Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola actually says trial is like soap opera ‘All My Children’


ABC27 reporter Dave Marcheskie was merely doing his job, trying to getting a scoop from Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola. But in the process of asking the question above, he probably received the most embarrassing sound bite since this whole saga began. And that is saying a lot.

Why yes, this is indeed a roadkill UGA wedding cake


We’re not completely sure who is responsible for this. But word on the street is that this is the work of a Georgia Tech fan. And sense the internet is already buzzing about how this cake goes a little too far, we’ll just say this is rather “creative” in a twisted way and walk away. […]

Former Penn State assistant Dick Anderson testifies that other coaches were also present in showers with Sandusky, young boys


After the prosecution rested earlier Monday morning, the defense team for Jerry Sandusky took their turn. The first witness they called was former Penn State assistant coach Dick Anderson. Anderson testified about the busy schedule that Penn State coaches had presumably to prove that Sandusky didn’t have the time to commit the crimes he’s charged […]

Friend of Jerry Sandusky calls him a ‘saint’, compares him to Jesus


This is the type of story where we will just present the facts and attempt to not add our beliefs to it. It will be tough, but it seems like that’s probably the best way thing to do here. On the same day that one of Jerry Sandusky’s accusers alleged that Sandusky called himself “tickle […]

Auburn shooting suspect Desmonte Leonard surrenders to authorities


A three-day man hunt for Auburn shooting suspect Desmonte Leonard came to an end yesterday when he turned himself in to authorities in Capital City. Leonard peacefully surrendered yesterday evening at the federal courthouse just before 8:00 pm.

A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu spar over Twitter


It’s only June, but it seems that quarterback A.J. McCarron and LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu are ready for their November 3rd matchup in Death Valley. It all started when Mathieu took to his Twitter page and tweeted, “try throwing a corner route or a cross country on me this year!!! i’ll be waiting!!”. That […]

Shooting near Auburn University kills two former football players, injures one current player


Pictured to the left is of 22-year-old Desmonte Leonard of Montgomery, Alabama who is wanted in the shooting deaths of 3 people at a pool party near Auburn University. According to police, the shooting was the result of a fight that began over a woman. Among the slain were former Auburn players Ed Christian and […]

Bobby Petrino’s personalized Arkansas golf gear is for sale at local Goodwill


Bobby Petrino has maintained a very low profile after being fired as Arkansas head coach following the fallout from his infamous motorcycle accident. But despite his low profile, it’s pretty obvious that Petrino has obviously moved on from his life as the Arkansas Razorbacks’ head football coach. Since being let go, Petrino has put his […]

James Franklin needs to see your wife before he hires you


We’ll go out on a limb and say that Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin is a man who knows what he wants in an assistant coach. But that’s not what he would like you to know today. What he would like you to know today is that he is a man that knows what he […]

You can now apply for Jessica Dorrell’s old position at Arkansas


You remember Jessica Dorrell, right? She’s the young lady that had an inappropriate relationship with former Arkansas Razorback coach Bobby Petrino. She was also the passenger during the motorcycle accident that Petrino tried to hide. As a result of all this, Petrino was fired and Dorrell resigned. Since then, the university has replaced Petrino with […]