Former Alabama lineman D.J. Fluker tweets he took money in college, then promptly deletes tweet

Former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker will likely go in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday. And since this is draft week, one would think that Fluker would be lying low to be sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid that could affect his draft stock at the last minute.

Well paid Bob Stoops thinks unpaid college athletes are ‘paid quite handsomely’

Bob Stoops or “Big game Bob” if you’re from the state of Texas, was asked his opinion on whether or not college athletes should be paid. It must be stated that Stoops takes home an annual salary of nearly $5 million for coaching players that take home an annual salary of $0. But Stoops is […]

Tim Pernetti’s parting gift? A year’s salary, a $679,500 one-time payment, a car allowance, health insurance, an iPad, and a laptop

As Rutgers cleans house, they’re also giving out fabulous parting gifts to the departed. For instance, former Rutgers coach Mike Rice got a fat bonus in the amount of $100,000 that they wouldn’t have had to give him if they had fired him the moment they saw that crazy video.

Brutus Buckeye took a snap in Ohio State’s spring practice, gets leveled for his trouble

During Ohio State’s spring practice on Saturday, Brutus Buckeye made an appearance not on the sideline or in the stands, but on the field. At some point in the scrimmage, Ohio State’s mascot lined up in the shotgun, took a snap, and began to scrambling. What happened next was unexpected to say the least.

Apparently, Mississippi State held a football formal

It’s March, so that means spring football is in full effect. But in Starkeville, Mississippi, there’s more than just spring football. There’s also apparently a football formal. And what you’ll see below is video of Mississippi State players dressed all nice accompanied by dates for a night of dining and dancing.

Maryland doesn’t have a copy of their Big Ten contract

And they also don’t have a copy of the ACC’s current television contract. But there’s no reason to be alarmed according to Maryland’s assistant vice president for marketing and communications Brian Ullmann because it’s “typical” for schools not to have a copy of a contract they’ve signed with a conference. [Washington Post]

South Carolina is using Jadeveon Clowney almost killing that Michigan running back as the cover of their spring guide

South Carolina’s best player is Jadeveon Clowney. The best moment from South Carolina’s season was Clowney almost killing Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl. So it only makes sense that South Carolina is using its best player and the best moment as the cover for their spring guide.

Spring practice has begun at South Carolina and Steve Spurrier is shirtless

It’s a yearly ritual. Steve Spurrier, shirtless at South Carolina spring practice. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Spurrier was once again photographed at spring practice shirtless. [Reddit]

Former NC State coach Tom O’Brien used the UVA equipment truck to move his belongings from Raleigh condo

Back in November, NC State head coach Tom O’Brien was fired seemingly out of the blue. Then a couple of months later, O’Brien landed a job on Mike London’s staff at Virginia. We never really got the opportunity to hear publicly how O’Brien took his firing, but one could guess that it wasn’t well. Mainly […]

ESPN went behind the scenes with Johnny Manziel and his Mercedes-Benz

ESPN did an All-Access segment on Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. The first 2:20 of the 2:33 profile follows Manziel during the first day of spring practice. And just in case the fact that Manziel is taking all online classes isn’t enough to prove that Manziel is living the life in College Station, ESPN uses […]