Why Yes, That Is Indeed Tom Brady And His Ponytail Dancing At Rio Carnival

I don’t know what has gotten into Tom Brady. Nor do I want to know. First the man is trying to tie the sheepdog on his head into a ponytail and now the man is dancing at Rio Carnival. Hide the children. They don’t need to see their hero like this.

Questionable Poses: Tom Brady’s New Onytail

It’s bad enough that the man has a blonde sheep dog on his head. Now, he’s attempting to tie that sheep dog into a ponytail. Which leaves him with an “onytail” instead of a ponytail. There’s many more angles of Brady’s sheepdog onytail ahead, if you can stomach it. Ok, that’s all I can stomach. […]

NFL Decides That Original Deal Offered To Relocated Super Bowl Fans Is Too Fair, So They’re No Longer Honoring It

The last thing the NFL needs while just trying to keep its doors open for another season is a possible PR nightmare. Knowing that this is the case, what do they do? Create a possible PR nightmare for themselves. The story of the group of fans that were uprooted from their seats at the Super […]

Saints Sign Kicker To Big Deal

For all the guys, even NFL players, that claim kickers aren’t really football players, you may want to reassess your standing. New Orleans Saints K Garrett Hartley has signed a deal worth potentially $13M over five years, according to Yardbarker.com. Hartley made $470K last season and is currently the only kicker on the Saints squad. […]

And Here’s The Tale Of How Vernon Gholston Missed Out On $9 Million Because He’s Not Very Good At Football

This has been a pretty bad week for Vernon Gholston. The Jets just released him and to top it off, ESPN’s Adam Schefter just dropped a tweet that exemplifies Gholston’s entire career with the Jets. Now, I’m not one to kick a man when he’s done, but some things just need to be discussed. This […]

Clinton Portis Knows His Time In Washington Is Coming To An End

With all the talk about Donovan McNabb and Mike Shanahan this past season, Clinton Portis’ injury plagued season went under the radar until now. On Friday, Shanahan said that he was going to let Portis look around at other teams. Saturday morning, Portis was on 106.7 The Fan’s with Grant Paulsen and when told what […]

Bart Scott To Appear On TNA

Not all of the New York Jets are in mourning over a second consecutive AFC Championship loss. According to FOX Sports, Jets’ linebacker, Bart Scott, has signed on to appear on TNA’s March 3 show. Scott, known for his pre/post-game vitriolic rhetoric, is a hard core wrestling fan and will now join the list of […]

John Fox, Once Again, Proclaims His Love For Mediocre Quarterbacks By Naming Kyle Orton His Starter

Before we begin, please don’t take this as an indication that I think Tim Tebow is a starting quarterback in the NFL because I don’t. What this is though is an indication that I think John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions regarding the quarterback position. Ever. This is the same man that hitched […]

Jerry Jones Has Gone Into Hiding

After the logistics debacle know as Super Bowl XLV was over, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went into seclusion. The outspoken owner usually boasts of his business savvy and beautiful new stadium but after an inauspicious Super Bowl experience for about 1200+ fans he has literally disappeared. The weather was wildly unpredictable and bad for […]

Looks Like Brett Favre Is Becoming A Forgotten Man In Green Bay

Brett Favre used to be the golden boy in Green Bay. But now that Aaron Rodgers has led their Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl title, Rodgers has stolen the hearts of many cheese heads. Now, the Packers’ brass still sees Favre in light that may eventually bring him back to the organization, but […]