Black Monday Rolls Along With Some High-Fiving On SportsCenter About Eric Mangini Being Fired

Who knew breaking news about someone losing their job could be so exciting to Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm. Guess that’s why they’re journalists and I’m not.

Let’s Start NFL’s Black Monday With The Cleveland Browns Showing Eric Mangini The Door

Behold! Today is Black Monday in the NFL. There are numerous coaches that could and will be fired today, but let’s start it off with one we all knew was coming. The Cleveland Browns fired coach Eric Mangini on Monday after his second straight 5-11 season. “This decision was not easy for me, and it […]

After Being Selected To The Pro Bowl, Brandon Lloyd Tells His Former Teams "F You" (In A Professional Way)

Brandon Lloyd was the lone player from the Denver Broncos to be selected to the AFC Pro Bowl roster. To culminate the occasion, Lloyd was gracious enough to jump on a conference call with reporters to answer any questions they had. Everything was going as planned Lloyd spoke about his stops in San Francisco, Chicago, […]

Report: NFL To Fine, Not Suspend Brett Favre For Jenn Sterger Scandal

This whole Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger mess looks to be coming to a resolution. A resolution that will only result in Favre being fined and Sterger most likely never working in the sports world again. Commissioner Roger Goodell is likely to fine, but not suspend, Brett Favre over the Jenn Sterger fiasco, has learned. The […]

And Here’s Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Declaring That Mike Vick "Should Have Been Executed" For Killing Dogs

Oh, Tucker. Fox News fill in, Tucker Carlson is having trouble dealing with all of Mike Vick’s recent success and Obama’s praise of the Eagles for giving Vick the chance for this success. So in turn, Carlson proudly proclaims that Vick “should have been executed” for killing dogs. Cmon Tucker, you’re better than that. Well, […]

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

As each new year approaches, most of us look forward with fresh resolutions, thought of improvements and favorable career plans. Contrarily, for many NFL coaches, they wonder if they will be able to find a job before the next season begins; New Year’s is firing time for NFL owners. A few were let go before […]

49ers Show Mike Singletary The Door

The 49ers finally put Mike Singletary, and their fans, out of their misery and fired Singletary after yesterday’s loss to the Rams. First, 49ers coach Mike Singletary lost the franchise’s biggest game in eight years. Then, he lost his job of 26 months. Team President Jed York fired Singletary soon after the team returned from […]

Kerry Collins’ Errant Passes Have Now Become Dangerous

We all used to just point and laugh when Kerry Collins errant pass sailed over an open receiver. But those days are gone. Especiallt for Titans defensive end William Hayes. Hayes was standing on the sideline minding his own business during yesterday’s game against the Chiefs when a Kerry Collins errant pass hit him in […]

Let’s Start The Week With The New York Post Reacting To The Giants’ Loss To The Eagles The Only Way They Know How

Oh, how clever.

Favre: Finally Finished

After being inserted into a Packers game back in September of 1992, Favre has never been on a sideline without playing in a NFL game. Eighteen years, 297 games and 507 TD’s later this feat came to an end. Over the course of his career, Favre has been more than the quintessential QB. He holds […]