Georgia has put a stop to ‘Free Todd Gurley’ t-shirts


Ever since Georgia suspended Todd Gurley a few weeks ago, Bulldogs fans have been showing their support for their star RB. We have seen a vigil and t-shirts made in support of Gurley. One particular item has caught the attention of the university and that is the “Free Gurley” t-shirt.

The SEC offices were not thrilled with Mike Pereira’s ‘mystery man’ comments

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If you have been watching both college and NFL football this season, you probably have noticed former VP of NFL officiating Mike Pereira show up and give his opinion on calls that are under review. Pereira was critical of the officiating in the SEC earlier in the season, but now he has taken his criticism a […]

Alabama players smoked cigars after win against Tennessee

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Usually when a team wins a big football game, the celebration is pretty rowdy. You might see guys jumping up and down and spraying water and Gatorade everywhere. But for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, that just isn’t enough.

Louisville’s Athletic Department is asking for donations at the gas pump


We all know that to stay competitive with the top schools across the country in any sport, you have to have money. For recruiting purposes, programs try to have the best facilities in their conference. Some schools struggle in this department because they don’t have large booster clubs like a Texas, USC, or Alabama.

Oklahoma State and Texas offensive coordinator Joe Wickman are suing each other over play calling duties

NCAA Football: UCLA vs Texas

Well this is one crazy turn of events between Texas offensive coordinator Joe Wickline and Oklahoma State. Wickline left the Cowboys to become co-offensive coordinator with Shaun Watson at Texas. Wickline’s contract with Oklahoma stated that if he left for any other position besides offensive coordinator, he would owe the school the remaining money left on his contract. Well […]

Louisville restaurant is taking crab legs off their menu with Jameis Winston coming to town

Next Thursday, Louisville will host Florida State in what should be a great game between two ACC Atlantic foes. The last time Florida State visited Louisville on a Thursday night, they were upset by the Cardinals.

Jack Nicklaus says he can relate to Jameis Winston when it comes to signing autographs


Golf legend Jack Nicklaus knows he it feels to be asked to sign autographs for fans. Nicklaus has been around Florida State’s program more than usual due to his grandson Nick O’Leary being on the team. With the school looking into whether or not Jameis Winston got paid for autographs, Nicklaus claims that he supports […]

During Florida governor debate, candidates were asked if Florida State has a crime problem


You know that a situation has gotten big when it starts to make way into politics. Last night, Florida governor Rick Scott had a debate with his challenger Democrat Charlie Christ as both are in a dead heat to be the governor of Florida. This debate was also broadcast on CNN so it was a nationally televised event.

President George W. Bush spoke to the Cincinnati Bearcats before their game against SMU on Saturday


As the Cincinnati Bearcats were preparing to play the SMU Mustangs on Saturday, the team had an unexpected visitor come by and give a pregame speech. Former president George W. Bush surprised the team with an appearance and welcomed them to Texas. Bush also let the team know that he was expecting to see a good […]

Nick Saban has some advice for Lane Kiffin regarding his return to Tennessee


This Saturday, Alabama’s offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will return to Knoxville as the Crimson Tide take on the Tennessee Volunteers. As many of you know, Kiffin departure from Tennessee set off a riot in the streets of Knoxville. Head coach Nick Saban had to deal with a similar situation when he left LSU for the […]