Albert Haynesworth: “I lost my passion for football when I signed with Washington”

Former NFL Albert Haynesworth defensive tackle was a dominating figure on the defensive line for the Tennessee Titans. After his dominating for the Titans, Haynesworth setting himself up to receive a huge payday, which he got from the Washington Redskins back in 2009. Haynesworth never lived up to the $100 million contract the Redskins gave him […]

Jaguars GM says Blake Bortles suffered from a “dead arm” late last season

The plan that the Jacksonville Jaguars put in place for QB Blake Bortles didn’t go the way they wanted it too. The Jags wanted Bortles to sit out the entire 2014 season but things changed after Chad Henne wasn’t getting the job done. Bortles provided a spark at the beginning, but as the season progress, […]

Golden Tate says it’s time for the Lions to take that next step

Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate proved to be a good free agent pickup as many believed he was the team’s best player by the end of the season. Even though the Lions lost Ndamukong Suh in free agency, Tate still believes that this team is one of the NFC’s best.

Josh Hill on life without Jimmy Graham: “I haven’t seen anything stand out to being really different”

New Orleans Saints TE Josh Hill knows that he has a big opportunity to prove himself during training camp later this month. Hill has been the backup Pro Bowler Jimmy Graham for the past two years, but now he has a chance to shine. Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks during the off-season which […]

Emmitt Smith backs out of being a Miss USA judge after Donald Trump’s comments

Hall of Fame RB Emmitt Smith found himself in a very sticky situation this week. Smith, along with many others was supposed to be a judge for the Miss USA pageant on July 12. But after the recent comments made by Donald Trump  about immigrants from Mexico, the backlash he has received is overwhelming.

Attorney for alleged victim in case against C.J. Spillman rips the NFL for letting him play this past season

Free agent C.J. Spillman might have played his last game in the NFL this past season. Early this week, Spillman was indicted for a sexual assault charge from an incident that took place back in September of last year. Spillman, who was with the Dallas Cowboys at the time was able to play because he was […]

Pouncey brothers say they are ready to become positive role models for kids

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are two very talented young men and are both leaders on their respective football teams. But the off the field stuff is the main thing most people want to talk about when their names are brought up. A lot of the criticism they have received is their fault, but now they […]

Landon Collins says his expectations for this season is winning Defensive Rookie of the Year

New York Giants safety Landon Collins knows that he has a lot to prove this upcoming season. Many knocked Collins during the draft process saying he was only a box safety. The Giants drafted him anyways with the belief that he was more than what people were labeling him as. Collins was at the Play 60 […]

Percy Harvin says he is ready to prove that he isn’t just gadget guy

I think everyone knows that Buffalo Bills WR Percy Harvin is a big play waiting to happen. Every time the ball is in his hands, the chance of a big play happening is very real. But the knock on Harvin is that even though he is explosive, he is not a true wide receiver. Teams […]

Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t think the Patriots should be Super Bowl Champions

Every since the New England Patriots got caught deflating footballs, the situation has dominated the NFL off-season. Now that Tom Brady has had hearing to reduce his suspension, it looks like this issue is finally coming to an end. But there are still some people who don’t believe that the Patriots should be champions.