Mark Richt Is Starting To Get The "Lane Kiffin" Treatment

The game of college football recruiting can sometimes be a dirty one. Some play the game well. Some, not so well. When you’re being banned from recruiting at certain schools, as Lane Kiffin was, it’s safe to say that you’re not playing the game very well. Well, Kiffin now has company in the “I don’t […]

Soft Schedules Tend To Make Joe Paterno More Sympathetic

It’s year 44 for Joe Paterno. He has a brand new contract and a brand new hip. Things couldn’t be better in State College. And I almost forgot, he currently has a one game lead on Bobby Bowden for the most wins in college football history. A lead that will likely widen to as many […]

LSU’s New Jerseys Come Equipped With New Promotion For…….LSU

As we all know, the undisputed champions of jersey changes is of course the Ducks from Oregon. So when other schools change their jerseys, it’s not to take the crown from Nike U. There’s usually a reason behind it. And for LSU, it’s all about promotion. LSU’s athletics department will take advantage of the football […]

5 Hottest Seats In College Football

No Guts contributor J Will brings us the college football coaches on the hot seat in 2009. Last October, the firing of Tommy Bowden prompted us to go through this exercise. And with Fall camp a month away, it’s time to let you know which head coach’s seats will be the hottest in 2009. 1) […]

Georgia State will play Alabama in inaugural season, 2010

Former NFL player and Alabama head coach(87-89), Bill Curry is the now the head coach of Georgia State’s new football program. The school’s inaugural season will be in 2010, but the head coach has already guaranteed one loss for his team. In an attempt to show that he has guts or is a great coach, […]

Um Dave Wannstedt, I Think You May Want To See This

We rarely start the day with a video, but this one is pretty incredible. So incredible that I’m doubting the “realness” of what you’re about to see. But for all intents and purposes, let’s just go with the pretense that this is completely real. And that should justify you taking time out of your busy […]

University Of Minnesota’s Football Games Will Be Even More Boring This Fall

Do you see the joy in these University of Minnesota students? It’s Saturday afternoon (it has to be Saturday afternoon because the Gophers only play in the 12:00 pm game on ESPN2), they have just gotten their first 1st down, and every one of them is so drunk that they don’t notice that they are […]

Notre Dame Will Go To Any Length To Make Sure That Their Hiring Of Charlie Weis Doesn’t Look Like A Failure

You don’t have to be an avid college football fan to know that Charlie Weis’ tenure at Notre Dame hasn’t been the greatest. They have vastly underachieved and there’s not even a need to mention their record when it counts most. But someone doesn’t want you to know about Weis’ struggles. Namely, Notre Dame. Notre […]

The Things People Do For Money

No Guts contributor, J Will is heated about Sam Keller going after Electronic Arts. And I think he thinks you should be too. As I was browsing through websites like I usually do at work, I came across what I believe is a cry for attention lawsuit which is also completely dumb. Former Nebraska/Arizona State […]

Mike Leach Is At It Again

No Guts contributor, J Will stops in to talk Mike Leach and his many opinions about this year’s NFL draft. After watching Michael Crabtree slip down to San Francisco and Graham Harrell go undrafted, Mike Leach had a couple of things he wanted to get off his chest. Leach, who thinks Harrell was one of […]

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