Charlie Weis is using the perfect recruiting pitch to lure players to Kansas

It’s not every day that you run across a college football coach actually being honest on the recruiting. And it’s not every day that I can write a post about honesty that involves Charlie Weis. But today, we must commend Weis for his honest appeal to recruits on the recruiting trail.

Looks like Ron Zook has found himself a job

It’s been two years since Ron Zook was fired as the head coach of the University of Illinois. Now it looks like Zook has moved on from coaching and now his career is headed in another direction. Let’s meet Ron Zook, Business Development Officer for the Gateway Bank in Gainesville, Florida. He even has a phone number […]

Some NFL scouts are reportedly turned off by Johnny Manziel’s lack of maturity

Rumors and Rants has had the college football world buzzing over the past week with a report that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy by Archie Manning. Why? Because Manziel couldn’t make it to morning meetings because he’d been out partying all night. Of course, Manziel showed up […]

Urban Meyer won’t talk about Aaron Hernandez, but he will talk about Tim Tebow

Urban Meyer’s tenure at the University of Florida was full of wins, championships, awards, and players getting in trouble. Meyer was lauded for the wins, championships, and awards, and roundly criticized for his players running afoul. And once the wins, championship, and awards became sparse and the players continued to run afoul, Meyer snuck out […]

Mack Brown gave his players rings for winning the Alamo Bowl

So apparently giving players rings for accomplishment that don’t really matter is a thing in college football these days. A recent example of this ridiculous trend is that North Carolina gave its players a ring for winning finishing in a three-way tie for the ACC’s Coastal Division Title.

Former Alabama lineman D.J. Fluker tweets he took money in college, then promptly deletes tweet

Former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker will likely go in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday. And since this is draft week, one would think that Fluker would be lying low to be sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid that could affect his draft stock at the last minute.

Well paid Bob Stoops thinks unpaid college athletes are ‘paid quite handsomely’

Bob Stoops or “Big game Bob” if you’re from the state of Texas, was asked his opinion on whether or not college athletes should be paid. It must be stated that Stoops takes home an annual salary of nearly $5 million for coaching players that take home an annual salary of $0. But Stoops is […]

Tim Pernetti’s parting gift? A year’s salary, a $679,500 one-time payment, a car allowance, health insurance, an iPad, and a laptop

As Rutgers cleans house, they’re also giving out fabulous parting gifts to the departed. For instance, former Rutgers coach Mike Rice got a fat bonus in the amount of $100,000 that they wouldn’t have had to give him if they had fired him the moment they saw that crazy video.

Brutus Buckeye took a snap in Ohio State’s spring practice, gets leveled for his trouble

During Ohio State’s spring practice on Saturday, Brutus Buckeye made an appearance not on the sideline or in the stands, but on the field. At some point in the scrimmage, Ohio State’s mascot lined up in the shotgun, took a snap, and began to scrambling. What happened next was unexpected to say the least.

Apparently, Mississippi State held a football formal

It’s March, so that means spring football is in full effect. But in Starkeville, Mississippi, there’s more than just spring football. There’s also apparently a football formal. And what you’ll see below is video of Mississippi State players dressed all nice accompanied by dates for a night of dining and dancing.