This Is Definitely Getting Out Of Hand: Greg Paulus To Play For Michigan?

Oh no, this isn’t a joke. I don’t know about you, but it took me all day yesterday to wrap my brain around the reasons that the Packers would be interested in Greg Paulus. Now, today I have to wake up to this: According to sources close to the situation, the former Duke point guard […]

Saban sets scene for failure

Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has already hinted that Alabama won’t be dominate in the upcoming season. If you’ve ever heard him speak at press conferences he often makes lame attempts to be modest and realistic, but truthfully he a narcissus. Most coaches and athletes are but Saban is near the top of the […]

Tim Tebow’s "Promise" Will Live On Forever

No Guts contributor, J Will brings us the story of the most recent notch on Tim Tebow’s belt of football immortality Do you remember the speech that Tim Tebow gave after his Florida Gators were upset by Ole Miss, 31-30? Remember him trying to hold back the tears and saying he was sorry? You still […]

FSU Hit Hard In The Mouth

No Guts contributor, J Will drops by to talk FSU probation. Late Friday, Florida State finally found out what their penalties will be for the “tutorgate” scandal. The NCAA came down hard on ten sports (football, men and women’s basketball, men and women’s track and field, baseball, softball, men and women’s swimming, and men’s golf) […]

The Best Coach Meltdowns

The post-game press conference is usually a time to reflect on what went wrong or right in the game that your team just played. It’s a time to acknowledge players that did a good job for your team as well as your opponent’s. It’s even a time to show good sportsmanship whether you just won […]

Texas Tech vs Mike Leach: Who Will Stick To Their Guns?

No Guts contributor, J Will delves into the contract dispute between Mike Leach and Texas Tech. Mike Leach has been in talks with Texas Tech University for a contract extension since the end of the season and the two parties are still not close to a deal. Last Wednesday, Leach was all set to sign […]

Buckle Up Lane, The Road Is Going To Get Rocky

No Guts contributor, J Will drops in to comment on what’s going on with new Tennessee coach, Lane Kiffin. This has been an interesting month for University of Tennessee coach, Lane Kiffin as he has the media and the fans talking about the Tennessee football program more than ever before. The funny thing is that […]

Wrapping Up National Signing Day

No Guts contributed J Will drops by to give us his top 10 classes as well as his winners and losers from National Signing Day. National Signing Day has come and gone so it’s time for my top 10 recruiting classes of the year. Quick Note: USC, UF, UGA, and Tennessee are still fighting for […]

Antrel Rolle: Criminal Activity Is What Is Missing At The University Of Miami

No Guts contributor, J Will drops by with an intriguing interview between a Miami radio station and Cardinals safety, Antrel Rolle. Lost in the shuffle of all the hoopla and interviews during Super Bowl week, one interview seemed to have slipped through the cracks. Former Miami Hurricanes corner back, Antrel Rolle was on 560 WQAM […]

Sarkisian Hitting The Ground Running By Racking Up The Recruiting Violations

Steve Sarkisian isn’t wasting anytime bringing the USC culture to his new gig at the University of Washington. Sarkisian and defensive coordinator, Nick Holt committed two secondary recruiting violations (the second occurrence in as many weeks) when they met with James Boyd (who happens to be committed to his former employer), Boyd’s coach, two other […]

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