NFL now dealing with off-the-field issues with replacement referees

The on-the field issues that replacement referees have are well publicized. So there isn’t a need to beat that dead horse. They’re making mistakes; end of story. But it’s the off-the-field stuff that is beginning to overshadow their on-the-field performance.

A fan wandered into Alex Smith’s postgame interview last night

Alex Smith put on a show Sunday night in the 49ers 27-19 win over the Lions. Smith went 20-31 for 226 yards and two touchdowns. Because of his performance he was given the chance to speak with NBC’s Michelle Tafoya. Smith was joined by teammate Michael Crabtree, which isn’t so out of the ordinary. But […]

After just one game, Osi Umenyiora is ready to call Robert Griffin III ‘RG3’

Back in July during an interview on WFAN, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora wondered why people were calling Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III “RG3”. In Umenyiora’s eyes, Griffin hadn’t done anything in the NFL yet so he didn’t deserve to have that nickname. So instead, he would call him “Bob Griffin”. Predictably, Griffin said […]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 1 is in the books so it’s time to take a look at our NFL power rankings heading into week 2. For last week’s rankings, go here.

At least Chris Johnson has a sense of humor about his poor showing in Week 1

Titans fans and fantasy owners were undoubtedly disappointed in Chris Johnson’s Week 1 performance. But if it makes you feel better, Johnson is keeping a sense of humor about it all. Yes, Johnson only 4 yards on 11 carries on Sunday. But he’s not about to let you tell him he had anything less than […]

Soon, you’ll be able to purchase “Jerry Wipes” from the Cowboys’ online store

We all know that Jerry Jones is one capitalistic son-of-a-gun. And now it seems that the “make money anyway you can” attitude has rubbed off Jerry’s son-in-law, Shy Anderson. Now you remember Jerry’s son-in-law, Shy Anderson right? He’s the man who was seen cleaning Jones’ glasses for him during the NFL’s season opener between the […]

Here’s the most outrageous Tim Tebow headline you’ll read today

Yep, someone actually wrote that headline. If you would like, you can read the full column here. But let us warn you. The column begins with this:

NFL reportedly has a five week schedule in place for replacement referees

This could be a matter of the NFL just simply preparing just in case. Or it could be an indication of no progress in talks with the NFL Referees Association. But according to the AP, the NFL already has a schedule in place for replacement referees that will stretch through Week 5 of the regular […]

Pat Shurmur is blaming everyone but Brandon Weeden for Weeden’s dismal performance in week one

We’ve already discussed Brandon Weeden’s horrible performance against the Eagles on Sunday. And we’ve also discussed that despite Weeden insisting that he wasn’t overwhelmed, we believe he was. With those out-of-the-way, it’s now time to hear what Browns head coach Pat Shurmur thinks of all this.

Matt Forte is upset that he’s not getting goal line carries

We’re used to fantasy owners being upset when their running back is pulled from the game just as they have an opportunity for a goal line carry. But rarely do you hear about players themselves being upset. Well, Matt Forte seems to be upset about his lack of goal line touches saying, “It’s been happening […]