Stafford has $41.7M reasons not to fail

If you want a guy to feel enormous amounts of pressure try giving him $41.7M guaranteed bucks before he’s taken one NFL snap. Oh, I almost forgot, the notoriously terrible Detroit Lions did give their #1 draft pick ,Matthew Stafford, that type of loot. Am I bitter he got millions before he’s played one NFL […]

5 Great Ideas For This Season’s Edition Of HBO’s "Hard Knocks"

In a move that depicts the title perfectly, HBO is set make the Cincinnati Bengals the subjects for the 2009 season of “Hard Knocks”. I for one, have no doubt that this season will be rather entertaining, but I do have a few ideas that the producers should explore. And just in case they make […]

Who Needs A Job When You Can Run An Arizona Cardinals Fan Club

Meet the Gilmore family. The guy with the red hair, that’s Dave. And that’s his wife, Colleen and their three daughters, Courtney, Zowie, and Saydee. Now that we’ve all been introduced, let’s get to the important things that Dave is doing with his life. Dave is the founder and president of the Arizona Cardinals Fan […]

Your NFL Draft Weekend, Kentucky Style

While you were glued to the TV all weekend hoping that your favorite team picked some players that you had at least heard of, folks in Kentucky were out busy doing other things. (No, I’m not making this up. Just look at the photo that is posted. That’s why it’s there.) Now, I wouldn’t dare, […]

Thank You Kim Kiper For Blessing Us With Mel’s Hair

Mel Kiper is one of the most recognizable figures in football. He also has the most recognizable hair in football. One has to wonder how Mel can break down tapes of potential draft picks throughout the year, all the while keeping the Kiper hair brand going. Well, that’s where Kim Kiper comes in. She keeps […]

Some How, Some Way, The Jaguars Were Able To Make Their New Jerseys More Plain Than The Old Ones

On the heels of the Detroit Lions unveiling their new logo, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to reveal their newly spruced up uniforms. The only problem is that they forgot the sprucing part. I wasn’t much of a fan of the old jerseys, but after seeing the new ones, I’m all for the old ones. So […]

There’s At Least One Taker For Mike Vick

No, it’s not the 49ers. And no, it’s not the Lions. In fact, it’s not even a NFL team. The taker? The newly formed Orlando squad in the new United Football League. And how fitting, former NFL coach, Jim Haslett is Orlando’s head coach. You can’t even make this type of stuff up. Obviously there’s […]

The Detroit Lions’ Logo Has Come A Mighty Long Way

The Detroit Lions and their 2 or 3 fans are celebrating. And that’s something they haven’t been able to do since Matt Millen was ousted. Why are they celebrating, you ask? Well, because a new era is underway. And what a better way to begin a new era than bustin out a new logo? Makes […]

Finally, A Campaign We Can All Agree With

Do you see this face? This is more than a man with a super stache. This is Patrick Dugan and he is a city judge in Philadelphia. He also hates the Cowboys. And he is also using his haterd for “America’s Team” as a key component for his re-election campaign. Here’s a few of the […]

This Is Definitely Getting Out Of Hand: Greg Paulus To Play For Michigan?

Oh no, this isn’t a joke. I don’t know about you, but it took me all day yesterday to wrap my brain around the reasons that the Packers would be interested in Greg Paulus. Now, today I have to wake up to this: According to sources close to the situation, the former Duke point guard […]

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