The Aftermath: Conference Championship Games

So what’s next for Donovan McNabb?Is the ride over in Philly? Maybe, maybe not but if I were McNabb, I would be looking for the first thing smoking out of Philly. McNabb left it all on the field yesterday and came up short. That’s after putting this team on his back to even get them […]

If This Guy Can Believe In The Cardinals, Maybe We All Should

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McNabb’s last run in Philly

It’s not easy being a sports star in Philly, just ask Donovan McNabb. Though he’s the heart and soul of the Eagles squad, he’s still endured the wrath of Philadelphia fans and their expectations. McNabb led the Eagles to 4 consecutive conference championship games from 2001-2004 including Super Bowl XXXIX in ’04, 5 division titles, […]

Buck and Aikman Only Travel In Style, By US Marshall Escort

This entire story is centered around a lawyer for the United States Marshals Service who improperly used federal vehicles and on-duty deputies to escort him to World Series games and the Super Bowl for his part time gig as a statistician for Fox Sports. But where this story really gets good is that the lawyer […]

The Aftermath: NFL Divisional Playoffs

Can the Panthers ever win a Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme at the helm?It seems that Jake Delhomme has taken the Carolina Panthers as far as he can. Some guys just don’t have it in them to win the big ones. And it looks like Delhomme is one of those guys. So what should the […]

The NFL Teaches Us All How To Recycle

The Green Movement has apparently made it’s way to the NFL. And now, the NFL is beginning to take this initiative way too far. How far you ask? Well, recently NFL teams have turned to recycling it’s coaches instead of discarding old ones for new ones. It seems that NFL teams can’t bring themselves to […]

Tomlinson is a playoff liability

The San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson is once again injured and unable to perform during the team’s post season play. Last season it was a knee injury that kept him sidelined, this season its a groin injury. In the team’s 23-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, Tomlinson carried the ball 5 times for […]

Tavaris Jackson’s Painful Pick 6!

It’s bad enough when you throw a pick 6, but when you literally get punished for it, that makes for a bad day. Talk about adding insult to injury. Oh and Tavaris, welcome to being a full time back up next year. You’ve earned it! Fan of No Guts, No Glory? Subscribe to our feed!

Millen takes blame for 0-16 season

On NBC’s Saturday’s edition of “Football Night in America” Detroit Lions’ former GM Matt Millen took the blame for the Lions history making 0-16 season. Millen said “I would have fired myself after the season.” Yes, he actually acknowledged that he sucked as a GM. Its good to know that we still have some self […]

Has Mike D’Antoni Caught The "Marinelli"?

What’s the “Marinelli” you ask? It’s a sickness that forces a coach to look for any ounce of optimism that he can grab on to about his team. This in turn makes the coach sound like a bumbling idiot any time he does an interview. Rod Marinelli fell ill during his last days as the […]

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