Florida Gulf Coast is looking for donations to help keep Andy Enfield


Florida Gulf Coast’s magical ride into the Sweet Sixteen has spawned lots of celebration, the moniker Dunk City, Florida, and a Dunk City anthem. All that is well and good, but there is a downside to all of this for Florida Gulf Coast. And that downside involves their head coach Andy Enfield.

Someone put Valparaiso gear on Michigan State’s Spartan statue last night


Michigan State and Valparaiso are squaring off in the round of 64 as we speak. But the action started last night on Michigan State’s campus.

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: West Region


This region seems to be the most wide open region in tournament. By our count, there are as many as five teams that have a legitimate chance to win the region. We’ll walk you through it all.

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: East Region


By all accounts, this is easily the weakest region in tournament. It seems as though Indiana and Miami are on a collision course in the Elite Eight, but there’s also other games to pick. We’ll do that now.

Report: Syracuse basketball program under NCAA investigation for ‘major’ violations

jim boeheim

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports is reporting that the NCAA has been investigation the Syracuse basketball program “for years” and that the school has “received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA.” According to Dodd, the violations are said to be “both major and wide ranging.” The violations also spread to the Syracuse football […]

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: Midwest Region


The Midwest region is widely regarded as the toughest region in the tournament. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick the winners in each round. We’ll help you with that.

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: South Region


We know you need help filing out your brackets, so we have your below. Below you’re find everything you need to know about what’s going to happen in the South Region. You’re welcome.

After leading Ole Miss to a SEC Tournament title, Marshall Henderson won ten straight games of beer pong

marshall henderson

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson couldn’t lose on Sunday. First, he put up 21 points and gator chomped while leading Ole Miss to a 66-63 win in the SEC Tournament final.

Several USC basketball players reportedly involved in brawl after game against Washington State on Saturday


KREM 2 in Spokane, Washington is reporting that several member of the USC basketball team brawled in downtown Spokane Saturday night. Earlier that day, Washington State easily handled USC 76-51.

Two players, three assistant coaches ejected during Stanford-Cal scuffle


Continuing our week of both players and coaches losing their cool during college basketball games, we now have a scuffle between Stanford and Cal that resulted in five ejections. With five minutes left in the game, a battle for a loose ball quickly turned bad when players from both teams began pushing and shoving. Eventually, […]