Breaking: Brett Favre Is On A High School Football Field!!!!!!

There’s no need to be pissed off at the amount of coverage Brett Favre will ganer over the next few weeks. Just embrace it because there will be no way to escape it. Take today for an example. Less than 24 hours after reports of Favre’s impending retirement comes word from NFL Network’s Scott Hanson […]

Brett Favre Is Finally Retiring

According to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and ESPN, for the third time in three years, Vikings QB Brett Favre has decided to call in quits. Brett Favre was expected to return to the Minnesota squad after undergoing ankle surgery in April, but reports indicate that his ankle has not healed properly. If this is […]

Let’s Start The Week By Watching A Female Reporter Attempt Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test

The phrase “conditioning test” is all the rage in Washington DC these days. Mike Shanahan is using it to flex his muscles at his first training camp as the Washington Redskins head coach. Albert Haynesworth is using it as an excuse to get out of practicing. And now, Fox 5’s Lindsay Murphy is using it […]

No One Told This Lady That NFL Team Knowledge Would Be Useful For Her Appearance On Jeopardy

Every once and awhile, Jeopardy ventures into the sports world for a question or two. And every once and awhile, those questions lead to an unforgettable moment or two. Today we get to add to those moments. Let me set the scene: It’s Final Jeopardy. The question is “As of 2010 it’s the only current […]

Conditioning Tests Are Just Not Albert Haynesworth’s Thing

Albert Haynesworth’s first training camp under the new Mike Shanahan regime is off to a rousing start. In just a mere two days, Haynesworth has been able to fail two conditioning test and participate in zero practices. Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has failed his conditioning test for a second day in a row, team sources […]

The Jacksonville Jaguars Have A New Stadium Name

It’s been three years since the Jaguars had a name for their stadium, but on Tuesday that all came to an end. Jacksonville-based EverBank’s deal, signed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after months of negotiations, puts one of the largest banks based in Florida on the national map. “It’s a long-term marketing move” […]

Does This Look Like A Man That Would Fail A Physical?

Allow me to answer that for you……Why yes, it does. Now before we all jump on Ravens rookie, Terrance Cody about failing his physical, it must be said that there are guys on every team that come to camp out of shape. It’s just a fact of NFL life. And besides, it’s not like Cody […]

Jets Exploring The Possibility Of Entering The Short Line Of Suitors For Terrell Owens

The past 24 hours have begun to heat up in the Terrell Owens sweepstakes. And by “heat up” I mean a team has actually expressed that they would be willing to sign him. Well today comes news that TO just may finally have options. ESPN is reporting that the New York Jets are exploring the […]

If You Give The NFL $40, They’ll Give You All The Meaningless Football You Can Handle

There are a few things that have been proven to be recession proof. The NFL, at least in my eyes, is one of them. No matter how tight that budget gets, you can bet that people are still ponying up the cash for the NFL. The chances of spending your hard earned cash are almost […]

Dez Bryant Should Carry Roy Williams’ Pads, Only Because Roy Would Drop Them

Ok, that was a little harsh. But you have to admit that it was at least a little funny. Mainly because Roy Williams would drop his pads, just like he drops everything else that comes his way. But that’s besides the point. The point is that here we have a story about a grizzled NFL […]