Video: Apparently, Luke Kuechly is a god over in Brazil


Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly is one of the top linebackers in the NFL right now. So it’s not surprising that he has quite the following in North Carolina. But apparently, North Carolina isn’t the only place were he has a huge following.

Frank Gore calls out Vernon Davis on Instagram, deletes post afterwards


The San Francisco 49ers will be one of the teams that many will be watching closely this season. After forcing Jim Harbaugh out, multiple players that played for the 49ers in 2014, either retired or went to a different team. One of those players is Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore, who caused quite a stir […]

Bob McNair thinks Robert Kraft dropping his appeal was the smart thing to do


Earlier today, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced that his organization will not appeal the punishment given out by the NFL due to DeflateGate. Kraft also added that he wasn’t happy with decision, but has learned to accept it. The announcement by Kraft was music to the other owners ears, including Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

Report: Titans made secret deal with a broker to keep sellout streak alive


For the past sixteen season, the Tennessee Titans paperwork show that they have had a sellout for every home. Many people have been skeptical of those numbers due to the economy falling on hard times as well as other things. There’s also the fact that the Titans didn’t have that many championship caliber teams during […]

Zach Strief knows that eventually Andrus Peat will take his starting postion


For the a lot of veterans, the NFL Draft can bring a mixed bag of emotions. Watching your team draft a player in the first round at their position is a sign that your time is almost up. New Orleans Saints tackle Zach Strief found himself in that position when the team selected Andrus Peat in […]

Tom Cable: “Spread offenses are a huge disservice to players”


College football is one of the most popular sports to watch right now. One big reason for that is the different types of spread offense that put up a lot of points. But the NFL coaches and scouts are having a hard time projecting certain players who come from spread systems. One coach that doesn’t […]

Video: Aaron Rodgers drop an F-bomb during Celebrity Jeopardy

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I’m sure that many of you have watched the game show ‘Jeopardy’ before and I’m sure you know who intense the show is right? That was a little joke, but there was no joking around on Tuesday when Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’. Rodgers and other celebrities were playing the […]

Jets fans create billboard making fun of Tom Brady


On Monday, the NFL announced that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady will be suspended for the first four games this upcoming season. While the Patriots organization and their fans complain about Brady’s suspension, other fan bases are thrilled about what happened. But there is one team’s fan base is loving this the most and […]

Vic Fangio on Jared Allen: “I think he can have a rebirth to his career here playing a little bit of a new position”


The Chicago Bears are looking for more production from DE Jared Allen this upcoming season. After having a disappointing 2014 season, many believe that Allen is on the downside of his career. Now with the arrival of new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, the Bears are changing from the 4-3 defense Allen is accustomed too.

Bill O’Brien wasn’t happy with the conditioning of his rookies during their mini camp


For the past three days, many teams around the NFL held their rookie mini camps. And would think that a lot of these rookies would be in shape due to preparing for the draft. Well Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien isn’t a believer in that after what he saw from his rookies this weekend.