The Block Is Hot Now That Cutler Is On It

So much for working things out. The Broncos have given up on Jay Cutler and now they are looking to move the unhappy Cutler. Even though we would be weary of adding the whiny Cutler, there will be a multitude of teams looking to give their best pitch to Broncos in the next few weeks. […]

Why do athletes receive less publicity for good behavior?

Houston Texans RB Ryan Moats should be commended for his admirable display of restraint and his remarkable showing of maturity and understanding, but after the interviews are over this story will be all but forgotten. After receiving unprofessional treatment from Dallas police officer Robert Powell, Moats accepted his apology and showed no visible signs of […]

Eventhough He Never Had It, Jeff George Thinks He Still Has It

The NFL offseason is a time where players search for new teams and more money. It is also a time when old, grizzled veterans search for ways to get themselves back in the league. This year’s veteran trying to make a run at the league again is Jeff George. The now 41 year old George […]

10 Professional Athletes That Don’t Look Very Athletic At All

There are times when I’m watching professional sporting events where certain players stick out like sore thumbs. Not because they’re not good or anything, it’s just that when you put them next to other professional athletes, they look like they have no business out there. So for those of you with dreams of being a […]

Cutler hold your head up, someone wants you!

Would you want this guy on your team? I wouldn’t. Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has whined like a high school prom queen for the last month. All because Denver’s new head coach and former Patriots assistant, Josh McDaniels reportedly made an attempt to acquire Matt Cassel before he was shipped to the Chiefs. Cutler has […]

Vick’s house for sale, anyone interested?

The notorious Michael Vick’s Duluth, GA house is on the auction block at this very moment. The 8 bedroom, 11 bath house includes several fabulous amenities, an elevator and 4-car garage are among the perks. The minimum bid is $3.2M, lets see how many dog lovers put a bid on this one. I wonder if […]

T.O.’s last hoorah?

Terrell Owens is now a member of yet another team, the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Buffalo Bills. Who wants to play or live in Buffalo? Obviously no one, but there has been a wide array of factors that has led the NFL’s #2 all-time (139) TD receiver to his current fate. Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb […]

T.O. Is Out The Door!

That is all! (For now. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss this over the next few days. Aint that right, J Will?) Fan of No Guts, No Glory? Subscribe to our feed! or Follow us on Twitter!

Blame It On The A-A-A-A-AL-CO-HOL

First order of business: If your totally lost about that oh so catchy title, please click here to be enlightened. Now that you’ve learned what’s hot in the streets, on to what this post is all about. You see, we here at No Guts, No Glory like to talk sports. Alcohol can sometimes lead to […]

T.J. Houshmandzadeh Set To Join The Very Short List Of Seahawk Receiving Greats

I’m sure you’ve immersed yourself in the report that T.J. Houshmandzadeh spurned both the Bengals and the Vikings to sign with the Seahawks throughout the night last night so let’s move on to the important stuff. Namely, what the h*ll is he thinking? Did I actually write that? I know exactly what he’s thinking. Two […]

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