Report: UConn Men’s Basketball To Be Hit With Recruiting Violations

Jim Calhoun and The UConn men’s basketball team has had a rough last year. Personally, Jim Calhoun has had to deal with health issues and the team is coming off of an 18-16 season. With the uncertainty of Calhoun’s future hovering and their recent struggles in recruiting, things aren’t looking good in Storrs. But things […]

Billy Gillispie Wants Back On The Circuit

With Greg McDermott leaving Iowa State for Creighton, the Cyclones now have the task of searching for a new head coach. Former Texas A&M coach, former Kentucy coach, former DUI all star, Billy Gillispie wants to make Iowa State’s search a little easier. He’s giving them the chance to just hire him. [Billy] Gillispie is […]

NCAA set to expand tournament to 68 teams -$$$$

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is about to get a little bigger. A recommendation has been made that the tournament be expanded from 65 to 68 teams starting in 2011. Also a $10.8B deal has been reached with CBS and Turner Broadcasting that will enable fans to see each game live. This deal was brokered […]

Police Assault Students After The Maryland-Duke Game (Video)

After the Maryland victory over Duke back on March 3rd, the celebration was enormous. So enormous that it led to a riot in the streets of Prince George County. It also led to a couple of students being charged with felony assault on policemen. But this video tells a different story. One of policemen assaulting […]

Rod Strickland Arrested For DUI

Rod Strickland was arrested for DUI on Sunday morning and he also got a ticket for running a red light, having expired tags and insurance violations. Strickland is an assistant coach for Kentucky, but after this run-in he may end up unemployed. I always thought DUI’s didn’t get reported in Lexington. But I guess that’s […]

Butler Signs Stevens Through 2022, Why?

With several openings at schools in power conferences, the school signed the 33-year-old Stevens to a 12-year extension through 2022. Stevens led the Bulldogs to the first Final Four in school history and they were the runner-up to the National champion Duke Blue Devils. Over his 3-year tenure with Butler, Stevens has racked up an […]

Who Was Better: The 1997-98 Tennessee Vols Or The 2009-2010 UConn Huskies?

First off, congratulations to UConn for winning the Huskies Invitational tournament. Now that we got that out of the way, I keep hearing that this is the best team in NCAA history. I would like to agree but the 97-98 Tennessee Vols was on the same level as this UConn team. So I ask you, […]

Oregon And Phil Knight Planning To Make Tom Izzo An Offer He Will Refuse

It seems that Nike Chairman Phil Knight is tired of his alma mater being an afterthought when it comes to college basketball. So reportedly, he is prepared to back the University of Oregon Athletic Department in landing one of the biggest names in college basketball. And just in case you didn’t know, money won’t be […]

I’ve Found How I’m Picking My NCAA Tournament Bracket Next Year

With your NCAA tournament bracket being in the dump after the first weekend, it may be time for us all to rethink this whole “picking your bracket” thing. It’s obvious that picking “favorites” just isn’t working. Even if that favorite has been ranked #1 at some point in the season and their opponent has dudes […]

Now Who’s The Favorite To Win The NCAA Tournament?

The first weekend of the NCAA tournament is in the books and so is your bracket. I’m sorry, did I say your bracket was in the books? What I meant was that your bracket is in the dumps. But don’t feel bad, everyone’s bracket is. In fact, ESPN has stated that out of 4.78 million […]