Ben Roethlisberger was upset when the Steelers did not draft a receiver in the first round


Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger knows that he is coming down the home stretch in his career. At 34 years old, Roethlisberger has two years left on his contract then he becomes a free agent. So with that in mind, you know Roethlisberger would want the organization to bring in players to help him.

John Madden says he knows a NFL announcer that took pain killer shots before games


The NFL has had a lot to deal with these past couple of weeks. With former players now suing the league due to illegal and unethical administration of pain killers, everyone is starting to take notice.

Joe Flacco doesn’t believe that the NFL will suspend Ray Rice


As we all know, this offseason has not been kind to Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice. After being accepted into a diversion program, Rice might avoid assault charges if all goes well.

Mike Glennon knew all along that he was Tampa Bay’s QB of the future


Throughout the draft process,  some experts had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking a QB with their first pick. What was interesting about that was that Tampa Bay had signed Josh McCown in the offseason as well. Then, you add in the fact that Mike Glennon was in trade rumors leading up to the draft as well.

Lions center compares a player getting drafted at his postion to someone hitting on his wife

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Now that the NFL Draft is over, we are beginning to hear players give their opinion on what teams did in the draft. Some players were happy about what their teams did and some were not to thrilled. One of those players who was not thrilled was Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola.

Anonymous Rams teammate of Michael Sam has concerns over his reality show

Well it seems not everyone in the St. Louis Rams locker room is thrilled about Michael Sam having a reality show. It was announced Wednesday that Sam would have his own reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. There has been a mixed reaction from social media about this situation to the point that it […]

Jaguars owner Shad Khan takes a shot at Aaron Ross


New York Giants defensive back Aaron Ross made headlines last year after being released by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ross referred to his one year stay with the Jaguars  as “a nice paid vacation to Florida”. Even though he apologized for his comment, it stuck to every Jaguar fan including owner Shad Khan. So when Khan was […]

Cleveland Browns offered Washington Redskins 4th round pick for Kirk Cousins


During the NFL Draft, most people thought that the Cleveland Browns were all in for Johnny Manziel. But before the draft took place, the Browns were exploring other options as well. One of those options was Washington Redskins backup QB Kirk Cousins.  CBS Sports Jason La Canfora reported that the Browns offered the Redskins a […]

Andre Johnson wonders if the Texans are the team for him


Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson doesn’t seem too thrilled to be a Texan right now. After the Texans finished 2-14 last season, the last thing Johnson wants to do is be part of another rebuild of his team. Johnson spoke to the media after donating $30,000 through his foundation to the Houston Area Women’s Center […]

Adam Vinatieri: The NFL is trying to minimize the importance of kickers


From the collegiate level to the professional level, fans have a love-hate relationship with kickers. We love them when they hit a big field goal and hate them when they miss them. Kickers have come to grips with this, but now they potentially have another issue they are will have to deal with.

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