Michael Crabtree reportedly tried to fight Richard Sherman at a charity event last summer


So apparently the dislike between Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman goes well beyond anything that happened on the field Sunday night. Instead, the dislike reportedly goes back to last summer.

Richard Sherman goes on postgame rant after win over the 49ers, follows it up with Twitter exchange with Michael Crabtree

richard sherman

Self-proclaimed best corner in the league came up huge on the 49ers final drive by tipping a ball in the air in the end zone intended for Michael Crabtree which was intercepted. The play clinched the Seahawks’ 23-17 win and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Herschel Walker thinks Jason Garrett is best suited to be an offensive coordinator


Despite yet another disappointing end to the season, the Dallas Cowboys have decided to stand pat for the most part. And while some were looking for a shakeup, particularly at the head coaching spot, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt that it was not necessary.

Roger Goodell envisions a time where medical marijuana could be used to treat injuries in the NFL


We can all agree the NFL’s biggest issue is concussions and how they are handled. But a much smaller issue that is on the rise is marijuana use by its players. Though not a new issue, it has recently become a much more visible as former players like Lomas Brown throw out significant percentages of […]

AR-15 rifle found in rental car rented by Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren


So here’s a rather weird story. A woman vacationing is South Florida rented a car from E-Z Rent-A-Car. The woman’s daughter discovered a bag in the back seat and decided that she would open it. Upon opening the bag, the daughter was surprised to find an AR-15 rifle tucked nicely into the bag.

People still won’t support a Mike Vick endorsed product


It’s been almost seven years since Mike Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for dogfighting. Since then, Vick has seemingly changed his life and has been vocal against animal abuse. One would think the fact that Vick served his punishment and years have passed since, the public would have slowly forgiven Vick. But […]

Jimmy Haslam pens letter to Browns fans ensuring them that not having hired a coach yet is part of the process

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Rob Chudzinski Press Conference

There are a couple of different perceptions about the current Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy depending on where you reside. If you live outside of Cleveland, you clearly think no one wants the jobs. Especially when see report after report about candidates asking that their names be removed from consideration. If you live in Cleveland, […]

Judge rejects NFL concussion settlement, says $765 million won’t cover all retired players


The NFL thought they had a big win a couple of months ago when they secured a $765 million concussion settlement. But on Tuesday, a federal judge threw out the settlement citing concerns that $765 million will not be enough to cover all 20,000 retired players.

Deion Sanders says he’s suiting up for the Pro Bowl, NFL says no you’re not


Deion Sanders caused quite the stir on Twitter on Monday when he tweeted the following:

In order to make 49ers-Panthers kickoff, pastor gives one-minute sermon


With the 49ers-Panthers game being the early game of Sunday Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana had a decision to make. He could either give a sermon that takes the usual amount of time and miss the kickoff, or give an abbreviated sermon so he could make the kickoff. Christensen chose […]

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