Two players, three assistant coaches ejected during Stanford-Cal scuffle


Continuing our week of both players and coaches losing their cool during college basketball games, we now have a scuffle between Stanford and Cal that resulted in five ejections. With five minutes left in the game, a battle for a loose ball quickly turned bad when players from both teams began pushing and shoving. Eventually, […]

Missouri coach Frank Haith had to be restrained from going after Arkansas coach Mike Anderson


Apparently last night was the night for tempers to flare around college basketball. In South Bend, Notre Dame and St. John’s ended their game with a brawl. And in Columbia, Missouri coach Frank Haith had to be restrained from going after Arkansas coach Mike Anderson. This was the first time Anderson had been back in […]

The end of St. John’s, Notre Dame game was highlighted by a brawl

st johns notre dame brawl

With a little more than a left in a blowout, Sir’ Dominic Pointer of St. Johns and Cameron Biedscheid of Notre Dame began throwing punches at one another near half court. That sent both to the court for a little pushing, shoving, and jersey grabbing. The referees and coaches quickly separated the two teams and […]

Mike Krzyzewski reportedly traded f-bombs with a Virginia fan before heading to the locker room last night


Duke was upset by Virginia 73-68 in Charlottesville last night. Predictably, Virginia fans stormed the court and predictably Mike Krzyzewski was pissed about it. And of course after the game, Krzyzewski took the time to inform us that he was bothered by what he called, “the lack of protection for his players and coaches.”

Kansas fan wants the White House to stop Kansas from wearing new uniforms provided by Adidas


What you see above are the new “uniform systems” created by Adidas that six college teams–Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA, and Louisville–will wear during conference tournament play starting March 13. Now if we’re all honest about these “uniform systems”, we would all agree that they are bad. Really bad. But most of us can […]

Here’s Geno Auriemma slapping Baylor coach Kim Mulkey on the butt


AP photographer Jessica Hill took this photo of Geno Auriemma apparently slapping Kim Mulkey on the butt. And just when you say to yourself, “Auriemma couldn’t be slapping her on the butt”, Auriemma goes ahead and confirms it to the the Connecticut Post’s Rich Elliott.

There won’t be any storming the court in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Mike Krzyzewski’s watch


The Duke Blue Devils mounted a second half comeback to beat rival North Carolina 73-68 in the first of two meetings between the schools. And though Duke, who is ranked #4 in the country and at home, was expected to beat an unranked UNC squad, Duke students still felt that the win warranted them storming […]

San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin threw himself an alley off the backboard in the middle of last night’s game against Fresno State


A player throwing themselves an alley off the backboard isn’t something we hadn’t seen before. In fact, a player throwing themselves in a game is also something we hadn’t seen before. But this particular instance is different. Very different. For one, this wasn’t an All-Star game. This was a game that actually counted. Secondly, and […]

Geno Auriemma on schools leaving Big East: ‘I hope they all leave tomorrow’


UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a man who doesn’t hold his tongue. If he has an opinion on something, he lets it fly. So predictably when he was asked his opinion on the 7 Catholic schools fleeing the Big East, he once again didn’t hold his tongue. And those 7 schools were the […]

Geno Auriemma wants the rims lowered in women’s college basketball


We’re not breaking any news here when we say that interest in watching women’s college basketball isn’t exactly on an uptick. And if you ask most sports fans you’ll hear the same reasons: the game is too slow; the game isn’t exciting and on and on and on. As for remedies to these issues, there […]