Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is trying to use the threat of Los Angeles to get his new stadium

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants a new stadium. A new, very expensive stadium. One that the Atlanta community is having a hard time getting behind.

Are you surprised that the Jets reportedly had discussion about bringing in JaMarcus Russell?

If you are, you shouldn’t be. This is the same franchise that trotted out at quarterback the two players voted to be the most overrated players in the league by their peers. So why not bring in a 308 pound draft bust looking to make a comeback?

Ed Reed speculates that Ray Lewis may not retire after the Super Bowl

Despite the fact that Ray Lewis emphatically told teammates that this was his last ride and reportedly signing a deal to join ESPN, there are many that believe that Ray Lewis will be on the field next season. And just in case those people needed more reason to think Lewis will be back next season, […]

There was actually a brawl in the stands at the Pro Bowl

There are few reasons why getting into a fight at the Pro Bowl makes absolutely no sense. We’ll run them down for you. The Pro Bowl is in Hawaii. What can make anyone want to fight in Hawaii? The Pro Bowl is a meaningless game, meaning there are no sides to root for. You’re just […]

The “It may be time to trade Tom Brady” column has arrived

Believe or not, this isn’t the first time a Boston area columnist kicked around sending Tom Brady on his merry way. Back in 2010, after the Patriots were bounced from the playoffs by the Jets in the Divisional round, NESN columnist Jessica Isner penned a column arguing that Brady was falling out of favor in […]

49ers receiver Michael Crabtree is being investigated for sexual assault

According to San Francisco police, 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree was questioned after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her hours after the 49ers-Packers playoff game last weekend.

Report: Chip Kelly hired as Philadelphia Eagles head coach

You thought Chip Kelly was staying at Oregon. We thought Chip Kelly was staying at Oregon. Everyone thought Chip Kelly was staying at Oregon. But now, Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Kelly will be hired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Donovan McNabb’s mother recorded a song about her son

According to the description of this video, Wilma McNabb has had the song you’re about hear in her head for 13 years while her son Donovan McNabb was playing the NFL. And now that his career looks to be over, “Mama McNabb” has recorded the ballad entitled, “When Your Heart is on the field.”

After two playoff wins, Joe Flacco’s agent reiterates that Flacco is a ‘top-five, elite quaterback’

Joe Flacco’s agent Joe Linta started the debate over whether or not Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback last February when he publicly stated that Joe was indeed elite. Of course, Flacco was knee deep in contract negotiations at the time, so Linta was just trying to get his client the best deal possible. The […]

92 fans ejected, 29 arrested during 49ers-Packers game

It seems that there was not only action on the field during Saturday night’s 49ers-Packers Divisional round game in San Francisco, there was also action in the stands and outside the stadium.