Lane Kiffin: Visiting teams no longer allowed to hold pregame walk-throughs at the Coliseum

The first two years of the Lane Kiffin head coaching era at USC was arguably a quiet one. But he’s quickly making up for those quiet first two years this season. In a year where his preseason #1 squad should be grabbing headlines, it has been Kiffin grabbing them instead. In a matter of a […]

Kent State’s Andre Parker scoops up a fumble, runs the wrong way

There’s nothing better for a defensive player than to be able to not only recover a fumble, but to scoop it up and take it in for a score. On the flipside, there’s nothing worse for a defensive player than to scoop up a fumble and run the wrong way. And that’s what happened Thursday […]

Four most underrated teams going into the 2012 college football season

We’ve talked about the overrated teams going into the college football season, now let’s get into who we believe are the underrated teams this season.

NCAA wants Penn State to return bowl game trophies

Penn State has been severely punished for what went on during Jerry Sandusky’s time on campus. They’ve had games vacated, they’ve been put on probation, they’ve been deemed ineligible for the Big Ten title, and they’ve lost players. But it seems that the NCAA isn’t quite done with Penn State just yet. According to CBS21 […]

Notre Dame radio analyst Allen Pinkett: Irish need more ‘criminals’ to be successful

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard someone float something like this for their alma mater. Former Miami Hurricane star Antrel Rolle once told a radio station that Miami players needed to “go steal a couple of cars, go break into a couple of houses, do whatever it takes to just to get that attitude […]

Four most overrated teams going into the 2012 college football season

With the beginning of the college football season a day away, here are four teams that we feel are the most overrated going into the season.

Three men arrested for assaulting Wisconsin running back Montee Ball

Three men were arrested on Tuesday on battery charges stemming from an attack on Wisconsin running back Montee Ball. The three men have not been formally charged with a crime according to the police report. Police say that the attack may have been related to an altercation at a house party a few days earlier. […]

Rick Neuheisel believes the only reason the SEC is considered the best conference is because ESPN talks them up

You can always tell when Rick Neuheisel is feeling good about himself because that’s when you hear from him. When he was Pete Carroll’s whipping boy, you never heard from him. But the moment that Carroll left for Seattle, he was yapping about how the city of Los Angeles now belonged to UCLA. Of course, […]

Oregon turned to Groupon to help sell tickets for their home opener against Arkansas State

We were surprised to see USC offering tickets on Living Social, but apparently this is also happening else. Well, at other Pac 12 schools at least. The latest school to turn to a social deal website is Oregon. The Ducks are using Groupon to help tickets sales for their home opener against Arkansas State. The […]

USC turned to Living Social to help sell tickets for home opener against Hawaii

With USC being ranked #3 in the preseason coaches’ poll and #1 in the AP preseason poll, you’d think that the school would have no issues selling tickets this season. But apparently, they may indeed have issues unloading tickets since they had to turn to social deal website Living Social to sell tickets for their […]