You know things are bad when Tim Donaghy is questioning the integrity of the replacement referees

It is now clear that we’ve hit rock-bottom in regards to the replacement referees. Because whenever disgraced NBA official, Tim Donaghy begins questioning the replacement refs’ integrity, things probably can’t get much worse. Donaghy joined 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh to discuss the replacement refs, but he also explained the potential integrity issues they could […]

Predictably, the NFL stands by decision to not overturn Seahawks’ touchdown

No one in their right mind expected the NFL to come out and admit that their replacement referees stole Monday Night’s game from the Packers. But just to rub salt in the wounds, the NFL does admit in a statement released on Tuesday that Golden Tate should’ve been called for offensive pass interference. But since […]

The “Goodell Beats Packers” t-shirts have arrived

Whenever something big happens in the world of sports, you can count on two things happening: 1. A t-shirt will be created for the occasion. 2. We will find the t-shirt and give you the details for purchasing it. And the occasion of last night’s referee debacle at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game is […]

Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham arrested on obstruction charges

Last Tuesday, there was news of Falcons running back Michael Turner being arrested for DUI. And this Tuesday we have news of another Falcons player being arrested. According to the AJC, Falcon defensive end John Abraham was arrested Monday night for obstruction of police and obstruction of fire fighters.

Last night’s Seahawks-Packers game even caused Gary Payton to lose his cool

As you may have guessed, Twitter was on fire in the moments after the Seahawks beat the Packers last night. Seahawks fans were sending celebratory tweets and Packers fans were sending pissed off tweets. And those without a dog in the fight were lamenting that these games being called by replacement referees are a joke. […]

Some Packers fans are protesting last night’s game outside of Lambeau Field

Earlier this morning, a few Packers fans showed up outside of Lambeau Field to protest Green Bay’s controversial 14-12 loss to Seattle. And though the crowd wasn’t impressive, or more than six people, the few that gathered got Green Bay Press-Gazette reporter Charles Davis’ attention.

A half-billion dollars reportedly changed hands on controversial Packers-Seahawks ending

It’s obvious that Green Bay players are upset with the replacement refs literally taking a win away from them, but there is another group of people that are just as upset: Folks that had their hard earned money riding on the Packers.

Brandon Marshall rips Warren Sapp for calling him a retard

Warren Sapp joined the Dan Patrick Show on Friday and decided to give his take on today’s players in the NFL. But instead of giving his take like as reasonable human being would have, Sapp, in typical Warren Sapp form, takes things to a level that he shouldn’t have.

NFLPA letter calls out Roger Goodell and NFL owners for use of replacement referees

If there were ever a perfect time to use “shots fired” for something, this is it. The NFLPA executive committee posted a letter on the NFLPA’s website on Sunday that literally fired shots left and right at NFL owners and Roger Goodell. In the letter, you’ll see that the executive committee pretty much fells the […]

Bill Belichick grabbed a replacement ref after Sunday’s loss to the Ravens

Bill Belichick will undoubtedly hear from the NFL offices this week after he grabbed a replacement referee after the Patriots’ 31-30 loss to the Ravens.