Bart Scott doesn’t care what Jets fans think

Here’s how most outside of New York thought things would go for the Jets this season: They would suck. They do. The fans would turn on them. They have. A certain player would eventually rip the fans for turning on them. He finally has. That player? You guessed it, Bart “I’ll smack the sh*t out […]

Brandon Marshall says he’s heard of players using Viagra to gain an edge

In the midst of the multiple Adderall suspensions in the NFL over the past couple of days, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall decided that he would inform Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times of another drug that players take.

Sorry Cowboys fans, but the petition to oust Jerry Jones has been removed by the White House

You had a suspicion that there was no way that the petition to remove Jerry Jones as owner and GM of the Cowboys had no chance of actually working. We had a suspicion that there was no way that the petition to remove Jerry Jones as owner and GM of the Cowboys had no chance […]

Jets fans let their team have it on the way to the locker room on Thanksgiving

Oh Jets fans. This is why you can’t have nice things. We understand that you’re frustrated with your beloved Jets’ play. But screaming “you suck”, “don’t even come out after halftime” and hurling obscenities at the players isn’t helping anything. And to the guys screaming, “Tebow, I want you in the second half” and “Tebow, […]

Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe waited for Peyton Manning after Sunday’s game to get his autograph, picture taken

Neal Jones of KCTV-5 reported on the warm postgame reception he received from Kansas City Chiefs fans after the Broncos 17-9 win of the Chiefs on Sunday. But the focus of Jones’ report quickly changed from the reception from Chiefs fans, to the reception of a couple of Chiefs players.

A petition has been created that asks the Obama Administration to remove Jerry Jones as owner and GM of the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are currently sitting at a disappointing 5-6. And if you ask most Cowboys fans, Jerry Jones is mostly to blame. Mainly because of his unwillingness to admit that he needs help with making decisions about personnel. Despite how loud the calls have grown for Jones to step aside as GM, Jones has […]

Dolphins defensive back Jonathon Amaya arrested on battery charges after choking taxi driver

Miami Dolphins defensive back Jonathon Amaya was arrested early Monday on battery charges after allegedly choking a taxi driver outside a club on Miami Beach. According to the police report, Amaya was arrested around 4:30 a.m. outside Club Bamboo at 500 Washington Avenue after the driver told police that Amaya “leaned forward and wrapped his […]

Things are so bad for the NY Jets that Fireman Ed has decided to quit as their unofficial mascot

The Jets got dominated by the Patriots 49-19 on Thanksgiving night. And along with losing their seventh game in eleven tries, they also managed to lose their unofficial mascot, “Fireman Ed”. For the second week in a row, Ed Anzalone left a Jets game a halftime because of confrontations with fellow fans. According to Anzalone, […]

Jacoby Jones to Michele Tafoya: ‘Thank you gorgeous’

Jacoby Jones felt pretty good after his 63-yard punt return in the Ravens’ 13-10 win over the Steelers on Sunday night. He felt so good that during his postgame interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya he decided to give her a little wink and end the interview with, “Thank you gorgeous” before jogging away.

Kansas City man dies after complications from MS and disappointment caused by the Chiefs

After a week away from No Guts, we’re back. And there is no better way to kick things off with the story of Loren G. “Sam” Lickteig. Lickteig passed away on Nov. 14 and his obituary appeared in the Kansas City Star on Nov. 18. And according to his obituary, Lickteig passed away from complications […]