Is Jerry Jones considering re-signing Pacman?

According to a Fort Worth-Star Telegram report, Jerry Jones is seriously thinking about bringing Pacman Jones back to the Cowboys. Why? Well, Jones believes that Pacman was the team’s best CB. I know Jerry has lost his gift of assessing talent, but I think he’s gone over the deep end. From viewing the Cowboys game’s […]

Just When You Thought It Was Over, Brett Farve Goes And Has Surgery

Yeah, it’s been almost a month since we’ve heard anything from Brett Favre or his camp, but did you really think it was over? Of course you didn’t. The most recent chapter in “Brett Farve’s Farewall Tour XX” has Brett silently having surgery on the bicep that has stopped him from signing with the Vikings […]

I Guess Vince Young Was Right, Someone Does Want Him To Play Ball

Well, no wonder Vince Young was so confident in giving the Titans an ultimatum and stating, “If they’re not ready for me to play ball, someone is.” Because surprisingly, someone really is. TORONTO — In the same week the Argos confirmed Kerry Joseph as their starting quarterback, they have more than a glancing eye on […]

Vince Young gives Titans an ultimatum

Tennessee Titans’ QB Vince Young is at it again, but instead of whining, now he’s giving ultimatums. As the Titans first round pick in the 2006 draft, Young was expected to be a difference maker for the then struggling Titans and for a season or so he was. After winning the Rookie of the Year […]

The Candidate Pool Wasn’t Very Deep For Kornheiser’s Spot On MNF

Whether you believe that Tony Kornheiser was ousted from MNF because he wanted to lessen his travel or ESPN just thought it was time for a change, one thing is certain. ESPN seems pretty content with their choice of John Gruden as his replacement. And now we know why. Because they really didn’t have many […]

John Gruden on MNF?

Of all the guys in the world, ESPN chose former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden to replace Tony Kornheiser as an analyst on Monday Night Football. Why is Kornheiser leaving? Well, apparently he has an innate fear of flying, so he’s leaving the show behind, he’ better on PTI anyway. Gruden’s former players coined […]

You Can Finally Rock Your Very Own Ocho Cinco Ochocinco Jersey

For those of you that have been salivating at the chance to get your hands on the new Chad Ocho Cinco jerseys, you’re gonna have to be content with a Chad Ochocinco jersey. Why? Because of a mistake made by Mr. Ochocino, of course. The NFL had agreed to let the player formerly known as […]

Just Two Entries Into Kevin Smith’s Blog And We Have The Playoff Guarantee

We knew it was coming sooner or later. We just didn’t know when and from whom. Well, second year running back went ahead and did the honors last Wednesday. I won’t make a prediction about how many games we’re going to win, but I will say this: We will definitely make the playoffs this season. […]

Brett Favre is at it again

Brett Favre retired for a second time after the 2008 season after playing a mediocre season with the New York Jets, but as the 2009 season grows nearer he’s getting the itch to play again. According to ESPN’s NFL insider, Chris Mortenson, Favre will meet with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress later in the […]

Johnny Gray and Steve Luke Warned Us About This Swine Flu Years Ago

For those of us that thought that swine flu is relatively new, we were wrong. In fact, Faniq has taken the time to chronicle the history of the illness. We’ll leave the teaching to them and we’ll just marvel at this great PSA done by former Green Bay Packers safeties Johnny Gray and Steve Luke. […]

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