Report: Record 42 bowls games are set in stone for the 2015 season


We are a few months away from the start of the 2015 college football season. The next couple of months re going to be interesting as high school signees will be enrolling plus the media days as well. One hot topic this off-season was about how many bowl games will there be for the 2015 […]

Former Clemson guard Rod Hall has interest from multiple NFL teams


Lately, it seems that we see a lot of college basketball players make the transition to the NFL. This year it looks like former Clemson Tiger point guard Rod Hall will be the next basketball player to make that transition. With NFL teams starting to sign undrafted free agents, Hall name has been generating a […]

Butch Jones took it to another level to wish A FSU recruit Happy Birthday

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Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones is starting to get a lot of respect when it comes to recruiting. Jones has brought in a top class two years in a row now, and is working on a third one for 2016. The success he is having starts with the little things that he does, like […]

Has Mark Richt reached his peak at Georgia?

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  The 2014 college football season had to be very upsetting if you are a Georgia Bulldog fan. After starting the season off 6-1, the Bulldogs were beat down by the worst Florida Gator team in the past decade. Before that game, many thought that Georgia could be a dark horse to make the College […]

Report: FSU does not expect to be hit with penalties by NCAA over Jameis Winston’s comments


Former Florida State QB Jameis Winston had fans scratching their heads once again after making another blunder. During ESPN’s Draft Academy, Winston told the world about how he ended up getting in trouble about the crab legs. While explaining himself, he also admitted that he had the hookup for free food at Publix, which is a […]

Arizona State’s Todd Graham: “Scheduling cupcakes for non-conference games is un-American”


One of the major gripes fans have with college football is the lack of marquee non-conference games. A lot of teams schedule two or three games that they know they can win in hopes to being bowl eligible at the end of the season. With the college football playoff committee taking strength of schedule into […]

Report: Tennessee’s Von Pearson a suspect in an alleged rape investigation


Tennessee head coach Butch Jones has to be frustrated with all the trouble some of his players have been getting in. Jones has dismissed two player already for felony theft charges, one recently this month. Now it looks like one of the Volunteers top returning WRs could be on his way out as well.

Kid who took a beatdown by Cardale Jones playing NCAA football 2014 videogame wants a rematch


Remember when Ohio State QB Cardale Jones played NCAA football 2014 with a young kid in a hospital back in January? Jones would end up beating the kid, whose name is Jared Foley by a score of 91-35. When this went viral, Jones offered no apologizes for the beat down he handed out.

Mark Richt on satellite camps: “I would prefer everybody stayed on their own campus”


Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has caused quite a frenzy in the short time he’s been back in college football. The issue that a lot of coaches have a problem with is the satellite camps Harbaugh will be doing. Many SEC coaches are upset because these camps will be held in their backyards.

Jimbo Fisher is pushing for sideline-to-helmet communication in college football


Remember when Florida State players were seen complaining to head coach Jimbo Fisher about Auburn stealing signals in the 2014 BCS title game? Fisher remembers and has been looking for a way to change the current system.