The Speculation Of How Much Money Brett Favre Stands To Lose For Showing Off His Lil Fella To Jenn Sterger Has Begun

Whenever a scandal like the one Brett Favre is currently trapped in happens, people try to create talking points from its many angles. So since we all know about the harassment, marriage, suspension, and male enhancement angles, it’s finally time for the speculation of just how much money will Brett Favre lose because of this […]

Let’s Start The Week With The Story Of The Colts Fan Questioned By Police For Damages To A Jacksonville Hotel

We all know that NFL fans take their team’s games serious, but this is on a different level. The manager of the Homewood Suites and Hilton Garden Inn in Jacksonville claims that he has an estimated $1 million in damages that was caused by a drunk and angry Colts fan. The manager says that the […]

Looks Like Glen Coffee Traded His 49ers Uniform For A Prison Uniform

A couple months, Glen Coffee abruptly retired from the NFL he came to the “conclusion that God had another plan for him other than football.” I’ll go out on a limb and say that I’m sure God’s plan didn’t involve him getting arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Former NFL running back Glenwood Razeem Coffee […]

It Sure Didn’t Take Long For The Source That Says That Mack Brown May Get ‘Bobby Bowden’d’ To Appear

I knew there was a chance that this would happen. You knew that there was a chance that this would happen. But we both didn’t expect it to happen. Maybe we were just naïve. But somehow, some way, the “source” that says Texas may ask Mack Brown to retire at the end of the season […]

Jerry Jones Hit With The Mother Of All Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones may be in a little hot water stemming from a drunken night on the town. According to a lawsuit filed (PDF) by Patricia Gavin, when Jones wasn’t bad mouthing Tim Tebow and Bill Parcells, he was busy sexually assaulting her. But according to Gavin, this wasn’t just your run of […]

Shaun Smith’s Hobby Of Grabbing Another Man’s Nuts Has Cost Him $10,000

We all sat and watched in horror as Shaun Smith morphed into a serial nut grabber right before our eyes. But we weren’t the only ones watching. The NFL also watched Smith do things to Anthony Davis’ nuts that another man just shouldn’t do. So in response, the NFL has decided to fine Smith $10,000. […]

And Here’s How A Few Texans Fans Prepared For Their Tilt With The Cowboys

Tailgating is such a random experience. On one day, you can get treated to some great cuisine. On another, you can get completely tore up to the floor up. And on yet another day you can watch someone get dropped.

A Good ‘Ol Pistol Whip Should Do The Trick

Jacksonville Jaguars 30-year-old receiver Kassim Osgood will probably never date a cheerleader again. Osgood was visiting 19-year-old Jaguar cheerleader Mackenzie Rae Putnal earlier this week when her ex-boyfriend crashed the party and pistol-whipped them both. Osgood managed to escape by jumping from a second story window while his female friend jumped from a balcony. Julian […]

Yeah, That Phone Number On That Box Of Ochocino’s Was Actually A Phone Sex Line

Ok, let’s do a hypothetical. You and the kids wake up to a bowl of Chad Ochocinco’s new cereal called “Ochocinco’s”. While you’re eating you notice a phone number on the box that is supposed to lead you to representatives for the “Feed The Children” charitable organization. You’re a charitable guy so you call the […]

Nick Collins’ Altercation With A Fan Now In Video Form

Earlier this morning, we linked to a story about the NFL investigating an incident between Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins and a fan that stems from the fan allegedly yelling a racial slur at Collins. We now have video of the incident: