Wes Welker reportedly has ‘mild disdain’ for the Patriots

While the Patriots were busy working through the details of Tom Brady’s raise, Wes Welker is still waiting on a contract. This isn’t the first time Welker has had to sit and wait to see if the Patriots deem him worthy enough for a long term contract. He had to endure this last season, and […]

After everything that happened last season, the Jets may still bring back Tim Tebow

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Tim Tebow experience in New York: In March of 2011, Tebow was traded to the Jets and boy was he excited to be in New York. He reportedly believed that he could beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job, but things began to head south pretty early for […]

Former Jaguars assistant says that Blaine Gabbert was called ‘Blame’ Gabbert at team facility

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good anonymous rip job from someone in the NFL so guess we’re over due. The latest anonymous ripping of a player comes from a former Jacksonville Jaguar assistant. With “former” being the most important word of the prior sentence. According the former assistant, Blaine Gabbert was known […]

Lauren Silberman, the first ever female to tryout at a NFL regional combine, reportedly asked other kickers how to approach the ball for a kickoff

Lauren Silberman became the first female in history to tryout at a NFL regional combine on Sunday. And to put things mildly things didn’t go to well. Silberman could only muster two kickoffs totally 30 yards before retiring from the tryout with a quadriceps injury. Literally from the start, Silberman’s tryout seemed like more of […]

Robert Kraft on Tom Brady’s deal: ‘We don’t do fake deals’

Tom Brady’s new contract extension has been debated ad nauseum. You already know how we feel about it, so there’s no reason to get into that again. But now that the world has realized that Brady didn’t really take less money, instead he got a raise, Peter King got Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the […]

Joe Flacco’s agent is here to remind you that he was right

Joe Linta, the campaigning agent for Joe Flacco, began his campaign to make Flacco the highest paid quarterback in the league a little more than a year ago. It started with Linta saying Flacco is a top 5 quarterback which made Flacco come out and state his belief that he is the best quarterback in […]

Josh Cribbs says his agent is meeting with several NFL teams, agent quickly denies it

It’s become abundantly clear that NFL players don’t quite have an understanding of NFL rules. Free agency start on March 12 and until that date players can’t begin negotiating with any other team but their own. If players were to meet with other teams, it would be considered tampering. But that didn’t stop Vontae Leach […]

Falcons release Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Dunta Robinson

In a move that will create $15.9 million in cap space, the Atlanta Falcons have released veterans Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Dunta Robinson. Releasing Turner will save $6.4 million in cap space, releasing Abraham will save $5.75 million in cap space, and Robinson’s release saves $3.75 million.

How bad have things gotten for Manti Te’o? The Jets are even afraid to draft him

Depending on whom you ask, the draft stock of Manti Te’o is either dropping like a rock or holding steady. Adam Schefter thinks Te’o won’t last past the first round. In contrast, Mark May: NFL Draft pundit thinks he’ll go mid to late second round at best.

Terrell Suggs says the 49ers were ‘catered’ to during the Super Bowl

Terrell Suggs is making the rounds saying controversial things. He joined “The Big Show” on WEEI and said he “guarantees the other 31 [NFL] teams hate the New England Patriots.” He then goes on and on about how players throughout the league tell stories of what’s wrong with the Patriots. Okay.