Jerry Jones Has Gone Into Hiding

After the logistics debacle know as Super Bowl XLV was over, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went into seclusion. The outspoken owner usually boasts of his business savvy and beautiful new stadium but after an inauspicious Super Bowl experience for about 1200+ fans he has literally disappeared. The weather was wildly unpredictable and bad for […]

Looks Like Brett Favre Is Becoming A Forgotten Man In Green Bay

Brett Favre used to be the golden boy in Green Bay. But now that Aaron Rodgers has led their Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl title, Rodgers has stolen the hearts of many cheese heads. Now, the Packers’ brass still sees Favre in light that may eventually bring him back to the organization, but […]

Alex Rodriguez Didn’t Appreciate Fox Showing Us Cameron Diaz Feeding Him Popcorn

So it seems Alex Rodriguez’s feelings are a little hurt……again. This time he has his panties in a bunch because everyone and their mother saw Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn at the Super Bowl. So in typical A-Rod fashion, he threw a little hissy fit to Fox executives. A few Fox honchos’ ears were burning […]

Come On Out To Party With Mike Vick And Off Duty SWAT Members

If you’re in the Dallas area this weekend and you’re looking to for the party that has just as much security as Fort Knox, then Mike Vick’s soiree is just for you. Just picture it. You’re having drinks, dancing with beautiful females, and there’s a dude in the corner wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying […]

Packers Want To Bring Brett Favre Back To Green Bay

A lot has happened since Brett Favre played his final game for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have moved on to their first Super Bowl appearance since Favre was under center. And Favre, not to be undone, has moved on to racking up as many sexual harassment complaints that he can. And finally, after […]

The Steelers Arrived In Dallas Yesterday And Promptly Headed To The Strip Club

The Pittsburgh Steelers landed in Dallas night to begin their final week of preparation for the Super Bowl. After landing, presumably the fellas got their bags and headed to their rooms. Some presumably remained in their room for the remainder of the night. Some presumably went out for a nice dinner. And some definitely went […]

Let’s Take A Look At What Ines Sainz Decided To Wear To Super Bowl Media Day

While reporters are all over Twitter pissing and moaning about the weather in Dallas, everyone’s favorite Azteca reporter is braving the elements like there aren’t any elements to brave. Man up boys. You don’t see the lady in a skirt and fishnets complaining about the weather. She has a job to do. And by golly, […]

Looks Like Alex Smith Will Get The Chance To Destroy Yet Another Coach’s Career In San Francisco

First, Mike Nolan hitched his coaching wagon to Alex Smith and was fired. Then, Mike Singletary tried to let Alex Smith hang around, and it eventually got him fired as well. Now Jim Harbaugh is taking the reins and for some odd reason, it seems that he is ready to make the same mistake his […]

And Here’s A Hockey Fight Set To A Tune From ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’

Once you’ve seen one hockey fight, you’ve seen them all right? It’s just tow dudes grabbing on each other’s jersey while mixing in a few punches here and there until the referees break it up. The crowd gives a howl and then the game restarts. Well at the America Airlines Center in Dallas, the typical […]

TNA Wrestling Wants Chad Ochocinco And Marvin Lewis To Have Their Cage Match At Their Pay Per View

With WWE potentially having Brock Lensar coming back for WrestleMania, TNA had to make a move. So when Chad Ochocinco tweeted to Adam Schefter: “Me and Marvin Lewis in a cage match, set it up, I’ve earned my stripes on my helmet it’s time to fight then play”. TNA had its move. So they sent […]