Rashad Jennings: “Nobody’s mad at Jason Pierre-Paul, we’re just hoping everything works out”

New York Giants DE  Jason Pierre-Paul is dealing with injuries and the possibly of a police investigation due to his fireworks incident on July 4. While there are so many reports floating around about Pierre-Paul’s injuries, the one thing we know for sure is that he won’t be ready for the start of training camp.

Brett Favre says there was never any animosity toward Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers are planning on retiring former QB Brett Favre jersey later on this year. Now that is seems like everything is cool between Favre and the Packers, many have started to ask questions about his relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Many believed that Favre was upset with Rodgers after head coach Mike McCarthy […]

James Harrison is pissed off that Adam Schefter released Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records

As may of you know by now, New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul is in the hospital dealing with injuries from his fireworks incident. While many have been trying to get any information on what going on with the Giants’ star DE, ESPN’s Adam Schefter might have went a little to far on Wednesday night.

Terrell Owens to Donovan McNabb: “You have to be more responsible”

I’m sure that you all know that former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was arrested for driving under the influence for a second time on June 28. While McNabb says he doesn’t have too much to say about the situation, one of his former teammates had plenty to say about his situation.

Victor Cruz: “It seems like I’m on track to be ready for training camp”

With training camp getting ready to start in a few weeks, there are many players aiming to make their return to the field. One of the most notable players that many will be watching out for is New York Giants WR Victor Cruz. With the emergence of Odell Beckham Jr, Cruz has went under the […]

Former Raiders executive Amy Trask wants female referee Sarah Thomas to be booed just like her male counterparts

A lot has been made about NFL referee Sarah Thomas becoming the first woman official in the NFL once the 2015 season starts. While that is a great accomplishment for her, many are wondering how would she be treated by fans if she missed a call. And how would she react to those complaining about […]

Report: Other police departments considering launching their own investigations towards Jason Pierre-Paul

New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul has found himself in a lot of trouble of something so stupid. As you all know, Pierre-Paul almost blew his hand off holding fireworks which could affect his playing status for the upcoming season. On Tuesday, Coral Springs (Fla.) Police Department launched an investigation into the Giants’ DE fireworks mishap.

Report: Packers don’t plan to release Andrew Quarless

The Green Bay Packers found themselves in a tough situation after TE Andrew Quarless antics on July 4. The 26-year-old was arrested in Miami after firing off a gun during a argument with two females. Since his arrest, all eyes have been on the Packers to see if they plan to take any action against their tight end.

Philip Rivers: “I knew that the Antonio Gates suspension was coming”

Coming into the 2015 season, San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates had a lot to prove after a sub-par 2014 season. Gates raised some eyebrows a few months ago when he thought they he should play less to be more effective. After the criticism he has received from those comments, Gates backtracked and said he wants to […]

Six months after swimming 27-miles to safety, Rob Konrad says he turned down movie and book offers to tell his story

It has been six months since former Miami Dolphins FB Rob Konrad falling off his boat and swimming 27-miles to safety. Many were blown away when they heard about the story and I still am to this day. With Konrad story being so miraculous, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood starting calling […]