The Oregonian Comes Up With A Clever, Yet Literal Headline For Today’s Paper

See, nothing extra cute.  Something that is a little clever, but works.  If Chip Kelly would’ve went this route, maybe they would be National Champions right now. Via The Oregonian

Fran Tarkenton Is Talking Again, And This Time His Target Is Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

As we have noted here during the season, Georgia fans are getting a little restless with Mark Richt and that his seat was starting to get warm. Tarkenton who played for Georgia was a little fired up on 680 AM The Fan in Atlanta and questioned Richt’s desire and says no one cares about a […]

FSU Student Newspaper Prints The Headline That No One Else Would

Michigan shows Rodriguez to the door

After a dismal three years, a 15-22 record and a 52-14 blowout at the hands of Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl, the Rich Rodriguez experiment at Michigan is over. Rodriguez was fired early today by athletic director David Brandon. Before becoming the head man at Michigan, Rodriguez built a winning reputation at his Alma […]

And Here’s The Lone Virginia Tech Highlight From Last Night’s Orange Bowl

If only this counted for 40 points

Randy Edsall Informs His Team By Phone That He’s Taking Another Job, Team Predictably Doesn’t Take The News Too Well

I’m sure you’ve by now that former UConn coach, Randy Edsall has agreed to become the next head coach at Maryland. I’m also sure that you haven’t heard the story of how Edsall informed his players and assistants of the news. Luckily for all of us, a freshman on the squad decided to anonymously email […]

Jim Tressel Made The Suspended Ohio State Players Promise To Come Back Next Year In Exchange For Playing In The Sugar Bowl

Jim Tressel is a smart man. He’s smart enough to understand that possibly challenging for a National Championship next year is much more important than winning a meaningless bowl. He’s smart enough to understand that student-athletes really love the athlete part of it. So whenever there’s a chance to play, they want to play. He’s […]

Even Air Force’s Mascot Decided Against Watching The Independence Bowl

I haven’t seen the ratings from last night’s Independence Bowl between Air Force and Georgia Tech, nor do I have to. I’m pretty much sure that most people passed on this match up. And “most people” includes Air Force’s live bird mascot. The Air Force Academy’s live mascot, “The Bird,” took advantage of his usual […]

The Big Ten Unveils Their New Logo And Divisions, We All Laugh

The Big Ten decided to air a special presentation, in the middle of your Monday, to unveil their new and improved logo and the new two division format. And this is what it amounted to: I see that you are confused, so let me explain. At the top there is the new logo. And do […]

Let’s Start The Week With Joe Paterno Having Issues Hearing During A Radio Interview

Joe Paterno tried to join Steve “The Big Dog” Duemig of WDAE-AM in Tampa for a little chit chat. What ensured is a rather funny exchange, that if you think about it, isn’t really funny at all. Poor guy. Via SPORTSbyBROOKS