How Not To Cover A Punt, Starring The USF Bulls

Gather round children. It’s time for lesson in punt coverage. To effectively cover a punt you must stay in your lanes, find the football, and tackle the football if the player doesn’t call a fair catch. So in other words, don’t do what USF did last night against Rutgers. Via Dr. Saturday

Penn State Mascot Now Gets To Sit At Home Permanently And Think About All His Drinking

Back in September, Penn State mascot Clint Gyory was suspended for a month by the university after being cited for public drunkenness and criminal mischief. Fast forward two months later and now the university has sent Gyory home again. But this time, it’s permanent. After missing the first month of the season for bad behavior, […]

What We Learned: College Football’s Week 9

Mack Brown might be in trouble. You are probably wondering, how could a coach fresh off a National Title berth be in trouble? Well it’s simple, after the Oklahoma game, there were rumblings from Texas boosters who are ready for the Will Muschamp to take over the program. Now Texas is 4-4 after losing to […]

It’s Not Everyday That A College Football Radio Broadcast Contains A Color Analyst Challenging Everyone In The Booth To A Fight

Things have been a little slow around these parts lately, so what’s the best way to fix that? A meltdown, of course. Now this particular meltdown is not like any of the others that we’ve seen, so let me set the scene. FAU color analyst Dave Lamont is doing what he’s paid to do when […]

Death Row Inmate’s Last Words Included ‘Boomer Sooner’

You know how people claim that they will rep they’re favorite team until the day they die? Well, convicted killer Jeffrey Landrigan didn’t just claim it, he lived it. Well, up until last night. But there’s no need for me to try to explain, the story of his execution explains itself. In only the second […]

Notre Dame’s Kerry Neal Goes ‘Albert Haynesworth’ On Navy’s John Howell

If struggling in his first season wasn’t enough, now Brian Kelly has to deal with one of his players turning into Albert Haynesworth. During Notre Dame’s 35-17 loss to Navy on Saturday, the Irish’s Kerry Neal decided to let Navy’s John Howell feel how it feels to have a pair of cleats rammed into your […]

What We Learned: College Football’s Week 8

Boise State is not going to play for the National Title. After looking at the past two BCS standings, it has been made clear that the computers do not love Boise State. For the past two weeks they have been jumped by teams that are ranked below them. There is a chance that Boise State […]

Let’s Listen In As Urban Meyer And Steve Addazio Discuss The State Of The Florida Gators

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that the internet always comes up with some of the worst and best ideas. While creating a website calling for Urban Meyer to be fired may fall under the category of one of the worst ideas, this video of Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio in computerized […]

Your College Football Previewrooski: Week 8

Last week was truly upset Saturday as many ranked teams took L’s. I don’t expect history to repeat itself, but there are many interesting games this week. Record: 112-27 (Using BCS rankings) Game Of The Week#1 Oklahoma Sooners VS #11 Missouri Tigers Missouri fans have been wondering why they’re not getting any respect. Well Missouri, […]

Radio Caller Reveals That He Took The Naked Pictures Of Les Miles That Jordan Jefferson Has, Promptly Cut Off

No, Jordan Jefferson doesn’t really have naked pictures of Les Miles. Well, we hope he doesn’t. But those are the kind of things that come out the mouths of callers who are trying to figure out how Jordan Jefferson keeps finding the field. Via @josh_levin