Top 10 Worst Dressed Coaches

Recently it seems that anytime I’m watching anything sports related and a coach graces the screen, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. Whether it’s a game or an interview, I always find humor in many of the coaches these days. Why, you ask? Because many coaches are horrible dressers! I’m sure I could give you a […]

BCS rankings, what a joke

Once again the BCS ranking system has failed again. This week the Texas Longhorns were jumped in the rankings by the Oklahoma Sooners, a team they beat 45-35 earlier this season. The Sooners were crowned the Big 12 South champs by the erratic BCS computer which broke a 3-way tie among Oklahoma, Texas and Texas […]

GUTS Rankings – Week Six

Another great college football weekend is in the books and unlike last week we have movement in the Top 10. The most notable change is a new #1 team! Here’s a look at this week’s BCS Rankings. Now, on to this week’s GUTS Rankings.1) Alabama The Crimson Tide were idle this weekend as they get […]

GUTS Rankings – Week Five

Another college football weekend is in the books so it’s time for another installment of the GUTS Rankings. This is the first time that we’ve had no movement in the Top 10, so you know what that means? Next week, there will be plenty of movement. Here’s a look at this week’s BCS Rankings . […]

Which direction is the "right one" for the Fighting Irish?

Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick has publicly given Charlie Weis his vote of confidence and has even stated that the “program is headed in the right direction”. I will agree with that statement if the “right direction” is heading towards the depths of mediocracy. Now, one would think that this isn’t the direction that […]

GUTS Rankings – Week Four

Ah yes, another college football weekend is in the books and the BCS is in shambles. Unlike the BCS, this week’s GUTS Rankings has a new #1 team. Anyone care to take a guess who it is? 1) Texas TechThe Red Raiders are on a roll. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but Texas […]

GUTS Rankings – Week Three

It was a wild college football Saturday and unless you’ve been lying under a rock, you know that there will be shake-up in this week’s rankings. Here’s a look at the new BCS Rankings. Now on to the our rankings. 1) Alabama The Alabama Crimson Tide take over the top spot of the GUTS Rankings […]

GUTS Rankings – Week Two

Another great weekend of college football is in the books, so it’s time for new GUTS Rankings. Here are the new BCS Rankings and as expected, we don’t agree with them. So let’s take a look at how the rankings SHOULD look. 1) TexasThe Longhorns continued to impress as the took care of business against […]

No Mercy Alert!

#8 Texas Tech 63 #23 Kansas 21 This isn’t the Texas Tech of yester-year, this teams is starting to look legit. Not only are they putting up huge numbers through the air, but today they unleashed an explosive ground attack and even played a little defense. Kansas isn’t a powerhouse, but they’re no slouch. Especially […]

GUTS Rankings – Week One

The initial BCS Rankings are out and of course here at No Guts, No Glory we don’t agree with them. So we’re gonna do something about it! Each week, we’ll release our GUTS Rankings. (Don’t waste time trying to figure out the what the acronym means because it means absolutely nothing.) We’re not gonna use […]

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