Jay Cutler Walked Around Los Angeles Yesterday Just To Piss You Off

So the last time I hypothesized that Jay Cutler was trying to piss you off, I was really halfway joking. But this time I’m serious. Instead of Cutler laying low, staying away from the cameras and at least pretending to rest an injury that he wants all to believe he sustained in NFC championship game, […]

If You Are Planning To Park In The Same Zip Code As Cowboys Stadium For The Super Bowl, It’ll Cost You

How much you ask? Well, it depends on where you want to park. If you plan hiking before the game, you can park for a pretty ridiculous price. If you plan on taking a little stroll before the game, you can park for a very ridiculous price. And if you plan to star out of […]

We Lost, Time To Party: Jets’ Football Stars Partied Hard After AFC Championship Loss

We all see the post game interviews of the losing teams; it’s pitiful. In the NFL, after a devastating loss, you can witness dozens of grown men moping around the locker room thinking of what could have been. As was the case on Sunday night, the New York Jets were, for the second year in […]

Jay Cutler Took The Stairs Last Night Just To Piss You Off

Day 2 of the “Jay Cutler is a quitter” bonanza kicks off with a “report” from the Chicago Tribune that Jay Cutler took the steps instead of the elevator while out to dinner last night. And that pisses you off doesn’t it? Jay Cutler and girlfriend Kristin Cavallari dined at Mastro’s Steakhouse on Sunday after […]

Wearing A Green Bay Packers Tie, The Day After The Packers Beat The Bears, Is A Fireable Offense In Chicago

So we could approach this story in a couple of ways. We could go into how ridiculous it is to fire someone over wearing a tie of one’s favorite team. Even if that favorite team is the hated of rival of the city that you just so happen to work in. And that favorite team […]

Maurice Jones-Drew Throws A Shot At Jay Cutler With The Help Of Urban Meyer

We all know that the hot topic today is not just about the Steelers and Packers clinching Super Bowl berths. Fans of the Chicago Bears want to know if Jay Cutler threw in the towel yesterday and I can’t blame them. Well Maurice Jones Drew has already made up his mind and uses ex Florida […]

Let’s Start The Week With Rashard Mendenhall Dry Humping Ben Roethlisberger

Yes, that picture looks innocent. Rashard Mendenhall is just protecting his quarterback from Jets defenders, you say. Well, what Mendenhall is actually doing is lining him up for the kill. The kill being a few pelvic thrust to Ben Roethlisberger’s backside.

And Here’s A Column Explaining Why Mike McCarthy Is A Better Coach Than Vince Lombardi

Yes, that headline is a real headline. And yes, someone who writes for a living took the time to constrct an argument that Mike McCarthy is a better coach than the man that the NFL decided to name its championship trophy after. And finally, yes, that someone doesn’t even write for a publication in Wisconsin. […]

Cleveland Sports Talk Radio Personality Definitely Doesn’t Respect The Cleveland Browns’ Process

Cleveland fans seem to be stoked that the Mike Holgren has taken the reins of the Cleveland Browns and installed a “process”. A “process”, might I add, that has led to actually signing a quarterback like Jake Delhomme. Well, this Cleveland sports talk radio personality aint buying this “process”. And to prove it, he takes […]

Ravens Coach Not Opposed to Signing Burress After Release

After the Ravens 31-24 loss to the Steelers in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, head coach, John Harbaugh, is open to signing a certain convicted felon. With his pending release from prison, as soon as June 6, 2011, Plaxico Burress’ name has made it back into the available ‘deep threat’ wide receiver conversation. […]