The Steelers Arrived In Dallas Yesterday And Promptly Headed To The Strip Club

The Pittsburgh Steelers landed in Dallas night to begin their final week of preparation for the Super Bowl. After landing, presumably the fellas got their bags and headed to their rooms. Some presumably remained in their room for the remainder of the night. Some presumably went out for a nice dinner. And some definitely went […]

Let’s Take A Look At What Ines Sainz Decided To Wear To Super Bowl Media Day

While reporters are all over Twitter pissing and moaning about the weather in Dallas, everyone’s favorite Azteca reporter is braving the elements like there aren’t any elements to brave. Man up boys. You don’t see the lady in a skirt and fishnets complaining about the weather. She has a job to do. And by golly, […]

Looks Like Alex Smith Will Get The Chance To Destroy Yet Another Coach’s Career In San Francisco

First, Mike Nolan hitched his coaching wagon to Alex Smith and was fired. Then, Mike Singletary tried to let Alex Smith hang around, and it eventually got him fired as well. Now Jim Harbaugh is taking the reins and for some odd reason, it seems that he is ready to make the same mistake his […]

And Here’s A Hockey Fight Set To A Tune From ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’

Once you’ve seen one hockey fight, you’ve seen them all right? It’s just tow dudes grabbing on each other’s jersey while mixing in a few punches here and there until the referees break it up. The crowd gives a howl and then the game restarts. Well at the America Airlines Center in Dallas, the typical […]

TNA Wrestling Wants Chad Ochocinco And Marvin Lewis To Have Their Cage Match At Their Pay Per View

With WWE potentially having Brock Lensar coming back for WrestleMania, TNA had to make a move. So when Chad Ochocinco tweeted to Adam Schefter: “Me and Marvin Lewis in a cage match, set it up, I’ve earned my stripes on my helmet it’s time to fight then play”. TNA had its move. So they sent […]

Attention, We Need All Strippers To Please Report To Dallas For The Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl just a little over a week away, Dallas is readying itself to be a gracious host for the many people that will flock to the area to spend an insane amount of money. And just what is the crowd for the Super Bowl going to spend the most on besides parking? […]

Jeff Fisher Is Out As Tennessee Titans Head Coach

After cutting ties with Vince Young, the Tennessee Titans have also decided to cut ties with head coach Jeff Fisher after 16 years. In an unexpected development in what already has been a turbulent offseason in Tennessee, the Titans and Jeff Fisher, the NFL’s longest-tenured head coach, are preparing to part ways, learned Thursday […]

Antonio Cromartie Threatens To Smash Matt Hasselback’s Face In

Matt Hasselback thought today would be a normal day. He would do whatever Matt Hasselback does when the NFL season is over and even fit in a joke about Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie. “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.” So of course, Hasselback deletes the tweet and sits back thinking he […]

Satan Made Zack Follett Call Matthew Stafford A ‘China Doll’

For some odd reason, someone wanted Lions linebacker Zack Follett’s opinion on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. And for some odd reason, Follett’s offered an opinion was that he should’ve never said out loud, let alone to the media. Lions linebacker Zack Follett made some not-so-flattering comments about Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in a recent interview […]

Jay Cutler Walked Around Los Angeles Yesterday Just To Piss You Off

So the last time I hypothesized that Jay Cutler was trying to piss you off, I was really halfway joking. But this time I’m serious. Instead of Cutler laying low, staying away from the cameras and at least pretending to rest an injury that he wants all to believe he sustained in NFC championship game, […]