Jim Tressel Apologizes To Ohio State Fans Without Actually Apologizing

Even though Jim Tressel has been proven to not be the smartest man in the world, it hasn’t stopped him from trying to be. So when the university, presumably, propped Tressel up on a podium in front of Ohio State supporters to “apologize”, Tressel decided to go another route. Instead of the “I’m sorry that […]

Before Throwing Out The First Pitch At A LSU Baseball Game, Les Miles Decided To Delight The Crowd By Eating Grass

After turning down Michigan and seemingly having LSU fans fall back in love with him, even though the man can’t spell clock management, Les Miles is comfortable again. So comfortable that when tasked to throw out the first pitch at the LSU-Cal State Fullerton game, he decided to treat the crowd to his special talent […]

To Help DeMarco Murray Get The Cover Of NCAA Football 12, An Oklahoma Fan Turns To Attack Ads Against His Competition

Oklahoma fans are brimming with confidence these days and I can’t blame them. They just came off a good season, and will mostly likely have the #1 team in the country next year. So when word began to circulate that DeMarco Murray was one of the four finalists for the cover of NCAA Football 12, […]

Here Are The Jim Tressel Emails That Prove That He’s Not A Smart As We Thought He Was

Lately, I’ve been railing on and on about how smart Jim Tressel is. Boy, was I wrong. After all the smart things that Tressel has done, he goes and does one of the dumbest things a man can do. He left a paper trail. A paper trail that proves that isn’t as smart as I […]

Of Course Jim Tressel Knew About His Players Selling Memorabilia

Surprise! Jim Tressel is good. Really good. Not at coaching football, that’s obvious. He’s also good at being the smartest man in the room. Especially if the room consists of student athletes and anyone from the NCAA. Not only did he coerce the players involved in this memorabilia ring to come back another year, he […]

Former Tennessee Coach Chuck Smith Isn’t Exactly Happy That He Was Told To Resign

There are some people who get asked to resign and they do it without fight. Well former defensive line coach Chuck Smith doesn’t believe in leaving quietly and is letting his voice be heard. On Friday, Smith called an impromptu press conference to let everyone know that he was forced out of his job and […]

Now That There Is An Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Costume, I Guess It’s Official

The crowd that refuses to let go of the Rebel will have trouble swallowing this bit of news so I’ll try to give it to them easy. There is a costume. A costume of Ole Miss’ mascot. And it’s not the Rebel. It’s of the Rebel Black Bear. See, that wasn’t that bad, right. Now […]

Well, It Didn’t Take Long For A T-Shirt About Tree Poisoner Harvey Updyke To Surface

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Auburn fans responded to Harvey Updike’s poisoning of Toomer’s Oak. And in typical southern retaliation, the response comes via a t-shirt. This rivalry is really starting to get crazy. Via Zazzle

Illinois, Once Again, Is Setting Themselves Up To Be Zook’d

There’s always one guy that you at and wonder how he does it. The guy, from all accounts, looks to be in over his head, but for some reason, opportunities and rewards keeps coming to him. He screws something up, he gets a raise. He gets fired for screwing something up; people come knocking at […]

Jadeveon Clowney Isn’t Impressed With Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Yesterday morning, the nation’s top recruit Jadeveon Clowney ended his recruitment by committing to South Carolina. But whether he knows it or not, he may have stirred up some controversy. Clemson and Alabama were the other finalist for Clowney, and he had some interesting things to say about Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban. We all […]