Let’s Start The Week With The Louisville Cheerleader That Would Have Needed A Police Escort If The Cardinals Would Have Lost To Pitt

See, this why people go off about cheerleaders. This guy thinks the game is over, goes and grabs the basketball and proceeds to throw it in the air, and gets a technical foul in the process. I would have been very concerned for his safety if Louisville went on to lose the game.

Tim Floyd Gets Ejected, Loses His Mind, Requires A Police Escort Back To The Locker Room

Tim Floyd has quietly coached UTEP to a 20-8 record in his first year as their coach. The allegations that he paid OJ Mayo to attend USC, allegations that ultimately caused him to resign, have become a distant memory. And Floyd, from all accounts, has been a model citizen at his new gig. Floyd has […]

Caltech Wins Its First Conference Game In 26 Years, So I Guess That Deserves A Post

After 26 years of taking L after L in Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference play, the Caltech men’s basketball team finally got a W. So of course, there was court rushing, celebrating, and talk of goals that don’t involve winning a conference game. Caltech posted its first conference victory in more than 26 years Tuesday, […]

George Mason’s Basketball Program Makes Fun Of Themselves For Not Getting Any Respect From The Casual Fan

Just like any other small school, George Mason feels like they are being overlooked. So their basketball program took matters into their own hands by releasing this video. The Green Bay Packers reference was kind of funny though.

Kentucky Wildcat Fans Welcomed Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl Back To SEC Play With Taunts, Profanity

On Tuesday night, Bruce Pearl made his return to the bench after serving an 8 game suspension for lying to the NCAA. Well, Kentucky fans were aware of that fact and they made Pearl’s return very unpleasant. It was so unpleasant that Pearl requested a security escort at halftime. “While the students were giving Pearl […]

Jimmer Fredette Fever Just Hit Another Level With The "You’ve Been Jimmered" Music Video

This group is named “Jimmer Jammers” and they are led by former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards. They are here to let us know how much they love Jimmer Fredette.

Could UCF Be Headed To The Big East? Not If USF Has Anything To Say About It

The University Of Central Florida has turned many heads in both football and basketball this year. First, the football team upset Georgia in the Liberty Bowl and the basketball team is off to its best start in years. Many people have taken notice, including the Big East Conference who is still looking to add teams […]

Roy Williams Would Like For Carolina Fans To Keep Their Calls To Themselves During His Radio Show

I can’t say that I’m an expert when it comes to sports talk radio, but I’m pretty sure that I have the concept down. I’ll walk through my understanding of it just to be sure. – Host or guest gives his analysis of a certain subject or game– Callers call in and give their opinion […]

In The Wake Of Bruce Pearl’s Suspension, Brandy Pearl Takes To Facebook To Compare Her Husband To Jesus

Last Friday, the SEC announced that they had decided to suspend Tennessee Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl for the first eight conference games due to NCAA violations. A mere two days later, Pearl’s wife, Brandy Pearl took to her to Facebook account to show her support for her husband. And, um, compare his to Jesus. Yep, […]

Let’s Start The Week By Watching Texas A&M President, Dr. R. Bowen Loftin Teach The Kids How To ‘Dougie’

As much as I dislike this whole “dougie” phenomenon, I like it a little more when a university president tries his hand at it. And that’s exactly what Texas A&M president, Dr. R. Bowen Loftin did at the Aggies’ midnight madness event. Via Jersey Chaser