Let’s Start The Week By Watching Cincinnati’s Mascot Get Arrested For Throwing Snowballs

In the midst of Cincinnati’s 28-10 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday, Cincinnati students decided to do what students do while watching a football game that their team is losing. They started a snowball fight. But things turned a bit serious when the snowballs began hitting players on the field. And then, things turned even more […]

Rich Rodriguez Attempts To Prove He’s A “Michigan Man” By Crying And Quoting Josh Groban Lyrics At The Team Banquet

I’ve never stepped foot in the state of Michigan, let alone on the University of Michigan campus so I have no idea what it means to be a “Michigan Man”. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that getting beat down annually by Jim Tressel, being overly emotional, and being able […]

And Here We Have A Father Trying To Secure His Own Pay-For-Play Deal Through The Power Of eBay

On the heels of the NCAA basically saying it’s okay for a parent to ask for money as long as their child doesn’t know about it, this crafty eBay user has decided to get a jump on things. Hopefully, the five year-old isn’t a loyal reader of ours or else, this whole thing goes up […]

Here’s Donald Trump’s Handwritten Letter (On A Newspaper) To Miami’s President Urging Her To Hire Mike Leach

Receiving a handwritten letter on a newspaper is something that most of us wouldn’t take seriously. Unfortunately, Miami president Donna Shalala is forced to take this handwritten letter from Donald Trump just a tad seriously. Mainly because Trump tried to convince her to hire Mike Leach before and she chose Randy Shannon instead. And we […]

Cam Newton Ruled Eligible Even Though You Never Knew He Was Ineligible

Cam Newton was ruled ineligible yesterday by the NCAA. Today, he’s been ruled eligible by the NCAA. Tomorrow, Auburn fans will be even more insufferable than they have already been. “Auburn University football student-athlete Cam Newton is immediately eligible to compete, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. The NCAA concluded […]

Lane Kiffin Says He Believes Karma Exists

That is what USC coach Lane Kiffin believes after his Trojans lost to Notre Dame Saturday night. Wondering what made Kiffin come to that conclusion???? Look at none other than Notre Dame DB Harrison Smith who had the game winning interception. Smith is from Knoxville, Tennessee and when Kiffin was told where Smith is from, […]

TCU Is Headed To The Big East

TCU is moving to the Big East Conference. A person with direct knowledge of the decision tells The Associated Press that TCU is moving from the Mountain West Conference to the Big East after the 2011-12 academic year. The person would not comment publicly because the decision had not been announced. The Horned Frogs would […]

What We Learned: College Football’s Week 13

We may have seen the last of Chris Petersen at Boise State. After Boise State was upset by Nevada in overtime Friday, I wonder if this will be the last season Chris Petersen coaches at Boise State. He has taken Boise State to highs that they will not see again. The media is already against […]

Yep, This USF Fan Is Definitely Picking His Nose And Eating It On National Television

Hope your lunch was as good as this USF fan’s. But something tells me that after you watch him eat his lunch, you just may lose yours.

What We Learned: College Football’s Week 12

Football should not be played at Wrigley Field. When word first came about that Illinois and Northwestern would play at Wrigley Field, I thought it would be exciting. But when I saw that there was only one end zone due to the other end zone being to close to a wall, I came to the […]