Deion Sanders says he’s suiting up for the Pro Bowl, NFL says no you’re not

Deion Sanders caused quite the stir on Twitter on Monday when he tweeted the following:

In order to make 49ers-Panthers kickoff, pastor gives one-minute sermon

With the 49ers-Panthers game being the early game of Sunday Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana had a decision to make. He could either give a sermon that takes the usual amount of time and miss the kickoff, or give an abbreviated sermon so he could make the kickoff. Christensen chose […]

Peyton Manning says 'F***ing Julius' After Julius Thomas' false start

During Sunday’s playoff game between Denver and San Diego, Peyton Manning was making an audible which led to Julius Thomas to false start. Listen to what Manning says after the false start:

Josh McCown is the quintessential backup quarterback

While other teams are falling out of the playoff race because they are force to play their backup quarterback, the Chicago Bears remain steady. At 6-4, the Bears are tied for the NFC North division lead and are in the hunt for a Wildcard berth if a division title isn’t in the cards. A big […]

Jacksonville fans take out newspaper ad promising a full stadium if the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow

So I wake up to this crap in today's paper. — Jeff Kopp (@Kopper57) November 18, 2013

49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks thinks referees from Sunday’s game ‘were for’ the Saints

The referees from Sunday’s 49ers-Saints game had a bigger role in the game than the 49ers would have liked. Early on, the referees correctly ruled a touchback in the 49ers favor after a Colin Kaepernick interception. But as the game went on, it seemed that the Saints got the breaks on a few borderline calls. […]

Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell thinks fine money is going into Roger Goodell’s pocket

It’s no secret that the NFL has been handing out fines left and right this season. Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell has been hit with five fines this season and let’s just says he’s not happy about it. Mitchell’s most recent fine was a $7,875 fine for taunting during the fourth quarter of the Panthers’ […]

After being suspended for head shots, Brandon Meriweather now vows to ‘tear people’s ACLs’

You probably never believed that Redskins defensive back Brandon Meriweather was the smartest man on the planet. Especially if you just watch how he plays. Game after game he knocks other players out of games and even knocks himself out of games. Yet, none of that was enough for him to scale back his play.

Dexter Manley called Troy Aikman a queer on live radio

So apparently, former Washington Redskin Dexter Manley is a frequent guest on WTOP in Washington. But after today Manley will no longer be a frequent guest on WTOP. In fact, he will no longer be a guest at all. During an appearance Monday morning with Mike Moss and Bruce Alan of WTOP, Manley was asked […]

Dez Bryant has a meltdown on the sideline; Deion Sanders chalks it up to playing with passion

The Dallas Cowboys fell to 4-4 after basically giving the Detroit Lions a 31-30 victory. While most Monday’s after a loss like this would be used to talk about Tony Romo blowing the game or Jason Garrett needing to lose his job, this particular Monday morning has been used to discuss Dez Bryant losing his […]