Mike Vick Is Coming To Your Copy Of Madden NFL 10

The folks at EA Sports want to ensure that your copy of Madden NFL 10 comes equipped with as many virtual quarterback controversies as possible. In order to be sure of that, they are poised to add Mike Vick to the newly released game. In fact, EA wants you to be able to play with […]

Why Signing Mike Vick Is A Great Move By The Eagles

There are sure to be Mike Vick stories abound on the ‘net today, so we might as well get ours in too. Of course, there will be differing of opinions on whether or not the Eagles should have made this move, but as you can guess from the title of this rant, I think this […]

Mike Vick Signs With The Eagles

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Mike Vick to a two year contract. Seems like a good fit as McNabb has the starting position sewn up and Vick can spend a year or two working on his game. Maybe our minds will change tomorrow. Fan of No Guts, No Glory? […]

3 hottest coaching seats in the NFL

The NFL season is just about here, translation for bad coaches, you are roughly 6 months away from being fired. No coaching job is safe anymore, but there are 3 in particular that are sitting on extremely warm seats. Wade Phillips- The Cowboys 62-year-old coach is a nice guy, but nice doesn’t cut it in […]

The Tennessee Titans Unveil Their Most Creative Play On The First Drive Of Their First Preseason Game

Someone forgot to tell Jeff Fisher and the crew that last night’s Hall of Fame game was just a preseason game. Because they weren’t informed, they dialed up the best play that organization has run since The Music City Miracle. But let’s not complain. It was football and it’s back! Fan of No Guts, No […]

Rex Ryan Loves When His Boys Get A Little Physical

The J-E-T-S, JETs, JETS, JETS camp is underway and Rex Ryan couldn’t be happier. With expectations successfully lowered and his brand new liquid diet, life can’t get much better for Rex. Only, it did yesterday as he was witness to his boys getting a little physical with one another. And this was enough to put […]

No razors allowed, Jags grow beards to build team unity

After a sub-par 5-11 season in 2008, the Jacksonville Jaguars are have made an off the field change that will translate into wins, at least they hope so. What the big change? The team has decided to show up to training camp with beards in hopes of building team unity. According to Maurice Jones-Drew, the […]

Green Bay ‘s Training Camp Will Proceed Without ATweet

If you’re like us, your twitter account is chocked full of athletes so you can stay up on their every move. Or in other words, so you can stalk them. It’s all good, we all have some stalking tendencies in us. Well Packers coach, Mike McCarthy is totally against you stalking his players during this […]

Well Would Ya Looka There, Keith Eloi Has A "Jumping Out Of A Pool" Video

Yep, the same Keith Eloi that we told you to pretend that he was in a pool so his video would go with our jumping out of a pool story. No need to pretend any longer because he too has a “jumping out of a pool” video. Of course he couldn’t just match BJ Penn […]

Vick is back on the market, will Goodell let him play?

After serving 23-months for funding a dog fighting ring, Michael Vick is a free man; his house arrest term ended on July 20. Vick has completed his federal sentence and the million dollar question remains, will NFL commissioner Roger Goodell impose another sentence on the former Atlanta Falcons QB? Goodell has previously said, “Vick must […]

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