Police: Jovan Belcher told secret girlfriend he would shoot Kasandra Perkins if she didn’t leave him alone

The Kansas City Star obtained the police report from the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide which shed light on the mindset of Belcher just two months prior to the crime. According to the report, Belcher sent a text message to his secret girlfriend expressing “turmoil and frustration” with his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. But the messages take a […]

A pigeon refused to leave the field during Sunday’s Chiefs-Raiders game

There weren’t many highlights from the Raiders 15-0 win over the Chiefs on Sunday, so a video of a pigeon refusing to leave the field will have to suffice. Near the end of the 2nd quarter, a pigeon decided that he would walk onto the field. And despite an actual football game going on around […]

Angry Carolina Panthers fans took out a full page ad in the Charlotte Observer ripping owner Jerry Richardson

The Charlotte Observer in some ways has provided its readers with the state of the Carolina Panthers at different parts of the season. First, there was the optimism around the team when Ryan Kalil took out a full page ad promising fans a trip to the Super Bowl. Then, there was the criticism of Cam […]

London Fletcher’s aunt reportedly suffers heart attack during family altercation with Cleveland Browns

According to a Newsnet5 report, members of Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher’s family was involved in an altercation with Browns fans after the Redskins win over the Browns. Fletcher, who is a native of Cleveland, played his first professional game in his hometown while many of his family members watched from the crowd.

Paul Tagliabue vacates all player discipline in Saints bounty case

So it seems that Paul Tagliabue has decided to vacate all player discipline in the Saints bounty case. In a statement released on Twitter from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, Tagliabue agrees with Roger Goodell that Saints players did indeed participate in a bounty program, but has ruled that the player discipline should be vacated because […]

Hotel valet worker arrested for stealing Bentley owned by Reggie Wayne

A hotel valet employee was arrested early Sunday Monday morning for stealing a 2007 Bentley owned by Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne. Wayne left the vehicle around 6:30 p.m. Saturday with a valet employee at The Westin Hotel. According to police, when Wayne came down to retrieve the vehicle the next morning, his keys and […]

Greg Hardy to Falcons: ‘Get the f*ck off our field’

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy felt pretty good about Carolina’s 30-20 victory over the Falcons on Sunday. Especially since he stated before the game that the Panthers are a better team than the Falcons. Hardy felt so good about the win that after the game, he went to every Falcons player that would listen […]

Frank Gore sported a hoodie with a dead Dolphins logo on it after win over the Dolphins

49ers running back Frank Gore was pretty confident that the 49ers would beat the Dolphins on Sunday. So confident that he packed a hoodie with that displayed a dead Dolphins logo on it. Predictably, the hoodie was a hit in 49ers locker room and Gore was sure to let journalists like Matt Barrows of the […]

After guaranteeing a win over the Browns, Shaun Smith melts down on Twitter when guarantee backfires

Serial nut grabber Shaun Smith is back in the news again. Luckily, it’s not for grabbing another man’s nuts, but he did find a little time in Sunday’s game against the Browns to choke Trent Richardson. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss right now. The more pressing issue here is that before Sunday’s […]

Several Giants players believe that Sean Payton is communicating with the Saints

One of Sean Payton’s stipulations of his year-long suspension is that he could not have any communication with the Saints. Many questioned how the NFL could monitor such a thing, but most believed that Payton wouldn’t risk a further suspension from Roger Goodell for breaking the no-communication rule.