Joe McKnight’s week has started with him holding a weird press conference and trying to arrange a fight with a Twitter follower

These past two weeks of Jets camp has been a struggle for Joe McKnight. Between getting injured and having to deal with legal issues, you would think that things couldn’t get any worse. Well, they kinda have. Not because McKnight has found himself with even more issues. But because of his response to his current […]

Adrian Peterson thinks it’s a compliment that you think he’s taking PEDs

There’s no need to apologize for the fact that you find yourself wondering if Adrian Peterson has eaten from the forbidden fruit that is PEDs. The man is a freak of nature. He’s been so since he was running over kids much smaller than him in high school. Now throw in the fact that he […]

RG3 says it’s best that he and Donovan McNabb don’t talk

Back when all of Washington DC was excited at the potential of what a Washington Redskins squad led by Robert Griffin III could be, Donovan McNabb was not. He even went as far as to say that his former coach Mike Shanahan would eventually turn Griffin into a bust. Fast forward a full season later […]

Bills rookie CB Kip Edwards was taped to a goal post and had ice water poured over his head by Bills veterans

Last week, Darnell Dockett gave Arizona Cardinals rookies bad haircuts as part of the annual rookie hazing activities at Cardinals camp. And today, we get to see how a certain rookie is being hazed at Buffalo Bills camp.

Detroit Lions kicker Harvard Rugland, aka Kickalicious™, learned English by listening to Wu-Tang Clan

I’m sure you remember Kickalicious™. Or maybe you remember him by his government name Harvard Rugland. Or maybe you just remember him as the dude that kicks a football in unusual ways, in usual settings, for unusual results.

Detroit Lions teammates Louis Delmas and Tony Scheffler affectionately call one another ‘n*gga’ and ‘cracker’

Louis Delmas and Tony Scheffler are not only Detroit Lions teammates, they’re friends. They’re relationship goes back a decade when they both played college ball at Western Michigan. Over those 10 years, the two have become tight. Really tight. So tight that they routine greet each other with phrases that a black man wouldn’t usually […]

Darnell Dockett gave a few Arizona Cardinals rookies bad haircuts

Hazing rookies is an annual tradition during NFL training camps around the league. At Arizona Cardinals camp, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is using this annual tradition as an excuse to break out his clippers and play barber.

Was Riley Cooper’s ‘leave of absence’ used just to visit his parents in Florida?

Remember when I said that the Eagles decision to welcome Riley Cooper back into the fold after just four days would give cynics all the ammunition they needed? Well, one cynic has taken that ammunition and taken a direct shot at the Eagles for the handling, or lack thereof, of this whole situation.

Brandon Moore chose retirement over playing for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were once a team everyone wanted to play for. They were “America’s Team”. But that was then and this is now. The new reality is that a player could actually sign with the Cowboys and then the next day decide to retire rather than play for them. And that’s what former New […]

Riley Cooper’s ‘leave of absence’ lasted all of four days

Riley Cooper was given a “leave of absence” on Friday because of the growing fear that the Eagles locker room was dividing. Something that even head coach Chip Kelly acknowledged.