Former Teammates Are Here To Pile On Donovan McNabb

Though we’ve completely ignored it, Mike Shanahan benching Donovan McNabb during Sunday’s game has turned into the talk of the league. So since it has become such a big deal, everyone is giving their opinion about it. Some back McNabb and some back Shanahan. And some are here to just pile on McNabb. Terrell Owens […]

(Very) Questionable Poses: DJ Steve Porter Shows Up On ESPN In Blackface

So, just how could ESPN f$%k up their coverage of the Randy Moss story? By the way, is clearly one the biggest NFL stories of the season? Well, by showing a white man in blackface on their network, of course. Yeah, that scrambling you hear isn’t ESPN higher ups trying to figure out how they […]

Randy Moss, In All His Autotuned Glory

With the news of Randy Moss being released by the Vikings yesterday, I think it’s well in order to pay tribute to Moss. And what better way than to take the many quotes of Moss and autotune them?

Report: Randy Moss Cut By The Vikings

Yep, it’s official, if it wasn’t already. Brad Childress doesn’t know what the h@ll he’s doing. The Minnesota Vikings have waived receiver Randy Moss. Linebacker Ben Leber says coach Brad Childress informed the team that Moss had been let go during a team meeting Monday afternoon. The NFL Network first reported the Vikings waived Moss, […]

Roy Williams’ Latest Ridiculous Statement Is That Jon Kitna Is Just As Good As Tony Romo

Now, I’m all for saying things that rally the troops. I get that. But Cowboys receiver Roy Williams continues to take it too far. First he actually spoke out loud that the Cowboys could end up 12-4, and now he decided that he should let the world know that Jon Kitna is just as good […]

Report: Brett Favre Admits He Left Jenn Sterger Voicemails, Denies He Sent Photos

According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Brett Favre admitted to league investigators that he did indeed leave voicemails for Jenn Sterger, but he denies he ever sent her pictures of his little fella. Here’s Glazer’s report from earlier today: <a href=”″ target=”_new” title=””>Glazer’s Edge: Favre Speaks</a>

Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Unveils This Handy Diagram To Explain The NFL’s New Safety Policy

The story is kinda murky so let’s start with what Chris Kluwe is comfortable telling us. Got to watch an exciting video from the NFL today on illegal hits. ‘Someone’ drew a diagram to explain it. Now, this is where things get murky. Who is this ‘Someone’? Can’t saw that I’ve ever seen him on […]

Shaun Smith’s Fine For Grabbing Another Man’s Nuts Has Been Rescinded

While the NFL is busy fining its players insane amounts for just playing football and flipping birds, Shaun Smith won’t have to pay a thing for his illegal use of the hands. After an appeal, the NFL rescinded the $10,000 fine it levied on defensive lineman Shaun Smith for allegedly grabbing the groin area of […]

Is Magic Johnson Trying To Buy A Sports Franchise?

Since he ended his days as a NBA player, Magic Johnson has been the ultimate business man. He created Magic Johnson Enterprises in the 1990’s which has Magic Johnson Productions, Magic Johnson Theaters and Magic Johnson Studios as subsidiaries. Along with a $700M empire, Johnson held ownership with other companies. Until earlier this month, Johnson […]

Cincinnati Bengals DC Mike Zimmer Still Has Hate For Bobby Petrino

Mike Zimmer is a straight forward kind of guy. When he is asked a question he doesn’t beat around the bush. So when he was asked about his time with Bobby Petrino with the Atlanta Falcons, the straight forward Zimmer did not hold anything back. “I was never even there. As far as I am […]