Vick could be back on the market soon, any takers?

Former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick, is currently serving out a 23 month sentence in Leavenworth, Kansas for financing a dog-fighting ring. According to his attorneys, Vick could be released from federal prison and placed in a Virginia halfway house before January ends. Vick pleaded guilty last month to Virginia state dog-fighting charges helping him […]

Things that make me Ponder

Why was Mike James on Supernanny?NBA journeyman, Mike James, apparently needed Supernanny, Jo Frost to help he and wife Angela discipline their 4 daughters. The show aired on December 12, 2008. In typical reality TV fashion, James embarrassed himself by acting like an arrogant fool. In 7 seasons in the NBA, James has yet to […]

The 7 Most Depressing Places To Be A Sports Fan In 2008

As we wind down 2008, it’s time for every sports site known to man to give out their year end awards. SI’s Extra Mustard is giving out their Clicksy Awards, Deadspin is giving out their SHOTY Award and that’s just to name a few. But here at No Guts, we want to pay homage to […]

T.O is a team killer, always whining

The infamous Dallas Cowboys WR, Terrell Owens, is up to his old team dividing tactics again. His new target is Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Donovan McNabb with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jeff Garcia while with the San Francisco 49ers both felt the wrath as Owens. Now, Romo will be forced to endure Owens tirade. Recently […]

Spoiled RB Portis and Zorn talk it out

After being publicly ripped by RB Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn talked with the star and smoothed things out. After the two met Portis spoke about his statements, in response to why he verbally embarrassed the coach Portis said, It was something on my chest that I needed to get off. I […]

Things That Make Me Ponder

Why doesn’t the ESPN dress code apply to Bob Knight?So, I’m watching the Jimmy V Classic and I have an “one of these things is not like the others” moment during the delay between the ending of the Davidson, West Virginia game and the start of the Texas, Villanova game. Bob Knight is on my […]

After 13 Straight Losses, Rod Marinelli Is Finally Off His Rocker!

Poor Rod Marinelli. His tenure as the Detroit Lions head coach looks to have finally taken its toll on him. The Detroit Free Press has posted some highlights from his weekly post conference with the media and he had some “interesting” answers to the questions that he was asked. When asked, “how stunned he is […]

Top 10 Worst Dressed Coaches

Recently it seems that anytime I’m watching anything sports related and a coach graces the screen, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. Whether it’s a game or an interview, I always find humor in many of the coaches these days. Why, you ask? Because many coaches are horrible dressers! I’m sure I could give you a […]

Things that make me ponder

Some things have reasonable explanations, but others can’t logically be explained. Here are a few of those occurrences that recently plagued the world of sports and its glory. 1. What is wrong with Jimmy Connors? 56 year old tennis great, Jimmy Connors was arrested last week for apparently causing a disturbance outside the campus of […]

No Mercy Alert: Thanksgiving Games Full of Turkeys.

While families around the world sat down to give thanks for so many things this Thanksgiving, they were also subjected to three horrible NFL games. Titans 47 Lions 10 What did you expect? It’s the Lions. I’m just upset that my Thanksgiving festivities had to begin with having to watch the horrible Lions and a […]

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