Let’s Start The Week With Rashard Mendenhall Dry Humping Ben Roethlisberger

Yes, that picture looks innocent. Rashard Mendenhall is just protecting his quarterback from Jets defenders, you say. Well, what Mendenhall is actually doing is lining him up for the kill. The kill being a few pelvic thrust to Ben Roethlisberger’s backside.

And Here’s A Column Explaining Why Mike McCarthy Is A Better Coach Than Vince Lombardi

Yes, that headline is a real headline. And yes, someone who writes for a living took the time to constrct an argument that Mike McCarthy is a better coach than the man that the NFL decided to name its championship trophy after. And finally, yes, that someone doesn’t even write for a publication in Wisconsin. […]

Cleveland Sports Talk Radio Personality Definitely Doesn’t Respect The Cleveland Browns’ Process

Cleveland fans seem to be stoked that the Mike Holgren has taken the reins of the Cleveland Browns and installed a “process”. A “process”, might I add, that has led to actually signing a quarterback like Jake Delhomme. Well, this Cleveland sports talk radio personality aint buying this “process”. And to prove it, he takes […]

Ravens Coach Not Opposed to Signing Burress After Release

After the Ravens 31-24 loss to the Steelers in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, head coach, John Harbaugh, is open to signing a certain convicted felon. With his pending release from prison, as soon as June 6, 2011, Plaxico Burress’ name has made it back into the available ‘deep threat’ wide receiver conversation. […]

Brett Favre Files Retirement Paperwork!!!!

Could it really be? No, it couldn’t be. Could Brett Favre’s career finally be over? Has he filed retirement papers before? What does filing retirement papers even mean? Will ESPN devote a 24 hour special to Favre being “like a kid out there”? So many questions need to be answered. For now, let’s handle what […]

Lawrence Taylor: America’s next registered Sex Offender

In America, what generally happens when a famous athlete gets accused of rape? You guessed it, nothing. Sure, Lawrence Taylor received the proverbial ‘get your act together’ ramblings from the media and law officials, but no jail time. Taylor, who was facing a felony third-degree rape charge, pled guilty to a lesser charge, misdemeanor, earlier […]

Meet the Cleveland Browns’ next (ex) Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns and team president, Mike Holmgren, have decided to hire Rams former offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur, as their new head coach. The Browns have been searching for success and consistency since coming back to Cleveland in 1999. The team has had only postseason appearance since 1999, with no wins. In the NFL, aside […]

In Case You Were Wondering, Ines Sainz Is Picking The NY Jets To Win The Super Bowl

Usually I could care less about someone’s Super Bowl prediction because it’s pretty useless to me. But when Ines Sainz makes a Super Bowl prediction, it’s still pretty useless, but not as useless. Especially when she picks the team that she alleges sexually harassed her when she made a visit to the Jets facility in […]

Wade Phillips Finally Realizes That His Head Coaching Career Is Over

Yes, the man who publicly pointed out that his winning percentage is identical to Tom Landry’s (like that means anything) has finally realized what we all realized long ago. That his head coaching career is over. Sure he was just a head coach a couple of months ago, be everyone knows (except Wade himself) that […]

While Marshawn Lynch Was Scoring His Touchdown, Seahawks’ ’12th Man’ Was Busy Creating A Seismic Tremor

Well that’s according to Seattle’s Q13 FOX News. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded a small tremor at exactly 4:43 p.m. Saturday afternoon from an old monitoring system near where the Kingdome used to stand. That time is almost exactly when Lynch broke what turned out to be the game-deciding touchdown run in the 4th […]