Post Game With Mike Leach, Raw And Uncut

This kind of talk most likely happens in many collegiate locker rooms, but when you’re viewed the way some view Mike Leach, this only adds fuel to the fire. I can’t stress enough that these video are Not Safe For Work. Good luck with that deposition tomorrow, Mike. You may need it. Have some breaking […]

Now Part Of Your Complete Breakfast

What we have here is the Miami Hurricanes’ “Pipeline To The Pros” cereal. No I’m not kidding. The Miami Hurricanes really have a cereal that can be purchased at your local supermarket. And it comes with the numbers of all the active Miami Hurricanes in the NFL in marshmallow form. Ok, I made that part […]

The Big Ten Won’t Let Notre Dame Play Them Again

Notre Dame AD, Jack Swarbrick seems to have realized that his university may need to explore joining a conference. Naturally, if Notre Dame is going to join a conference, the best bet for all involved would be the Big Ten. But according to a source within the Big Ten, the conference isn’t counting their chickens […]

Looks Like There Is A New Miami Hurricanes Fan

And with that, Miami’s fanbase just tripled. Via Have some breaking news or an interesting story we should see? Hit us up at

Of Course Lane Kiffin Thinks Tennessee Was Headed For A SEC Title

Knoxville’s favorite POS, Lane Kiffin recently sat down for an interview with the Sporting News. In it, he deals on his first recruiting class at USC, his regret about the way he left Tennessee, and of course he had to let us know that the Vols were well on their way to a SEC championship […]

Report Says It’s ‘Safe’ For Big Ten To Expand

The Big Ten may be a step closer to expansion after a report commissioned by the Big Ten that took into account a handful of schools and  decided that expansion would be a “safe” idea. And no, Texas was not one of the schools. An initial report commissioned by the Big Ten offered this suggestion to […]

Could Utah and Colorado Be Headed To The Pac-10?

Ever since the Big Ten began hinting that they may look to expand at some point, there has been speculation about which teams would join and what other conferences may do. This week’s speculation is of the latter. Namely, the Pac-10 and two teams they may be targeting. According to ABC 4 in Salt Lake […]

7th Grader Verbally Commits To Lane Kiffin And USC

We all know how good a recruiter Lane Kiffin is, but this time he is really pushing it.  David Sills, a highly-touted youth quarterback, made a verbal commitment on Thursday to accept a college football scholarship from USC’. His varsity coach, Eric Day confirmed the commitment, but the kid is only in the 7th grade […]

Wrapping Up National Signing Day 2010

Another recruiting season ended today as high school football players from around the country faxed their letter of intents to the teams they will play for next year. Here are the top ten classes and the winners and losers for this year. #1 Florida Gators – 28 Commits Star of the Class: DE Ronald Powell […]

Markeith Ambles Wants Some Bone To Bone Action

As we all know, Tennessee was under investigation for using women to attract recruits to play for them. Even though Tennessee has weathered that storm, Markeith Ambles doesn’t want things to change. Ambles was talking to Knoxville radio host Heather Harrington on Twitter and let’s just say he was ready for some “one-on-one” time. You […]

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