After being suspended for head shots, Brandon Meriweather now vows to ‘tear people’s ACLs’

You probably never believed that Redskins defensive back Brandon Meriweather was the smartest man on the planet. Especially if you just watch how he plays. Game after game he knocks other players out of games and even knocks himself out of games. Yet, none of that was enough for him to scale back his play.

Dexter Manley called Troy Aikman a queer on live radio

So apparently, former Washington Redskin Dexter Manley is a frequent guest on WTOP in Washington. But after today Manley will no longer be a frequent guest on WTOP. In fact, he will no longer be a guest at all. During an appearance Monday morning with Mike Moss and Bruce Alan of WTOP, Manley was asked […]

Dez Bryant has a meltdown on the sideline; Deion Sanders chalks it up to playing with passion

The Dallas Cowboys fell to 4-4 after basically giving the Detroit Lions a 31-30 victory. While most Monday’s after a loss like this would be used to talk about Tony Romo blowing the game or Jason Garrett needing to lose his job, this particular Monday morning has been used to discuss Dez Bryant losing his […]

Pacman Jones reportedly told Jets WR David Nelson:’ I’m going to find out where you live and come and get you’

The Cincinnati Bengals completely dominated the New York Jets on Sunday to the tune of 49-9. One of the main story lines that have emerged from the game, other than the Jets getting their heads beat in, in the back and forth between Pacman Jones, Jets wide receiver David Nelson, and Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams dies at 90

Titans/Oilers founder and owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. passed away peacefully from natural causes at his home this morning in Houston. — Tennessee Titans (@TennesseeTitans) October 21, 2013

Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin may miss the rest of the season with a torn labrum

Source tells @FOXSports1 Buccaneers RB Doug Martin suffered what's believed to be a torn labrum in his shoulder. Season possibly over. — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) October 21, 2013

Colts CB Vontae Davis: We prepared really hard for Tom Brady

The Indianapolis Colts slowed the Denver Broncos’ offense just enough to pull out a 39-33 win on Sunday night. So what did the Colts’ do all week in order to slow down such a prolific offense? According to defensive back Vontae Davis, they “prepared really hard for Tom Brady”.

Falcons fear that Julio Jones' season is over

Initial determination by falcons is that Julio Jones season is over. They are hopeful 2nd opinion says otherwise but not optimistic — Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) October 8, 2013

Report: NFL owners pass rule forcing teams to participate in Hard Knocks

One of the only joys of the NFL preseason is the airing of Hard Knocks on HBO. And despite all the joy that NFL fans get from Hard Knocks, there was actually fear that the show would end. Mainly, because NFL teams had become reluctant to participate in the show.

For Ricky Williams, weed is like spinach for Popeye

Ricky Williams did an interview with Campus Insider recently where he was asked about marijuana being an Achilles heel during his playing career. Except Williams doesn’t see his marijuana use as an Achilles heel. Instead, he likens it to spinach for Popeye.