Sorry Texas fans, Mack Brown says he has no plans to retire

Because we’re alums of Florida State University, we know this song and dance all too well. The head football coach has a ton of success at a school and almost becomes untouchable at said school. Program begins a slow downward spiral under said coach. But said coach wants to hang on because he thinks he […]

Jerry Sandusky and his wife Dottie wrote letters to judge blaming everyone they could possibly blame

Jerry Sandusky will be spending the next 30-60 years in prison. But before his sentencing, Sandusky and his wife Dottie each wrote letters to the presiding judge in the case. You would think that these letters would attempt to point out any good Sandusky has done in his life in a plea for leniency. Instead, […]

Jonna Chizik takes to Facebook to religiously encourage Auburn fans about their season

The last time we had a SEC coach’s wife posting their thoughts on Facebook, Brandy Pearl was comparing Bruce Pearl to Jesus. And though Gene Chizik’s wife Jonna’s Facebook post that urges Auburn fans to “RISE UP and snatch back what satan, himself, has stolen” is not on Pearl’s level, it’s still rather “interesting.”

Kevin Sumlin bans cameras from the locker room after Texas A&M’s post-game celebration was caught on video

Texas A&M came back from 10 points down with 7 minutes to go to beat Ole Miss 30-27 on Saturday. So afterwards, Kevin Sumlin and his team went to the locker room and celebrated like they had just won the National Championship. Which is fine.

Questionable Poses: Alabama fans use their baby as a football in family portrait

We’re not quite sure what to say about this photo. There’s just so much going on here. Dad has a t-shirt that has the word “Swag” on it. Mom actually agreed to let her newborn be used as a football. And the kids are smiling as if all this is normal. Well, besides the young […]

Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison

Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison early Tuesday after being found guilty of 45 of 48 counts against him back in June. And though the sentence is probably not harsh enough for his victims, it guarantees that Sandusky will never see the light of day again. Sandusky continues to express […]

Georgia fans egged and rolled the home of Christian Robinson after Saturday’s loss to South Carolina

The Georgia Bulldogs got absolutely dominated in Columbia on Saturday to the tune of 35-7. The Gamecocks took control of the game early and never looked back. The frustration from Georgia fans was clearly evident when the team arrived back in Athens where they were greeted with the opposite of a hero’s welcome. Georgia linebacker […]

Pat Dye: Gene Chizik will return next season even if Auburn doesn’t win another game this season

Pat Dye has been pretty vocal about Auburn football in past week or so. And to be completely honest, his comments seem to be pretty off the wall. Case in point: Dye’s statement that he wouldn’t “swap Gene Chizik for ten Nick Sabans.” Now see, that’s crazy talk and he later apologized so he knows […]

Oregon State is currently ranked No. 1 in two of the BCS computers

While you and everyone else who has paid attention to college football this season sees Alabama as the far and away #1 team in America, two important pieces of the BCS equation does not. And though it’s early and things will change, at this particular junction of the season, Oregon State is currently the #1 […]

An emergency landing was not going to stop Alabama fans from getting to the Ole Miss game

Here’s a tale of persistence, quick thinking, and just plain old Alabama football fandom. A group of Alabama fans found themselves stranded in a cotton field in Selma, Alabama when their plane had to make an emergency landing because of a failed engine. But instead of calling for help and waiting for authorities to come, […]