IRS ‘poking around’ in Saints bounty program


The NFL has already dropped the hammer on the Saints and now that their bleeding carcasses have been left for dead, the vultures are beginning to circle. And yes that analogy was extreme, but that’s what we do around these parts. The circling vultures are two federal agencies with the main vulture being the IRS. […]

Tim Tebow reportedly believes he can beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job

When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, they thought they were getting a guy that would generate buzz and could sprinkle in a few big plays here and there while running the Wildcat. But apparently what they are getting is a guy that is dead set on being the starter in New York. A guy […]

Former New Orleans Saints player Joe Horn doesn’t understand why the Saints were the only team under investigation


The minute the detail s of NFL’s investigation of the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program became public, a few former former Saints questioned why the Saints are being singled out. You can know add Joe Horn to that list. Horn said during the time he played, players always got paid for big hits and that […]

Troy Aikman says Tony Romo is a better quarterback than he was, Darren Woodson asks if Troy Aikman was drinking


Troy Aikman sat down for a short Q & A session with The Brownsville Herald where Aikman answered a few questions about yesteryear. But things got interesting when he was asked who is a better quarterback between Tony Romo and himself. As you may have guessed, Aikman was gracious in his answer. He was so […]

And here’s the Tim Tebow Jets Topps card


Well, that didn’t take long did it? And who would’ve thought that Topps would go for Tebow running the option over throwing a pass? All of us? Yeah, you’re right. Via Gang Green Nation

Mike Wallace reportedly wants to be paid better than Larry Fitzgerald


A player’s value in the NFL is a very subjective matter. What one team would pay a player, another may not. Of course, players think they have an idea of their real value, but they truthfully don’t. All they can do is compare themselves to other players of their caliber to try to get an […]

Report: Saints were expecting a four game suspension for Sean Payton


You would be hard pressed to find anyone who REALLY thought that the NFL would suspend Saints head coach Sean Payton for the entire year. Gregg Williams? Sure. Johnathon Vilma? Maybe. But no one saw this coming in regards to Payton. And that includes the New Orleans Saints organization. According to Pro Football Talk, the […]

New York tabloids welcome Tim Tebow as only they can


The trade that almost didn’t happen finally happened last night as Tim Tebow reportedly chose to be traded to the New York Jets over the Jacksonville Jaguars. So with that out the way, the New York Daily News and New York Post were ready and willing to turn over their front pages to Tebowmania, Timsanity, […]

The “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts have arrived


The news of the punishment that the NFL levied on the New Orleans Saints isn’t even a day old, but “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts are already popping up on the internet for those of you who want to show your support for the recently suspended Sean Payton. Capitalism just doesn’t sleep does it?

It didn’t take long for Mike Francesa to start arguing with Jets fans about the Tim Tebow trade


Mike Francesa of WFAN hates the Tim Tebow change. That much is painfully obvious since he opened his show today with a 7 plus minute rant about how this trade and the Jets are a colossal failure. So when he opened the phones to fans to chime in, a Jets fan named Gary calls in […]