This Lou Holtz Impersonation Really Doesn’t Seem Like An Impersonation

The Rick and Bubba show have a running bit where their Lou Holtz impersonator comes in the studio to talk some college football with the boys. But after listening to the impersonator for a minute, you almost forget that this is just an impersonation. It’s like it’s really Lou Holtz. So you already know what […]

The Older Brett Favre Gets, The More Money He Makes

Brett Favre is old. We all know and understand this. What we don’t understand is how he is continually able to get people to pay him for being old. The Jets did it. The Vikings are doing it. Wrangler is doing it. And now, a company called Rise-N-Shine, LLC wants to do it too. And […]

I Guess We Should Let Clinton Portis Weigh In On The Ines Sainz Mess

Clinton Portis has an opinion about just about everything. So when he was asked to give his two cents on the Ines Sainz locker room situation on The Mike Wise Show, he gave four or five cents, which culminated with this gem: “And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice […]

Packers RB Grant Out For Season: Adjust Your Fantasy Rosters

Sunday proved to be a sad day for many NFL franchises and fantasy team owners alike; injuries were rampant. The Green Bay Packers didn’t escape the weekend unscathed either. At this very moment, they are probably looking to add another RB to their roster. Midway through Sunday’s 27-20 win over the Eagles, the Packers Ryan […]

And Here’s Ines Sainz on Good Morning America

By now you’ve been formally introduced to Ines Sainz. But just in case there are those among us who haven’t, Sainz is hitting the news channel circuit to introduce herself. And, of course, to give her side of the story. First up, she sits down with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

Let’s Take A Look At What Exactly Inez Sainz Wore To NY Jets’ Practice

Today in the “Glory Lines”, I provided you a link detailing a story about how an Azteca reporter named Inez Sainz was treated by NY Jets players when she visited their practice. Since then, there has been some talk about Sainz’s wardrobe choices for a football. So to clear things up, Sainz decided to show […]

Angry Cowboys Fan Takes Out His Frustrations On Alex Barron’s Wikipedia Page

Is there anything better than seeing the fruits of labor that come from a frustrated Dallas Cowboys fan? Defacing Alex Barron’s Wikipedia page may not be much, but make no mistake about it. The fruits will continuously get better and better as frustrated Dallas Cowboys fans come to realize that the Cowboys are just not […]

Let’s Start The Week By Reliving Calvin Johnson’s Touchdown Catch That Wasn’t

By now, you’ve seen the Calvin Johnson touchdown catch that the NFL decided wasn’t a touchdown catch. And by now, the sting of it all has subsided just a little. Unless you’re this guy, of course. As for me, the whole thing put me in quite a bind. On one hand, I have Calvin Johnson […]

Percy Harvin’s Heart Stopped When He Collapsed At Practice Last Month

Remember last month with Vikings receiver Percy Harvin collapsed during practice? Well, he opened up to NBC’s Andrea Kremer about that day and the whole thing was just as scary as we thought it was. When Percy Harvin was in the hospital after collapsing at Vikings practice in August he says his heart stopped beating […]

It’s Officially Football Season, So That Means Steve Spagnuolo Is Sleeping In The Bathroom (Again)

Steve Spagnuolo understands that turning around the hapless St. Louis Rams won’t be an easy job. But for some crazy reason, Spagnuolo has signed up to try his hand at it. After leading the Rams to a 1-15 record, it’s safe to say that the first go round didn’t work out too well. But Spagnuolo […]