Patt Summitt steps down as Tennessee Lady Vols head coach


After 38 years as head coach, a diagnosis of early onset dementia-Alzheimer’s type has forced Patt Summitt to step down as Lady Vols head coach. Longtime assistant Holly Warlick will be promoted to replace Summitt. Summitt will assume the title of “head coach emeritus” where she will continue to help the program.

FIU has finally fired Isiah Thomas


We didn’t really follow Isiah Thomas while he was the coaching at FIU. We really didn’t have to. Well before he lost his first game to a NAIA school, we knew it was inevitable that he would fired. It took three full seasons, where he led FIU to a 26-65 record, but it finally happened.

Kentucky fan offers his wife to prized recruit


This is Noel Nerlen and he’s the consensus top recruit in the class of 2012. Nerlen is currently writing a blog for chronicling his senior season. On Wednesday he penned a post about his intentions to choose between UConn, Kentucky, and Georgetown next Wednesday and his experience in New Orleans during the Final Four […]

Let the record show that John Calipari has stated that he is not interested in a NBA coaching job


Why coaches paint themselves in these types of corners we will never know. Granted, it may be true that John Calipara isn’t interested in coaching in the NBA at the moment. But as we all know, moments change very quickly. Calipari doesn’t need the money. He doesn’t need to prove he’s a great coach. But […]

Report: Bruce Weber to be named head coach at Kansas State


The coaching situation at Kansas State took a weird turn this week when Frank Martin abruptly left the program to become South Carolina’s head basketball coach. And now, just a mere five days since that news broke, Kansas State has reportedly decided to hire former Illinois coach Bruce Weber as their new head man. Weber […]

Florida guard Erving Walker arrested for stealing $3 taco


Not sure how we could set this up, so we’ll just jump right in. University of Florida guard Erving Walker was arrested early yesterday morning when he allegedly stole a $3 taco from a street vendor in downtown Gainesville, then ran from police.

Report: Frank Martin has agreed to become South Carolina’s next basketball coach

Frank Martin

Not quite sure what’s involved here, but reportedly Kansas State head coach Frank Martin has agreed to take the same position at South Carolina. A head scratching move indeed.

Kentucky fans celebrated their Final Four berth by burning couches, televisions


The moment it was official that the Kentucky Wildcats were off to yet another Final Four, we knew that Kentucky fans would take to the streets to celebrate. And in Kentucky, that apparently means burning household objects such as couches and televisions. Heck, they burned so much that Lexington police had to close some roads. […]

Congressman says if Duke was playing the Taliban, he’d pull for the Taliban


The man pictured to the left holding the panda is Democratic congressman Brad Miller. Miller is a pretty big North Carolina fan and like most North Carolina fans he hates Duke. He is able to tolerate the other teams on Tobacco Road, but Duke? Not so much. So when Brown explained how he sees his […]

And here’s Kentucky’s logo with an unibrow made from dip cans


  It’s very well known that Kentucky fans really care about their basketball team and I kind of get the feeling that many of them really don’t have a life. Which brings me to this picture of Kentucky’s logo with an Anthony Davis unibrow. Now don’t get me wrong, that is very impressive but it […]

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