Ron King: When School Spirit Goes Too Far

In case you missed it, Florida State retired Ron King’s jersey at halftime of Saturday’s game against Clemson. And for all you jive turkeys that don’t know who Ron King is, here’s a link complete with a fro that has everything you need to know. Now on to what we’re here for, Mr. King’s suit. […]

Wake Me Up When The Real Rankings Come Out

You know, when 64 teams are seeded 1-16. Not this #1 ranking that gets passed around quicker than herpes in a beer pong game. This is a year that we can confidently say that there isn’t a clear cut #1 team. Which is definitely fine by me. Just makes the games in March even more […]

The Best Coach Meltdowns

The post-game press conference is usually a time to reflect on what went wrong or right in the game that your team just played. It’s a time to acknowledge players that did a good job for your team as well as your opponent’s. It’s even a time to show good sportsmanship whether you just won […]

Whatever Happened To Having A Home And An Away Jersey?

The picture above is what us basketball purists like to call “hustle”. It’s the way the game is supposed to be played. But there’s just one issue with this picture. Which player plays for the home team? Is it the guy in the Kentucky blue or the guy in the Vandy gold? Why can’t I […]

Add Ensuring PAC 10 Coaches Have Freedom Of Speech To President Obama’s To Do List.

Tim Floyd has been ejected a time or two during his coaching career so it’s only right for him to head the crusade for freedom of speech for coaches in the PAC 10 and across the nation. And what a better way to accomplish his goal than to put his request at the feet of […]

Being Greg Paulus

Over the years, Duke has always had players that the nation loved to hate. The hate mainly came about because those players would walk into your school’s gym, light your team up, and run off the court with a 20 point victory. Names like Laettner, Hurley, Battier, Reddick, and most recently Greg Paulus have all […]

Summit reaches 1000 wins… and counting

1000 wins! A number that represents greatness, longevity and durability. In a 73-43 blowout against conference opponent Georgia, Pat Summit became the first coach, men or women, in Division-1 athletics to reach that unprecedented milestone. Summit was handed Tennessee’s women’s basketball program at the age of 22. During that time, women’s sports were an afterthought […]

Excuse Me Sir. Can You Sign This Petition So Our Basketball Players Can Get Choked, I Mean Coached?

The life of a college student is filled with attending classes, studying, partying, and sleeping. In the time between those activities, there’s a lot of idle time. So much idle time that many get a part-time job, volunteer, or create a petition to get Bob Knight an interview for their school’s vacant head basketball coaching […]

ACC Road Games: Where Stomach Ulcers Happen

Don’t you just hate it when you come home from a long day to find ESPN showing the worst college basketball games they can find? Well, last night was not supposed to be one of those nights. Wake Forest to take on Miami in the early game, then a battle between Duke and Clemson. Finally, […]

Pat Knight: Stuntin Like His Daddy

The usually calm Pat Knight has finally began to channel his inner “Knightness”. Coaching Texas Tech can do that to you. Fan of No Guts, No Glory? Subscribe to our feed!