Desperate Terrell Owens says desperate Jets need him

We all know that Terrell Owens desperately wants a job. That much was obvious when he lobbied the Jets on Twitter Monday night. But if you ask him if he’s desperate, as TSN did, he’ll say no.

Rival GM rips Detroit Lions, says Ndamukong Suh belongs on “All-Hype team”

If you’ve been with us long, you know how we feel about someone anonymously ripping someone else. We just don’t care for it. But we completely understand that 99% of the time, it’s the only way to get someone to give their true feelings on a subject. Just as a rival GM did anonymously with […]

Plaxico Burress is the latest unemployed receiver letting a NFL team know he’s interested

Veteran receivers that still think they can play in the NFL are taking their unemployment in their own hands these days. On Monday, Terrell Owens announced to the Jets (and his Twitter followers) that he was “ready, willing, & able!” Jets coach Rex Ryan considered it for a second, before someone in the organization stressed […]

Pat Shurmur is confronting anyone in Cleveland who is critical of the Browns

The first two years in Cleveland are not going as planned for Pat Shurmur. His overall record in Cleveland is 4-17 and this season, his Browns team is 0-5 and has the dubious distinction of being the only winless team in the NFL. The missteps this season started almost immediately for Shurmur when he blamed […]

Rex Ryan on Terrell Owens: “You never say never”

And here you thought Terrell Owens was desperate when he offered his services to the Jets on Twitter. Well it seems that Rex Ryan may be even more desperate than Owens. After watching his offense struggle so much the passing game that they had to use Antonio Cromartie on offense, Ryan admitted on Tuesday that […]

Terrell Owens wants the Jets to know that he’s “ready, willing, & able!”

Terrell Owens needs a job. Terrell Owens wants a job. And as we’ve seen before, Terrell Owens will try any and every avenue to land a job. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Owens would be willing to literally beg the Jets on his Twitter account to call his agent and sign him to a […]

Tim Tebow to reportedly have a larger role against the Texans

As we move closer and closer to the Week 7, the week we expect Mark Sanchez to lose his job to Tim Tebow, the questions around Tebow’s role in the Jets’ offense continue to mount. Some believe that the Jets should start Tebow right this moment and of course Boomer Esiason probably still wants him […]

Atari Bigby says he attended the University of Jah Rastafari and we believe him

The Sunday Night Football introductions are time where NFL players rep their schools and universities both real and fake. Chargers safety Atari Bigby chose to rep a fake university before Sunday’s Chargers-Saints game, but we’re willing to bet that Bigby if the University of Jah Rastafari were real, Bigby would be valedictorian.

Rex Ryan says Jets didn’t quit against the 49ers, they were fatigued

Carlos Rogers’ comments about the Jets quitting on Sunday made their way to Jets coach Rex Ryan. And of course, Ryan responded. Because that’s what Rex Ryan does. At any rate, Ryan contends that “there’s no way” that the Jets quit in their 34-0 loss to 49ers. Yes, the Jets were outplayed. And yes, the […]

49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers says Jets quit on Sunday

If you examine the box score from the 49ers’ 34-0 win over the Jets on Sunday, you would see that the Jets hung tough with the 49ers for much of the first half. So when examining the 34-0 outcome, one would have to come to one of the two conclusions. Either the 49ers just wore […]