Wade Phillips Finally Realizes That His Head Coaching Career Is Over

Yes, the man who publicly pointed out that his winning percentage is identical to Tom Landry’s (like that means anything) has finally realized what we all realized long ago. That his head coaching career is over. Sure he was just a head coach a couple of months ago, be everyone knows (except Wade himself) that […]

While Marshawn Lynch Was Scoring His Touchdown, Seahawks’ ’12th Man’ Was Busy Creating A Seismic Tremor

Well that’s according to Seattle’s Q13 FOX News. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded a small tremor at exactly 4:43 p.m. Saturday afternoon from an old monitoring system near where the Kingdome used to stand. That time is almost exactly when Lynch broke what turned out to be the game-deciding touchdown run in the 4th […]

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Doesn’t Quite Understand How The Media Works, Amongst Other Things

So now that Jim Harbaugh has decided to take the 49ers job, it’s time to sit back and reflect on just how much the Dolphins were trying to screw its head coach, Tony Sparano. And to get the most accurate explanation of the potential screw job, we must examine the not so covert moves of […]

Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford for 49ERS Gig

After 4 years of progression at Stanford, head coach Jim Harbaugh is heading to the San Francisco 49ers to take on the head spot, according to ESPN reports. The Cardinals finished the 2010 season 12-1 with a 40-12 Orange Bowl win over Virginia Tech on Tuesday. Harbaugh was courted by Michigan, the Miami Dolphins and […]

Coughlin tells critics to kiss his a*!

After winning SuperBowl XLII for the 2007 season, the New York Giants have missed the post-season two of the last three years. The Giants finished 10-6 for the 2010 season, but 2nd in the NFC East, thus missing the playoffs again. Since 2008, Giants head coach, Tom Coughlin, has been under constant scrutiny in New […]

And Here’s Your Obligatory Taiwanese Animation To Explain Brett Favre’s Latest Legal Trouble

Where would we be without these Taiwanese animation videos? I for one would be in the dark about the details of all the major current events.

Here’s A Packers Fan That Didn’t Quite Enjoy The Postgame Celebration After Sunday’s Game

The Packers clinched a playoff berth on Sunday after beating the Bears 10-3 at Lambeau Field. Predictably, everyone stayed in there seats to celebrate this feat. Everything was going fine as Aaron Rodgers circled the stadium high-fiving fans left and right when one fan stopped having fun. Poor fella. Via Busted Coverage

Black Monday Rolls Along With Some High-Fiving On SportsCenter About Eric Mangini Being Fired

Who knew breaking news about someone losing their job could be so exciting to Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm. Guess that’s why they’re journalists and I’m not.

Let’s Start NFL’s Black Monday With The Cleveland Browns Showing Eric Mangini The Door

Behold! Today is Black Monday in the NFL. There are numerous coaches that could and will be fired today, but let’s start it off with one we all knew was coming. The Cleveland Browns fired coach Eric Mangini on Monday after his second straight 5-11 season. “This decision was not easy for me, and it […]

After Being Selected To The Pro Bowl, Brandon Lloyd Tells His Former Teams "F You" (In A Professional Way)

Brandon Lloyd was the lone player from the Denver Broncos to be selected to the AFC Pro Bowl roster. To culminate the occasion, Lloyd was gracious enough to jump on a conference call with reporters to answer any questions they had. Everything was going as planned Lloyd spoke about his stops in San Francisco, Chicago, […]