NCAA Doles Out The Harsh Punishment Of A Seven-Day Stay At A Waterfront Resort For Jim Tressel’s Wrong Doing

Ouch. Seven days? A waterfront resort? In Florida? In June? You are a merciless tyrant, NCAA.

Boise State Suddenly Has Big Boy Problems

Boise State’s pursuit of building big time athletic program has been pretty successful, especially on the football field. But in their pursuit of becoming a big time athletic department, they may have made some big time mistakes. And whenever a big time mistake is made by an athletic department of a university, the NCAA is […]

Michigan Can’t Beat Jim Tressel On The Field, So They Beat Him On A Billboard

Very clever Michigan men (or women). Very clever. Now that you’ve conquered Jim Tressel on a billboard, does this mean that you finally find a way to conquer him on the field? Probably not. But 1 for 2 aint bad. Via Detroit Free Press

Let’s Start The Week With An Alabama Fan Yelling “Roll Tide” During Coverage Of Bin Laden’s Death

Boy I tell you. Alabama fans never miss an opportunity. While the entire country just wanted to scream U-S-A at the top of their lungs in response to the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, this opportunistic Tide fan sneaks in a “Roll Tide”.

Tommy Tuberville Calls On President Obama To Produce His Birth Certificate Just In Time For Obama Release It

As the old saying goes, timing is everything. And boy does, Tommy Tuberville have impeccable timing. Tuberville appeared on the Sean Hannity show yesterday and called on President Obama to produce his birth certificate. “We’ve got enough controversy going on in this country,” Tuberville said. “I don’t know why he wouldn’t just step up and […]

The Tim Tebow, Herschel Walker Business Partnership That You Didn’t See Coming Is Here

Typical you wouldn’t find a Florida Gator openly joining a Georgia Bulldog in a business partnership for reasons that would only make sense if you lived in the South (and actually watch college football). But two of the most visible sports figures associated with each school has done just that. And they’ve even taken the […]

Did Trooper Taylor Turn Down A Job With The Dallas Cowboys?

Well, according to Auburn commit Zeke Pike, he did. Pike was being interviewed after he committed to Auburn and was answering the usual questions that a recruit would be asked when he commits to a school. Pike was then asked about the allegations against Auburn and if he was concerned about the NCAA leveling Auburn […]

More Than A Year Later, Mack Brown Still Can’t Get Over Losing The National Title To Alabama

Many coaches these days tell their players that you can’t worry about what happened in the past, you can only control the present. They also say that this is a new year and last year doesn’t matter anymore. Well, someone needed to tell Texas coach Mack Brown that. He just couldn’t let go of the […]

Tim Tebow Was On His Way To Alabama Until A Man Named Urban Meyer Came Into His Life

It rare that we get to bring you a love story here at No Guts. But today, we have the tale of a match made it in heaven. It involves a young man named Tim Tebow who was fresh out of high school and embarking on a journey of choosing a university to play football […]

Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson Wants To Thank Lil Wayne For The Hoosiers’ Best Practice Of The Spring

Kevin Wilson is in his first year as the Hoosiers head coach and he is trying to change the losing culture at Indiana. Since spring practice has started, Wilson has been vocal about his team’s toughness and consistency not being up to his expectations. Well, after Tuesday’s practice, Wilson said that his team had one […]