Saints fan poses with Roger Goodell wearing a “Free Sean Payton” t-shirt

In the aftermath of Sean Payton being suspended by Roger Goodell for the entire season, “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts began to pop up all over the web. But one place we never thought one of those t-shirts would pop up is in a photo with Roger Goodell himself. Well, that all changed when a Saints […]

The San Diego Chargers are requesting that everyone “take a chill pill”

The task of the public relations department of a NFL is not hard. All they really have to do is present the team to fans and the public in the best way possible. Be it through community service or promotions that bring fans closer to the team. What they should never do is do anything […]

Jason Pierre-Paul to RGIII: “Don’t bring it to my side”

If you’re keeping count at home, here’s what opposing defensive ends have had to say about Robert Griffin III: – Osi Umenyiora vowed he would only call Griffin, “Bob Griffin”, which changed after just one week of seeing Griffin play. – Jared Allen refuses to “crown Griffin anything yet” despite Griffin running all over the […]

Jeff Fisher had a practice squad member wear a blonde wig to ready the Rams for Clay Matthews

Jeff Fisher knows how to win in the NFL. And after coaching just his first six games, the St. Louis Rams have already won more games than they did all of last season. So it’s pretty tough to question any tactics that Fisher uses to get his team ready for Sunday. Even if one of […]

Jerry Jones thinks the Cowboys can win a championship…..this year

We’re not surprised by this. You’re not surprised by this. Why? Because this is Jerry Jones we’re dealing with. And despite his Cowboys sitting at 2-4 and looking every bit of 2-4, Jones still went on his radio show on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning and declared that the Cowboys could win a championship, not next year, […]

Jared Allen is not ready to crown RGIII anything yet

For whatever reason, NFL veterans feel the need to rain on the RGIII parade. Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora began the season by proclaiming that he would call the rookie quarterback “Bob Griffin” because he hadn’t earned the right to be called RGIII. And after just one game Umenyiora had seen enough to start calling […]

Mike Holmgren reportedly out as Cleveland Browns president

New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam isn’t playing around. The man was just officially approved as the new owner of the Browns earlier today, and now according to Ed Werner of ESPN, he has informed current president Mike Holmgren that his services are no longer needed in Cleveland.

New York Giants players’ cars burglarized, stolen while team was in San Francisco

New York Giants players had to be feeling good after going to San Francisco and completely dominating the 49ers 26-3. But those good feeling dissipated for some Giants players when they arrived back home to find that they’re cars had been burglarized, and in one player’s instance, even stolen.

The NFLPA is selling NFL player’s faces for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and if you ever wanted to go as your favorite NFL players, the NFLPA has you covered. In its online shop, the NFLPA is selling player face masks for $11.99 a pop. So if you want to be RGIII or Tim Tebow for Halloween, you can. And even if […]

Lawrence Taylor thinks Tim Tebow needs to get laid

Lawrence Taylor was the guest on Wednesday night’s edition of Showtime’s “Inside The NFL”. And like all football shows these days, it just couldn’t go the entire show without Tim Tebow being brought up as a topic of conversation. James Brown goes into a question asked by “Tim from the Meadowlands” asking Lawrence Taylor what […]