The New York Jets are basically begging candidates to reconsider taking their open GM job

The New York Jets have interviewed a slew of individuals for their vacant GM position. But apparently, no one wants the job. We already know that candidates have been told that they are stuck with Rex Ryan for at least next season, but according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports that isn’t the issue for […]

NFLPA may demand investigation of Robert Griffin III’s injury

The Washington Redskins and head coach Mike Shanahan have already been second-guessed over the handling of Robert Griffin III’s injury ad nauseam in DC. But that may end up being the least of their worries.

Robert Griffin III’s father says son had surgery on ‘intact’ ACL

Robert Griffin II, the father of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, confirmed to USA Today that Griffin underwent surgery on Wednesday on both his LCL and ACL.

Dan Shaughnessy calls Texans ‘fradulent’ in his column; Arian Foster uses it as his Twitter avatar

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy obviously decided that his Monday column had to get people talking. And maybe even thrust himself in the conversation for Sunday’s Divisional round game between the Patriots and Texans.

Richard Sherman told Trent Williams to ‘Swing!’ after Sunday’s Wildcard game and that’s what he did

Following the Seahawks’ 24-14 Wildcard win over the Redskins on Sunday, FOX cameras caught Redskins tackle Trent Williams swinging on Seahawks corner Richard Sherman. At the time, no one knew why Williams seemingly took an unprovoked swing at Sherman, but a rather talkative Sherman explained the altercation to USA Today after the dust had settled.

Minnesota Vikings reporter gets run over by cameraman that takes segment way too serious

KARE-11 Lee Valsvik took to the rooftop of Union Restaurant in Minneapolis on Saturday for a seemingly harmless segment where a restaurant worker throws a football to a KARE-11 cameraman and the cameraman would sprint past Valsvik for a touchdown. Something that apparently worked perfectly in their practice run. But unfortunately for Valsvik, things didn’t […]

Jets reportedly telling GM candidates they have to agree to keep Rex Ryan

In the midst of everything that went wrong for the Jets this season, Rex Ryan seems to not have a care in the world. He‘s vacationing in the Bahamas, showing off his weird Mark Sanchez tattoo, and basically behaving like a man that has the ultimate job security.

Donovan McNabb thinks it would be ‘a bad move’ for the Eagles to hire Chip Kelly

The last time we heard from Donovan McNabb, he was attempting to rain of the Redskins’ RGIII parade. At the time, McNabb argued on ESPN’s First Take that having Mike Shanahan as his coach was a bad fit for RGIII.

Redskins fan has Redskins logos on her nine inch fingernails

Some posts we do here at No Guts, don’t need much explanation. Because sometimes it’s best to let the images and videos do the explaining. This is one of those posts. So all we’ll say is, above is Pepper Cox. She’s a DC native and a Washington Redskins fan. She has very long nails. And […]

Andy Reid reportedly reaches agreement to become head coach of Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN are reporting that Andy Reid has reached an agreement to become head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. According to the duo, Reid’s contract is being reviewed by lawyers and is expected to be finalized Friday. Along with this move, the Chiefs have also relieved GM Scott Pioli […]