Johnny Manziel flipping the bird at the Washington sideline did not sit well with Mike Pettine

After almost three full quarters of bad football between the Washington and Cleveland, Johnny Manziel decided to liven thing up by flipping the bird at the Washington sideline.

Report: Teammates love Kirk Cousins, hate Robert Griffin III

The narrative around how bad Robert Griffin III is doing in camp and how good Kirk Cousin is doing has continued.

Reminder: Jadeveon Clowney is good at football

Despite that fact that at least one person will idiotically argue that Jadeveon Clowney is a very average football player, we all know better. He proved how good he was in high school, he proved how good he was in college, and now he’s out to prove how good he is in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb calls Wildcat offense "garbage", says Jets should avoid using it

Former All Pro QB Donovan McNabb is back talking again. And this time McNabb wants you to know that he is not a fan of the wildcat offense at all. McNabb disliked it when the Philadelphia Eagles incorporated it in their playbook for Michael Vick. Now with the New York Jets thinking about doing the […]

The Spurs are reportedly against the Oakland Raiders moving to San Antonio

It’s well known that the current NBA champion San Antonio Spurs are a beloved by the San Antonio community. Not only have they delivered 5 NBA titles to the city, but the organization goes about its business in a way that allows the citizens of San Antonio to feel as if they’re part of the […]

Steve Smith says he earned some extra cash by not getting into fights

Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith has always been known as competitive guy. Sometimes his emotions can get the best of him, which just might lead to a fight with someone.

Rex Ryan says his defense works with or without a great cornerback

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been very vocal about his team during training camp. Ryan also has been very vocal about his defense as well. The defense is dealing with injuries to some of their to cornerbacks, but Ryan doesn’t see that as a problem. Ryan believes that his defense will be […]

Devin Hester hopes the door doesn't close on special team players making the Hall of Fame

During last week’s Hall of Fame ceremony, Ray Guy was the first special team player to be awarded a gold jacket. One person who took note of that was Atlanta Falcons WR/KR Devin Hester. Many believe that Hester could also make a case to be in the Hall of Fame once his career is over.

There are now whispers that Kirk Cousins looks better than Robert Griffin III in camp

This was supposed to be the year. The year that a healthy Robert Griffin III, with a new coach, new weapons, and a new offense would reclaim all the promise that he showed during his rookie season. And though, the Redskins decided not to trade Kirk Cousins despite having offers, the thought was that the […]

Andy Reid compares OL Ricky Henry to Larry the Cable Guy

Kansas City Chiefs OL Ricky Henry has been turning heads during training camp. The three year guard spent last season on the disabled list, but now healthy and starting to get some attention. One of the people Henry has gotten to pay attention to him is head coach Andy Reid. While talking to the media, […]