And now there’s a report that the Eagles locker room is divided over Riley Cooper’s comments

While Philadelphia residents seem to be ready to move past Riley Cooper’s racist outburst at a Kenny Chesney concert, it seems that some of his teammates aren’t. According to Jeff McLane of, a group of players are in complete support of Cooper. While another group of players are having a “difficult time” accepting Cooper’s […]

Philadelphia residents, for the most part, are still cool with Riley Cooper

By now, you know all about Riley Cooper’s outburst at a Kenny Chesney concert in Philly. If you don’t, go get caught up. Since then, there has been reaction by Mike Vick, Marcus Vick, the Eagles, and most recently LeSean McCoy. But what about the reactions of the folks that live in Philadelphia and may […]

Meanwhile at Redskins camp, there’s a man laying in the middle of the field in the pouring rain

That is all. H/T @leethalization

Right on cue, anonymous Jets player says that Geno Smith is outplaying Mark Sanchez

Oh, you thought that bring in new GM would change the culture in J-E-T-S land? Well, you were mistaken because just a week into training camp, an unnamed player has already ran his mouth to the media about how Geno Smith can “do more” that Mark Sanchez.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson uses the words, ‘best in the league’ when referring to Alex Smith

So apparently, there is unbridled optimism in Kansas City these days. Andy Reid is now the man in and charge and former 49ers cast off Alex Smith is the new starting quarterback. The first of those facts should have Chiefs fans optimistic; Andy Reid is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the league. But […]

Now that Ryan Braun has been suspended, will Aaron Rodgers give up his salary this year?

Of course not. But the fact that Aaron Rodgers took to Twitter and vehemently defended his boy Ryan Braun shouldn’t be forgotten. Not only did he defend Braun, he called people idiots and bet a year’s salary on Braun’s story in the process. So now that Braun has been suspended for the rest of the […]

So which failed drug test is Von Miller being suspended for?

ESPN has reported that Von Miller is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Which means that he failed a drug test at some point. The question is when exactly did he fail a drug test? According to the Denver Post, Miller failed a test back in 2011 during his rookie […]

Geno Smith thinks he has a ‘great shot’ to start for the Jets

Getting drafted by the Jets is a blessing and a curse for Geno Smith. After sitting through the entire first night of the draft and thinking about skipping day two, Smith landed in a situation where the starting quarterback gig is there for the taking. The flip-side of all of that is it’s for a […]

When police came to Aaron Hernandez’s home with the news of Odin Lloyd’s death, Hernandez slammed the door in their faces

The judge in the Aaron Hernandez murder case ordered that evidence in case be unsealed and released to the public despite opposition from Hernandez’s defense team. At this very moment, reporters are combing through the evidence which we’ll gather up later tonight.

Here’s the letter Aaron Hernandez wrote to the New England Patriots prior to the 2010 NFL draft

Aaron Hernandez is currently locked away in solitary confinement while the case against him grows stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has decided to break his silence on Henandez’s arrest.