Titans owner Bud Adams put the entire Titans organization on notice after embarrassing loss to Bears

This is how bad the Titans’ 51-20 loss to the Bears on Sunday was: The Chicago Bears are the first team in NFL history to score on a touchdown pass, a touchdown run, a fumble return, and on a interception return in a quarter. That alone is enough to have head coach Mike Munchak fearing […]

Jerry Jones couldn’t get into the Cowboys’ locker room after loss to the Falcons

Following last night’s loss to the Falcons, which dropped the Cowboys’ record to 3-5, owner Jerry Jones headed to the locker room to participate in the postmortem as he usually does. But this particular time was different. Mainly because apparently the locker room was locked. And even though he pounded and pounded on the door, […]

Mike Pouncey: Ryan Tannehill is the best rookie quarterback in the NFL, will be like Tom Brady

Ryan Tannehill is Mike Pouncey’s guy. We get that. Pouncey is Tannehill’s center, so it’s only natural for him to throw as much praise as he can at Tannehill. So when asked how he thinks Tannehill matches up with fellow rookie quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, Pouncey easily proclaims that Tannehill is the […]

Tim Tebow may or may not be dating Camilla Belle

We’re not here to dispel TMZ’s report that Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle are a couple. Because what do we know about these things? But E! News is surely here to do so. So we’ll turn to their expert opinion on the matter. And that opinion is that Tebow and Bella were part of a […]

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie is being sued for a $375,000 strip club bill

So like most professional athletes, Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie apparently likes strip club. A lot. But Bryant McKinnie apparently does not like spending his own money at strip clubs. So apparently he ran up a $375,000 bill to a Mr. Charles “Pop” Young, who just so happens to be Trick Daddy’s father, whenever he […]

Rex Ryan didn’t quite know what to say when told Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez were voted most overrated players in the NFL

Rex Ryan is a talker. It’s what he does. So there aren’t many things that will leave him at a loss for words. Maybe a nice foot, but not much else.

Chris Cooley tried to negotiate a case of beer into his new contract with the Redskins

Longtime Redskins tight end Chris Cooley was released by the Redskins back in August but never signed with another team. So as soon as starting tight end Fred Davis went down with a season ending Achilles tendon injury, Cooley hoped he would get a call from the Redskins.

NFL players vote Tim Tebow as league’s most overrated player

Sports Illustrated asked 180 players who they think is the most overrated players were and the usual suspects made the list: – The most popular backup quarterback/punt protector/running back/shirtless runner in the league, Tim Tebow. – Everyone’s favorite quarterback that probably should be a backup quarterback in the league, Mark Sanchez. – Serial underachiever, Tony […]

Saints fan poses with Roger Goodell wearing a “Free Sean Payton” t-shirt

In the aftermath of Sean Payton being suspended by Roger Goodell for the entire season, “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts began to pop up all over the web. But one place we never thought one of those t-shirts would pop up is in a photo with Roger Goodell himself. Well, that all changed when a Saints […]

The San Diego Chargers are requesting that everyone “take a chill pill”

The task of the public relations department of a NFL is not hard. All they really have to do is present the team to fans and the public in the best way possible. Be it through community service or promotions that bring fans closer to the team. What they should never do is do anything […]