A New York Super Bowl was first proposed as a way to help the recovery after 9/11

On Sunday we may witness the last time that a Super Bowl will be played in an open air stadium in cold weather. Mainly because the NFL made an exception to their Super Bowl hosting rules to allow the game to be held in New York. For a city to be considered for hosting a […]

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t say much at media day, but he does say sh*t during live interview

Marshawn Lynch spoke with reporters for all of 6 minutes during media day on Tuesday. Which has the Pro Football Writers of America all up in arms.

Keep Johnny Football In Texas Billboard has been spotted In Houston

As we all know, the Houston Texans have the number one pick in the draft. We also know that the Texans need a new quarterback and Johnny Manziel has been projected to be the number one pick in recent mock drafts. Even though it’s still early in the process, Attorney Tony Buzbee, who is a Texas […]

Surprise! Ines Sainz is at Super Bowl media day

Yes, Ines Sainz is here. #ndsb48 pic.twitter.com/bMe8mL4UBO — Neil Best (@sportswatch) January 28, 2014 We haven’t heard much from Ines Sainz lately. But if you thought the low profile she’s been keeping lately would keep away from Super Bowl media day, you were wrong.

NBC is making push to get Thursday Night Football package

The NFL is the hottest commodity in sports and everyone is trying to get in on the action. The NFL is reportedly interested in having another channel broadcast Thursday night games along with the games that are already been shown on the NFL Network. Word on the street is that NBC has the upper hand […]

Sports fans love the NFL, the NBA not so much

A recent Harris poll asked adult fans, ages 18 and over what their favorite sport is. Since 1985 when the Harris Poll started this survey professional football has won out each and every year. And this year is no different.

Denver and Seattle Police Departments kick off Super Bowl week with a little trash talk

It’s finally Super Bowl week. And as usual it’s going to be a spectacle. It’s inevitable that everyone will flock to Richard Sherman, some “reporter” will ask a player an outrageous question, and someone will show up dressed for something more than a media session.

Browns’ ‘methodical’ process almost made Mike Pettine remove his name from consideration

Mike Pettine was introduced as the Cleveland Browns new head coach on Thursday. But to according to Pettine himself, if the process had gone on any longer, he may not be the Browns head coach right now.

Roger Goodell joins the chorus of criticism of Richard Sherman’s postgame rant

We’re in the dead week before the Super Bowl, so Roger Goodell is showing up everywhere you turn, whether in print or television. Despite his many appearances this week, we hadn’t heard a peep about how he felt about Richard Sherman’s postgame rant after making a career defining play to send the Seahawks to the […]

Dan Shaughnessy thinks the New England Patriots have become the 1990s Atlanta Braves

When the New England Patriots fail to win the Super Bowl, columnists in Boston don’t know what to do with themselves. So instead of just appreciating the incredible run the Patriots have been on for over a decade, they sit down at their computer and write overreaction pieces. Like the one Eagle-Tribune columnist Hector Longo […]