College Football Week 1 Retrospection: Where Mark Richt inched closer to the hot seat

Week 1 of the college football season came and we all rejoiced. Now it’s gone and it’s time for retrospection. Big plays were made, good games were played and Mark Richt looks to be on his way to the hot seat. Let’s look back.

Johnny Manziel has a fan in Joe Flacco

You won’t find two bigger opposites than Johnny Manziel and Joe Flacco. On the field, Manziel is electrifying while Flacco is rather boring. Off the field Manziel lives a life that most admire while Flacco lives a life that’s rather boring. So on the surface, wouldn’t expect Flacco to be drawn to a college quarterback […]

Georgia fan cries on sports radio, thinks Georgia should get rid of Mark Richt

One of the most entertaining things about the college football season is listening to angry fans call into sports talk radio shows the week after their team has suffered a loss. But rarely does that anger turn into sadness in front of the radio audience.

Johnny Manziel is back and he’s counting money after touchdowns

Well played, Johnny. Well played indeed. [Mocksession]

FAU coach Carl Pelini called for his quarterback to spike the ball on 4th down

Carl Pelini’s first game as head coach at Florida Atlantic ended in quite the blunder. Late in the 4th quarter with his Owls down 34-6 to the Miami Hurricanes, Owls quarterback Quez Johnson led the Owls deep into Miami territory.

SMU WR Deion Sanders Jr. is being investigated because he attended a Lil Wayne concert

Deion Sanders Jr. will be playing wide receiver for SMU this season. And because he’s the son of PrimeTime, PrimeTime Jr. most likely knows many famous people. One of which is apparently rapper Lil Wayne. So when Lil Wayne had a concert in Dallas recently, he invited PrimeTime Jr. and a few of his friends […]

Texas A&M Chancellor goes after Darren Rovell over Johnny Manziel story

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp recently sent out an email to the Texas A&M community to “a quick update on our flagship, Texas A&M University.” In the email, Sharp covers thing you’d expect to see a Chancellor of a university cover: the ROI of the investment of enrolling at Texas A&M and the exciting football […]

Punters and kickers at Kentucky do a lot of “standing” and “taking a knee” during practice

Attention all high school kickers and punters. If you’re interested in a practice schedule that includes, “standing”, “standing and watching”, “taking a knee”, and occasionally “going HAM!” Then the University of Kentucky is for you. [Reddit]

Apparently, Alabama is letting fans sit at Nick Saban’s desk

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in Tuscaloosa these days, but what you see above is a photo via Busted Coverage of Mechanical Engineering student Nicholas Douglas sitting at Nick Saban’s desk. How Douglas got access to Saban’s office is unclear, but what is clear is that Douglas wasn’t exactly hiding the fact that […]

James Franklin offers to call a fan’s boss to get him off work for Vanderbilt’s opener

Some would argue that James Franklin is slowly putting Vanderbilt on the college football map both on and off the field. On the field, Franklin has turned the perennial cupcake Commodores into a SEC team coming off a 9-4 season that can no longer be overlooked. On the field, Franklin has also garnered headlines with […]