Kurt Warner, MVP?

Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner is no stranger to adversity. His long and at times rocky career has had much success and failure, but this season his career has been revived. Though the road here for the MVP candidate has not been easy, he is clearly back on top. As the former orchestrator of “The […]

Brad Childress vs Troy Williamson – Tale of the Tape

This weekend’s Jaguar, Vikings game has just gotten a little more interesting. If you haven’t heard, Ex-Vikings WR Troy Williamson has challenged Brad Childress to meet him at the 50-yard line this weekend so the two can “go at it.” The bad-blood began between the two back when Brad Chidress withheld Williamson’s game check for […]

Quinn gets 1st victory in thriller

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Buffalo Bills Monday in Ralph Wilson Stadium 29-27. With the win, second year QB Brady Quinn earned his first as a NFL starter. Quinn stats weren’t very impressive 14-36, 185 yards but the young QB protected the football; he has yet to throw an interception or lose a fumble. The […]

Martz seriously doesn’t believe the loss to the Cardinals was his fault!

So if it’s not Martz’s fault, who could possibly take the blame? The officials…..of course!According to CBS Sports, Martz is saying that the official’s review and the subsequent moving of the ball lost them the game. Here’s what he had to say about the ordeal: It cost us the game. We go to the 1 […]

Somebody please have Al Davis committed already

What is Al Davis doing? Why won’t he step down? Questions I’m sure millions of sports fans are asking, but I don’t believe that there are answers, at least not any sensible ones. Earlier this week Al continued to amaze by deciding to release starting CB DeAngelo Hall. Davis signed Hall this past off-season and […]

Too little, too late for the Browns and Romeo Crennel

Whether it was head coach Romeo Crennel’s or GM Phil Savage’s decision to bench Derek Anderson, it was not a good one at this point in the season. Brady Quinn should have been the starting QB in game one. Why? Because he’s the franchise QB, enough said. The Cleveland Browns finished (10-6) last season and […]

The Raiders are practicing the most important aspect of their offense, their endzone celebrations!

Soooooo, the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the Oakland Raiders are actually using practice time to practice their touchdown celebrations. Not sure if that actually sunk in, so I’ll repeat it……….The Oakland Raiders are actually using practice time to practice their touchdown celebrations. So many things come to mind that I don’t know where to […]

Mike Singletary: Mooning for Motivation

By now everyone has heard about the epic post-game press conference that 49ers coach, Mike Singletary gave after their 34-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. What people haven’t heard about is what went on at halftime. According to AZCentral.com, Mike Singeltary actually “mooned” his team while he addressed them at halftime. Here’s an excerpt from […]

Games of the Week

Its Sunday again and the NFL schedule is full of intriguing match-ups. Here are 2 games that I think will be season defining games for the teams involved. Dallas Cowboys(4-3) v. Tampa Bay Bucs(5-2)The sputtering Dallas Cowboys will be without starting quarterback Tony Romo for the second straight game and will host the NFC South […]

Cowboys, Yankees are done chasing championships, on to merchandising!

Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner are at it again, but this time they’re not digging deep into their wallet to add to their outrageous team payroll. This time it’s for business. The two have partnered with Goldman Sachs and CIC Partners to form Legends Hospitality Management , LLC.(“Legends”). Legends’ first gig? Operating concessions, catering, and […]

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