Lions linebacker Justin Durant would continue to eat Chick-Fil-A even if they supported slavery


We’re sure you’re well aware of the brouhaha surrounding Chick-fil-A ever since owner Dan Cathy said he supports “the biblical definition of the family unit.” So there’s no need to get into that here. But what will get into here is how much of fan of Chick-fil-A Lions linebacker Justin Durant is. You see, Justin […]

Jimmy Haslam just bought the Cleveland Browns for more than $1 billion


Yes, you read that correctly. More than $1 billion. Need context on how what president and CEO of Pilot Flying J, Jimmy Haslam paid for the Browns stacks up with other recent deals? Well the Los Angeles Dodgers sold for $2 billion earlier this year. So Haslam is paying roughly half of what Magic Johnson […]

Michael Irvin wants to add Bill Belichick’s name to the Lombardi trophy


Michael Irvin spent some time at New England Patriots where he not only got a glimpse of this year’s Patriots squad, but he also got the chance to tell head coach Bill Belichick how much he admires him. But Irvin didn’t stop there, oh no. Irvin proceeded to take things to the next level by […]

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf expects the Vikings to win NFC North

Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins - September 11, 2006

Ahhh, the opening of NFL training camps. It’s a time where optimism and expectations rule the day. Every team has expectations about the upcoming season. And of course, some expectations are more realistic than others. Take for example Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s expectations for this season. They’re completely unrealistic. Despite his team coming off […]

Dustin Pedroia has a photo of his head on shirtless Tim Tebow’s body in his locker


We bring you this nugget from The Boston Globe without any further comment.

Tim Tebow wants you to believe that he’s surprised reporters filmed him as he ran past them shirtless in the rain


If you missed it over the weekend, Tim Tebow set off an internet firestorm when he ran shirtless in the rain after Saturday’s practice. No matter what Tim Tebow wants you to believe, it’s quite obvious he knew what he was doing. For one, practice is over. He doesn’t HAVE TO run. He just WANT […]

Drew Brees on Roger Goodell: “Nobody trusts him”


It seems that today is “call out Roger Goodell” day around the NFL. First, we had Jeremy Shockey calling Goodell a liar over the concussion issue. And now, Drew Brees adds his two cents about Goodell. While talking to Sport Illustrated’s Peter King during Kings annual tour of training camps around the league, Brees discussed […]

Titans receiver OJ Murdock dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound


According to the Tampa Tribune, Tennessee Titans receiver OJ Murdock committed suicide Monday morning in Tampa. Murdock was found in his car around 8:30 a.m in front of Middleton High School. Murdock graduated from the high school in 2006. The Titans had placed Murdock on their “did not report list” over the weekend. Murdock’s absence […]

Jerry Jones is ready for the Cowboys to return to their “glory hole” days


You’ve read the title so no need for us to get all analytical about this. We’ll just give you this glorious Jerry Jones quote in its entirety.

Jeremy Shockey says Roger Goodell lied to players about concussions


Late Sunday night, free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey tweeted a link to LZ Granderson’s moving piece about Junior Seau. Presumably having read the piece, Shockey then proceeded to give his reaction to it. Shockey starts off his series of tweets by first tweeting, “its sad but the truth!!” Then, he turns his attention to […]