Joe Gibbs Reunion With The Redskins?

It’s rumor time in Washington, DC. And quite frankly, we’re not the least bit surprised. At this point any and everything is liable to happen to the Redskins. If Daniel Snyder came on the tube and said that he has hired a guy who has been retired for years to come call plays for the […]

3 NFL coaches that will be out of a job by New Year’s Day

The NFL season has been underway for only six weeks and there are already many coaches that are perched on the hot seat. Though more will eventually be fired, these three listed below should be the first to go. Jim Zorn, career record: 10-12- The Washington Redskins have one of the worst offenses in the […]

Does Ochocinco have a iPhone app?

Just when you thought the Chad Ochocinco hype was nearing its end, it took another turn for the worst. First, we had to endure with several amateur on-the-field antics, then the name change, the book and now the iPhone application. That’s right folks you can now follow the Bengals WR and his daily exploits all […]

Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

Week 6 was probably the most shocking week of the NFL season thus far. We saw a team get destroyed by 59 points, horrible teams getting the best of good teams, and great teams getting waxed by other great teams. There’s sure to be a lot of movement in the rankings this week and here […]

Galloway is cut by Patriots days before trip to London

According to, WR Joey Galloway was cut by the New England Patriots on Tuesday morning, a team notorious for signing players in the twilight of their career. The 15-year vet was released just as the team prepares to play his former employer, Tampa Bay Bucs, in one of NFL’sscheduled game abroad. The teams will […]

Your NFL Game Of The Week: Giants vs Saints

New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1:00p.m. After that spectacular win last Sunday by my Broncos, I am now 4-1.  Not to mention I’m on three week winning streak. Week 6 doesn’t have many big games this week, but the one big game on the schedule is a DOOZY! The G-men are out […]

Ochocinco’s New Book Is Filled With The Obvious

Need a new book for your book club? Don’t lie, you know you’re a member of a book club. There’s no shame in that. And I’m not here to make fun of your book club. I wanna help out by giving you the heads up on Chad Ochocinco’s new book. Can I do that? Good. […]

Bills Fan Rents Billboard To Bash Team

Times are bad in Buffalo, namely for the Bills. The franchise is 1-4 this season and haven’t made the playoffs in nine seasons. One would think the situation can’t get any worse, right? Just when the Bills thought their on the field problems were the worst of their worries, their fans have joined forces to […]

Redskins Players Want Jim Zorn, But Does Management?

From reading the headlines over the past couple weeks, one would think that Jim Zorn is as good as gone. It’s just a matter of when. But some players don’t want to play the waiting game. They want a decision now. Inside the locker room, two prominent players on offense and a veteran defensive player said […]

The Wildcat Is Nonsense Only When You Can’t Stop It

On Monday night, the Miami Dolphins wildcated (there’s some new terminology to add to your football repertoire) up and down the field against the New York Jets en route to a 31-27 victory. The critics say, “Aint no way the Wildcat will work consistently.  NFL defenses are too fast for it.” The Dolphins say, “We’ll just […]

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