The Denver Broncos are now 6-0 in games officiated by last night’s crew

Let’s start this with what we all know to be true. The Denver Broncos simply dominated the Carolina Panthers. They out game planned and outplayed the Panthers plain and simple. It was such a beating that Cam Newton couldn’t stomach sitting through his postgame press conference as he could hear the Broncos gloating.

Is this why Cam Newton walked out of postgame press conference?

Last night’s Super Bowl was a nightmare for Cam Newton on many levels. The Broncos neutralized the newly crowned MVP and basically beat him up all night. It was clear from the start that the Broncos were not going to let Newton beat him with his legs and that made Newton a sitting duck. And […]

Calvin Johnson reportedly set to announce that he will retire from the NFL

The Detroit Lions fans and organization have been awaiting a final decision from wide receiver Calvin Johnson on his playing status. The Lions have made it clear that they want to give Johnson time and space before they start pressing him for an answer. That decision wasn’t popular with one of Johnson teammates, who believes […]

Deion Sanders gave Cam Newton some advice after walking out on post game presser

The Carolina Panthers saw the magically season end in the worst way last night against the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. League MVP Cam Newton was frustrated and harassed by the Broncos defensive front all game long as he was sacked seven times. After the game, a hurt and disappointed Newton sat in front […]

Peyton Manning was the topic of discussion on Twitter after he kissed the Papa Johns guy

Sunday night, Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in a game that they dominated from start to finish. That also means that quarterback Peyton Manning will get to ride off into the sunset and finish his career as a Super Bowl champion. But Manning surprised everyone after the game when he hugged the Papa Johns […]

Jeremy Shockey’s comments to the New York Post about his meeting with the FBI is hilarious

Former New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey has been out of the NFL for a long time now. But Shockey found his name in the news due to one of his friends getting arrested for running a international drug and gambling ring. The FBI paid Shockey a visit back in January to see if he […]

Matt Forte says Jay Cutler will play a huge role in whether or not he returns to the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have a huge decision to make about running back Matt Forte. When he is healthy, Forte is one of the best all around running backs in the NFL. But with the emergence of rookie running back Jeremy Langford this season, many don’t expect Forte to be on the Bears roster next season.

Denver Broncos reportedly will franchise tag Von Miller if they can’t reach a deal

As the Denver Broncos are getting ready to face the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl today, they have some serious business to handle when the game is over. Win or lose, linebacker Von Miller contract is up and could be looking at a huge payday on the free agent market.

At this point in his career, Jason Witten says he is taking it one year at a time

While many are worried about the status of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten isn’t getting any younger. Witten has probably been the most consistent player for the Cowboys for the past few years. Now 33 years old, Witten knows that he only has a couple of seasons left in him.

Barry Sanders says it would be devastating for the Lions if Calvin Johnson retires

The Detroit Lions are still in waiting mode as wide receiver Calvin Johnson figures out if he wants to play in 2016. While the organization await Johnson’s decision, a former Lions player chimed in with his opinion. Barry Sanders retired from the Lions in the prime of his career, so he knows what Johnson is […]