Jordan Hicks on Carson Wentz: He can be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz rookie season was up and down, which is typical for a first year player. With his rookie season behind him, many are wondering if Wentz can take that next step that would ultimately get the Eagles into the playoffs.

Eric Dickerson: Le’Veon Bell is best RB in the NFL

Ever year there is always speculation on who is the best player at their respective positions. One of the most talked about positions between fans is running back. There are many who believe that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot is the best running back, especially after the rookie season he just had.

Tom Coughlin to Jaguars players: Get rid of ping-pong table

I think it has been documented very well on how tough-minded Jacksonville Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin is. So it comes to no surprise that Coughlin wants to eliminate any distractions in the locker room that could make the players lose focus.

Joe Haden is all for the Browns selecting Myles Garrett with No.1 pick

With the NFL Draft just one week away, there are many questions that are still unanswered right now. One of the most asked questions is about who will be the first pick in the draft.

Vincent Jackson is waiting for the right situation to present itself

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson doesn’t seem to be in a rush to sign with a team. At 34 years old, Jackson still believes he can play in the NFL.

Allen Robinson believes he has earned contract extension from Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are undergoing some new changes on and off the field now that former head coach Tom Coughlin is basically the team president. Coughlin is looking to change the culture in Jacksonville, which I think is something this team needs.

Report: NFL teams questioning Leonard Fournette’s passion for football

As we get closer to the NFL Draft, many teams are still looking into the backgrounds of potential players that they could select. For the past three seasons, LSU running back Leonard Fournette has been the workhorse for his team.

Former NFL coach not sold on Tony Romo being finished with football

Ever since former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made it known that he was retiring, many have questioned if he is serious about it. For the upcoming season, we know that Romo will be a commentator for CBS but things can change very quickly.

Report: Denver Broncos not happy with Paxton Lynch’s work ethic

Last May, the Denver Broncos drafted quarterback Paxton Lynch in the first round with the thought that he would be the face of the franchise. While he had an up and down rookie season, many were looking to see if Lynch would take that next step and over take Trevor Siemian this season.

Even the referees don’t like NFL’s celebration rule

There have been plenty of people who have voiced their displeasure about the NFL’s celebration rule. Many fans and players believe that the NFL is trying to take the fun out of the game by penalizing over the top celebrations.