers are officially moving to Winnipeg. After weeks of negotiations between ownership groups True North and Atlanta Spirit, a deal has finally been finalized. “”It’s a fantastic day for the city and I’m hoping, you know, for decades on, everybody will get to experience the […]

And Here’s The Boston Bruins’ Billboard That Caused Tampa Bay Lightning Fans To Resort To Death Threats

bruins ad tampa bay lightning fans loch ness monster big foot

If attendance at Buccaneers and Rays games gave any indication, one would think that Tampa Bay fans aren’t exactly serious about their professional teams. That may be true, but as the bandwagon fills up for the Lightning, it’s definitely not true at the moment. And these Lightning fans are prepared to go to whatever lengths […]

Let’s Start The Day With The Woman Who Flashed Ben Eager While He Was In The Penalty Box

Woman Flashes Ben Eager

You’ve read the title. You see the picture. So there’s not much more to add here. Well, other than the video. Which, of course, is not safe for work.

Let’s Watch Jack Edwards Rant About This, That, and The Other

After the Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadiens in overtime, Jack Edwards took to his pulpit and dropped knowledge that no one knew could be dropped. But when a man is intent on going on and on about Montreal royalty and the tea party, you just move out of his way

And Here’s The Tale Of How A Few Ex-New York Rangers Struck Out With Kim Kardashian

For those of you that believe that Kim Kardashian is a jersey chaser, here’s a story where she actually turns down a few athletes. Well, former athletes. Former athletes that she probably has never heard of. Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez watched the Arizona vs. Connecticut NCAA game at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday […]

Brent Johnson Ends His Fight With Rick DiPietro Before It Begins

Last night’s fight between the Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro was unusual for a couple of reasons. For one, the fight was between two goalies. And that almost never happens. And two, the fight was not really a fight because it lasted all but one punch. Johnson took exception to DiPietro clotheslining Cooke, a move […]