Jacoby Jones to Michele Tafoya: ‘Thank you gorgeous’

Jacoby Jones felt pretty good after his 63-yard punt return in the Ravens’ 13-10 win over the Steelers on Sunday night. He felt so good that during his postgame interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya he decided to give her a little wink and end the interview with, “Thank you gorgeous” before jogging away.

Kansas City man dies after complications from MS and disappointment caused by the Chiefs

After a week away from No Guts, we’re back. And there is no better way to kick things off with the story of Loren G. “Sam” Lickteig. Lickteig passed away on Nov. 14 and his obituary appeared in the Kansas City Star on Nov. 18. And according to his obituary, Lickteig passed away from complications […]

Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers fined for faking an injury

The NFL has fined the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as receiver Emmanuel Sanders for Sanders faking an injury against the Bengals on October 21. The league doled out a $15,000 fine for Sanders and a $35,000 fine for the Steelers organization.

Jon Gruden is said to be quietly attempting to build a staff for possible return to coaching

The” Jon Gruden is returning to coaching” story made its rounds on yesterday and now it’s really beginning to pick up steam. The originator of it all was WIP’s Howard Eskin, who tweeted that Gruden could be the Eagles next head coach. That’s assuming, as most are, that Andy Reid gets canned.

Roddy White believes that the Falcons can go 16-0

Roddy White has no problem expressing his feelings. Whether he’s tweeting a defense of Joe Paterno or dismissively laughing at Michael Irvin questioning if he and Julio Jones are a better duo that Mile Austin and Dez Bryant, White rarely holds anything back.

Rex Ryan says he’s not offended by being voted most overrated coach in the NFL, is lying

When approached for comment about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez being voted the two most overrated players in the league, Jets coach Rex Ryan struggled to come up with one. But when approached for comment about himself being voted the most overrated coach in the league, he predictably had many things to say. One of […]

Christian Ponder insists that dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele is not affecting his play

When a NFL quarterback begins to struggle, people quickly begin to search for reasons why. And of course during that search, people come up with the most asinine reasons to hang their hats on. Case in point: Vikings fans pointing to Christian Ponder dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele as a reason for the Ponder’s recent struggle. […]

Jerry Jones says hiring a GM in Dallas is ‘just not going to happen’

Yes, Jerry Jones said that he would’ve fired the Dallas Cowboys GM by now if it wasn’t himself. But we hope you didn’t think that admission would lead to Jones finally realizing that he may need to relinquish some of his control over the organization. Because it won’t. And Jones basically said so during his […]

Of course, Rex Ryan was voted the most overrated coach in the league by NFL players

Look what we have here. Another poll asking NFL players who is the most overrated *fill in the blank* in the NFL. A couple of weeks ago, Sports Illustrated asked NFL players who were the most overrated players in the league. And like clockwork, Jets quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez were voted No. 1 […]

Mike Vick isn’t exactly happy about Marcus Vick’s Twitter rant

Mike Vick stepped to the podium during his post game press conference after Monday’s loss to the Saints expecting to only having to field questions about the game. But instead, Vick also had to field questions about Marcus Vick taking to Twitter and asking for a trade out of Philadelphia on his behalf. And according […]