Ryan Mathews just woke up and he knows nothing about a fight, denies that he was arrested

Earlier today, Examiner.com ran a story (that is still up at the moment) that San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was arrested Sunday night after an altercation at a San Diego bar. According to the report, a witness saw an intoxicated Matthews knocked out another man cold. The victim, according to the witness was […]

Aaron Hernandez jerseys are selling like crazy on eBay

While I was away, Aaron Hernandez got into some trouble. And by trouble I mean he was charged with first degree murder. By now, you know all the details and you’ve seen Hernandez forced into the perp walk while news cameras rolled, so we won’t get into any of that. But what we will get […]

Hines Ward: Football isn’t ready for a gay player

In the wake of Jason Collins announcing to the world that he’s gay, everyone in the media business is scrambling to get the reaction of any and every athlete they come in contact with. Erik Kuselia is part of the media business and when former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward joined him on NBC Sports […]

After falling out of the first round, Geno Smith has decided he’s not attending day 2 of the draft (UPDATE: Geno Smith will attend day 2)

It was a rough night to say the least for former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. While team after team drafted players not named Geno Smith, Smith had to sit in a green room that got emptier and emptier. And of course, ESPN and NFL Network cameras caught every image of a disappointed Smith as […]

Tyrann Mathieu reportedly failed at least 10 drug tests at LSU

Tyrann Mathieu’s drug issues are well documented. They’ve led to Mathieu being kicked off the LSU football team and even landed him in rehab and jail. Despite all of Mathieu’s publicized issues with drugs, not much was known about how much of an issue drugs were for Mathieu while he was at LSU. But thanks […]

The Detroit Lions have signed a kicker that calls himself Kickalicious™

Pictured above is Havard Rugland, or as he likes to call himself, Kickalicious™. Rugland has uploaded multiple videos to Youtube where he kicks a football in unusual ways, in usual settings, for unusual results.

Pierre Garcon believes Robert Griffin III can be ‘just as good’ as Peyton Manning

Comparing a quarterback that has played for one season in the NFL to one of the best quarterbacks, statistically at least, of all time isn’t usually allowed around these parts. But since Pierre Garcon has played with both Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning we’ll entertain this.

This photo of Robert Griffin III and a fan can’t be real

There’s a lot going on here but we’ll focus on the obvious. So fans are really letting their favorite black quarterback (Robert Griffin III) hold one their twin girls like he’s part of the family? Man, winning changes everything. via @DragonflyJonez

Colin Kaepernick is working on getting faster this offseason

As expected, Colin Kaepernick is spending much of his offseason trying to build on the success he and the 49ers had last season. Which is scary enough for the other 31 teams in the league. But there is one offseason goal that Kaepernick has that should be really scary for those other teams. And that’s […]

Dez Bryant says he’s done talking to media outside of Valley Ranch

Dez Bryant went on ESPN 600 radio in El Paso earlier this week and declared that the “the greatest thing about being on the Cowboys [is] people love to hate the Cowboys.” Of course, his comments were discussed everywhere because that’s just the nature of the NFL beast, but all in all, his comments were […]