If It Makes You Feel Any Better TJ, My Created Receiver On Madden ’09 Has A 99 Rating

Oh it doesn’t? Oh yeah, it shouldn’t. I’m sorry. That was such an insensitive thing to bring up. But cheer up buddy. You have a 91 overall rating. That aint bad. It’s not a 99 like my player, but it’s respectable. Ok, I’m sorry again. I won’t mention my sweet 99 overall receiver, who has […]

Big Ben Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Details of a lawsuit filed this weekend by Harrah’s employee, Andrea McNulty that accuses Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault slowly began to trickle out late yesterday. Here’s what we know so far about the July 2008 incident. McNulty alleges that Roethlisberger asked her to come to his hotel room to fix the television, and that […]

If NFL Preseason Games Are Your Thing, The NFL Network Has You Completely Covered

The NFL preseason is just around the bend and I absolutely can’t wait. But I must admit that I won’t be able to stomach much preseason football. I may watch a quarter or two of certain games, but there’s no way I will take the time to watch multiple preseason games in their entirety. It […]

Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson

A day that was destined to come is finally here. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are no more. According to reports, Dallas Cowboys QB dumped Simpson on Thursday, in cold-blooded fashion, the night before her birthday. Jessica had a Barbie-themed party planned for her 29th birthday, but, as expected, the birthday girl cancelled the festivities […]

All-Felony Team: Athletes or Criminals

Below I’ve listed athletes that despite having everything that one could ask for, (fame, fortune and great careers) they insisted on making horrendous decisions that altered their lives and the lives of others. Before reading, I must warn you that O.J. Simpson is not on this list. He’s been the scapegoat of this category too […]

Let’s Take A Tour Of Brett Favre’s New Minnesota Condo

I’ve never spoken to Brett Favre. I’ve never even seen him in person. He’s not even one of my favorite players. Heck of a player, but it’s kinda hard to call the guy that throws bombs up and down the field year after year against your favorite team a favorite. What can I say? I’m […]

5 Athletes That Shouldn’t Act Ever Again

Athletes have always tried their hands in other realms of entertainment. Many have written books, released albums, produced and directed films, but most that seek the limelight away from their respective sports attempt acting. Why? I have no idea. What many athletes fail to realize is that acting is hard work. Most successful actors have […]

ESPN Has Their All-Decade Team, Who’s Yours?

On Monday, ESPN kicked off their NFL All-Decade Week. Monday they unveiled their all-decade defense and on Tuesday they unveiled their all-decade offense. So naturally on Thursday we will give our two cents on how well the “World-Wide Sports Leader” did. All-decade offense QB: Tom Brady, New England – No brainer. RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, San […]

T.O. gets blasted by supermodel

We all know Terrell Owens is the cockiest and perhaps the biggest diva in the NFL, but unfortunately his diva antics were not appreciated by ‘supermodel’ Joanna Krupa. Both were contestants and teammates on ABC’s “The Superstars,” after T.O.’s less than stellar performance he got an earful from the disgruntled model. The look on T.O.’s […]

It’s About To Get Even Heavier In Big D

No Guts contributor, J Will is back talking about the musical pursuits of a few Dallas Cowboys offensive linemen. The Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line is known for protecting Tony Romo and opening holes for Marion Barber and Felix Jones. But now they are making names for themselves outside of football. Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, and […]

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